The End Of Continental Is Near, Sort Of.

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The final flight with a Continental flight number will be Continental 1267 which is scheduled to depart on March 2nd from Phoenix at 11:59pm and arrive in Cleveland at 5:46am.

Saturday March 3rd is the switchover date, and there’s a decent chance it will be a nightmare travel day as the systems are combined and United agents start using the Continental SHARES system.

On March 3rd your Continental OnePass and United MileagePlus accounts will be merged.  The fun part (well, at least for a Continental guy like me) is that everyone’s surviving number will be the Continental 8 digit alphanumeric number.  The United number will be history.  If you only have a United number you’ll be generated an 8 digit alphanumeric number.  So the name United MileagePlus survives, but the Continental number lives on.

If you earned Continental or United elite status in 2010 and didn’t requalify in 2011 that status will expire on March 2nd. will automatically forward to…except that it will look exactly like looks like it does now but with the United name and logo (which now has the Continental globe instead of the tulip).  That’s a good thing as is far more adept and advanced than

-If you have miles in your United account transfer them to Continental now. Miles in Continental accounts won’t start expiring until 09/30/13, so you’ll get a nice extension on any possible mileage expiration.

-The Continental OnePass Plus card will be going away, probably on or before March 3rd, so now is the last chance to apply for that card, which along with the United MileagePlus Explorer card can both be matched from 30K up to 50K after you receive the card.
Both cards also give primary rental car insurance (almost all other cards only provide secondary coverage to your own personal car insurance), they make your miles never expire, give free checked luggage and priority boarding, in-flight food, drink, and TV discounts, last seat EasyPass award availability, 2 annual lounge passes, 10K bonus miles for spending $25K annually, upgrades for elite cardholders on award tickets, and double miles for Continental and United purchases.

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any idea on what will happen to the united rewards dining program? currently the login id is the numeric united mileage number. I guess it will forward over.


what happens with my amex platinum funds (2 X $200)I transferred to my continental onepass account?


my year is up on my continental onepass card… is it worth it 2 hold on 2 it? if so do u think they’ll give more miles 4 keepin it?


When you mention “Both cards also give primary rental car insurance”, up to what amout do they cover?


so i am going to lose all my Continental points after 2013?? and if there is no continental how can i redeem my point to fly to Israel?



I just received the CO OnePass and UA Explorer cards. My first CO statement already cut, however, the 30k signup bonus did not post. I called and was told the bonus miles will post after the next statement. With the 2 programs set to merge, is that going to cause a problem since the United account number will disappear? Once that happens, how can I get the bonus for both cards since I will only have one account number? Is there anything I should be doing right now?


If I have both continental and united credit cards should I combine the accounts or should I let them give me a new continental number?


If the CO and United cards have the same perks, what’s the benefit to having the continental? My fee just came due on the CO – wondering if I should keep it or cancel and get the united for a fee free year.


will i still be able to transfer to continental from ultimate rewards.otherwise I’ll transfer now


Points credited to your old number will forward to the new number automatically.

They will remain.

They may, give them a call and tell them you’re thinking of canceling.

Almost all passenger cars, minivans, and SUVs will be covered.

Of course not. Your Continental miles will be merged with United.
As long as you have any activity (use or earn 1 mile) it will extend the life of the entire account for another 18 months.
If you have a Continental account and don’t have any activity at all then theoretically the miles can expire starting 09/30/13.

Did you use a new Continental mileage number if you’ve had the card in the past?

Don’t understand the question, sorry.

Don’t cancel it, apply for some new cards from Chase and use the Continental card as leverage to get approved for more cards.

Yes, you will still be able to transfer UR points to United, no worries there at all.


Hey Dan – You didn’t mentioned it in the post, but I assume you’ve arranged to be on the final flight.



I used my CO OnePass account number for the CO card. I have never received a bonus for that CO OnePass account number before. In 2010, I received a bonus on my United Mileage Plus account for the UA Mileage Plus card, predecessor to the United Explorer Card. Is there any concern about the UA Mileage Plus account number being wiped out before the bonus posts for my new Explorer card? What can I do, if anything? Thanks.


If it wasn’t on shabbos I probably would.

Not much you can do but wait, I think you’ll be fine though. Many times it does take until the 2nd statement for signup miles to post.



Once they kill the MileagePlus account number it will merge into my OnePass alphanumeric numbered account. The CO account is where my CO signup bonus is being credited to – I’m worried that I won’t get the signup bonus for Explorer since it will recognize the OnePass bonus and will not let me have both.


