HURRY!!!! Glitch Causes Tons Of Saver Award Availability For Continental Cardholders And Elites On Many Domestic Flights, Including Newark-Honolulu!

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Update 2: From March 4th through March 31st Continental will be operating the Houston to Honolulu route with 777 aircraft instead of 767 aircraft! Among many other niceties (flying on a larger, newer plane, etc) that means lie-flat beds instead of angled seats in Businessfirst and AC power outlets and Audio/Video on demand entertainment systems for all passengers instead of a loop system!
If you can go in March the 777 between Houston and Honolulu will be a real treat! And best of all it’s available every single day at the saver rates!
HT: eliteflyer

Update: This seems to work for all qualifying Continental accounts listed below on the Continental BusinessFirst flights from Denver, Houston, and Newark to Honolulu.
From Continental Gold and Platinum elite accounts (and apparently some cardholder and silver elite accounts, but not most of them…) there is also perfect first class saver award availability on pretty much every domestic route, like Newark to Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, S. Francisco, etc