I have a United freq flyer Account, and a Continental freq flyer Account. I also have a United MileagePlus Visa, and a Continental Airlines Visa. All my United miles were obtained from the signup bonus and credit card charges. All my Continental miles were obtained from credit card charges (have had this card for years).

If I do nothing, I assume all my miles will be merged into one account. I will keep and use the United MileagePlus Visa card, which will continue extending my expiration of miles (i.e. never expiring in effect).

My question is, assuming I do nothing right now, will my Continental miles have a separate and definite expiration date? Or will ALL my combined miles (UA + Cont) simply expire all at the same time (i.e. 18 months from last credit card charge)?



Dan, if I have the old United Mileage Plus card with very little credit available (like $700), do you think i should cancel this one, and apply for the new United Explorer? Not much to leverage off in terms of credit.
And would I have to cancel the older card before being eligible for newer card? Basically whats the best way to get the new card.
(Btw I do have the Continental card already)


Follow up:

I want to sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and/or the Chase Southwest Airlines Visa. Have been wanting to do this for the last month. Is NOW the time to do it – before my Chase Continental Visa “goes away” – so I have the opportunity to “bargain” with that credit line with Chase if I’m not accepted for a new card?

Put another way – is the time to apply for a new Chase C.C. before or after my Continental Visa “disappears” or is converted into something else (I already have the United MileagePlus Visa).



Dan, you wrote: If you earned Continental or United elite status in 2010 and didn’t requalify in 2011 that status will expire on March 2nd.
I’m in that situation and I got a letter from them and I think it says I have the silver status till end of march, maybe I’ve mistaken (I hope I have’nt because I booked a flight for March 16 and I still wanted to use the benefits).


If you haven’t yet linked your Continental and United accounts maybe make a new Continental account to link to your United account and that way it won’t merge with your existing Continental account.

All combined miles will expire 18 months from the date of last activity.

Ideally you should use a card like Sapphire, Freedom, Ink Bold, or Ink Classic to get more miles per dollar spent than on the Continental/United cards.

Apply for a different card, like Sapphire and Freedom, and offer to close the United card to get another new card approved.

Now would indeed be a good time to do a “3BM” and use that as leverage.

Your status will end on March 2nd unfortunately.



The system linked my CO and UA accounts on its own. I didnt do it. Should I open a new CO account and then call to unlink the old one and link the new one or is that not a good idea?



So Dan, you are suggesting I apply for the Chase Southwest Visa, and the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa, at the “same time”, using 2 different browsers. Can’t think of a 3rd card unless I add the Chase Freedom. And doing it now when I have the ability to use my Continental limit as leverage (because they could just cancel it altogether since I already have the United MileagePlus Explorer Visa)?

I also have some leverage on other Chase limits that I can reduce….


Nah. Just hope for the best and let us know what happens.

Freedom is an excellent card due to the 5 point categories (currently gas and Amazon) and an amazing card if you also have a checking account as that gets you 10 points per transaction and 10% bonus points.
Another great card is the Hyatt card due to its signup bonus, automatic platinum status, and annual free night benefit.

It sounds like you should have more then enough leverage to do all that and it will only “cost” you 1 pull if done with 3 browsers.

Good luck!


Is there a link to sign up for the 50k sign up bonus, or can that only be gotten via a secure msg


SM only, but it’s really easy as long as you message within 90 days of opening the card.



Question, what is the best way to accumulate hotel points, or get free nights. I have a trip to Hawaii with my wife scheduled in May, looking to get some free nights.


Starwood and Hyatt are great in Hawaii.
You can get Starpoints with the 2 Starwood cards and Hyatt points and nights with the Hyatt card or the 4 Ultimate Rewards cards.
Links are all here:


hi dan can you please tell me what to put in the sm that i will send chase to match my united cc to 50,000 points thanks


Dan, you are so right. is way better than


applied for both today, i doubt will get approved and be able to request a match b4 mar 3, waddaya think?


I have a CO Onepass that is now up for annual fee. I do not have a United card. I have a Sapphire that was downgraded to regular at the annual renewal. Should I apply for the United card now and then call to transfer credit line to that? Will they allow new apps after they phase out the Onepass card to a United explorer?


would i be able to apply for the continental onepass card as well as the spg business card with only one hard pull?


Hi Dan,
1) i tried the search on this site, but it didnt work (the forum search was fine)

2) you once posted the benefits of having BOTH united and continental cards.

I got declined for both and want to call reconsideration to move credit around.
what reasons can i give to keep both?

3)they also declined my business card
its a seperate business with its own ein).

Do you think i will have luck on all 3?
any suggestions?


Dan – I already have the Chase Freedom and Sapphire – which would be the next best card to apply for?


After the merge will there be any difference between Continental OnePass Plus card and the United MileagePlus Explorer card?
If not why the rush?
Also can I do a 2BM for both cards?


So i need to go to toronto at the end of may.
easiest route is newark, nj to Pearson Toronto.
need to book 5 people.
i have the 25k for amex gold, 40K from mileage plus, 20K continental one pass, and50K UR. how do combine all this to book this the most efficient way.


I recently applied for the continental one pass card and had the miles post this week. Is it worth a shot opening a new one pass account and applying again before its totally gone?


That you heard there was a better offer for 50K and are disappointed.

One pull is only when the cards are from the same bank.

Continental is a MC, United is a Visa. Some stores only take one and not the other.

Continental, United, Ink Bold, Hyatt, Southwest, etc.

They will get rid of the continental card.
For now you can do a 2BM for them.


You may have a hard time explaining why you need 2 of them…


Dan – sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear – can/should I apply for United explorer while I STILL have the old United card open? Or should I first close the old United card.


why is the last co flight leaving at 1159 mountain time? there is a whole other hour for a flight to leave from the west coast (pt) or even from hawaii you’ve got another few hours?!


I had the United Explorer card which I received in September (2011). A couple of days ago I sent a secure message to Chase asking to be matched to the 50k offer and they gave me an extra 20k for a total of 50k earned on this card offer. Thanks Dan for the heads up on this!

I’m going to re-apply for the continental onepass card so I can get the bonus on that. Hope I they approve me.


thank you for your advice. i got approved for both.
I have 2 more questions.
1. whats the link that explains how to use amazon payments?
2. i got an amex with 100k bonus if i spend $10k by june.
whats the best way to go about doing this?
if i use my gc/ap, will it trigger a problem?


Dan, I have the Continental OnePass VISA…. have had it since 2005….. I signed up for the UnitedMileage Explorer Visa back in the fall…. received 50K bonus miles on it. Seems all Continental cards will be convereted to a “new” United credit card product this coming week (i.e. ‘United MileagePlus Club Card’ or something like that)…. NOT…. into the United MileagePlus Explorer Card. I was told that in a SM response, and per a rep on the phone. You can also see this “coming soon” credit card on the United site.

Thus, should I call ASAP and literally CANCEL my Continental OnePass Visa, requesting the credit line be moved to my United MileagePlus Explorer (or any other Chase card for that matter)? Would that allow me to keep that credit line for leverage for other applications…. AND… be able to sign up for this “new” United credit card product with a signup bonus (assuming they’ll have a signup bonus on this new card)?

I am guessing a current Continental cardholder will forever be prevented from applying for this “new” Club credit card and getting a signup bonus after they are automatically given this new card as replacement. UNLESS – United prevents a signup bonus on this “new” Club card if you received a signup bonus on the “Explorer” card. In other words, either there are two United card products, but you can only get a signup bonus on one of them. Or, people without any United card soon have the chance to signup for TWO, different, United cards, BOTH with a signup bonus. Thoughts?



do you have a link for this “new” united card you are talking about? I couldn’t seem to find it!


United does not offer direct flight to Israel so how can use my continental point to fly to is Israel DIRECT?

is it worth to open a United credit card and cancel the continental? then maybe i can get another 40k additional point, no??


United and Continental are the same airline.
They can also book you on USAir and Air Canada directly from North America to Israel.


@Dan: well continental did have direct flights, didnt they?

but i think the value of the continental points just dropped in regard to israel, no? i was saving all my continental points to take a israel trip, what card do you suggest for me to use for that now? i have like 90k points on my sapphire preferred but i was planning to transfer them to continental for my israel trip, is there a smarter way to use the,?


I don’t think you get it. United/Continental is now one airline and they still fly to the exact same places they did before.


dan, is it too late to sign up for the united and continental cc cards and still be able to get that 20k match ??


You’ve got until noon on the 29th!


i know i can sign up till then, but can i still get the 20k match eventhough co is merging ??……thanks


I don’t see why not.


thanks dan !…one more you know if amazon payments are still able to be done to help out with the spending ?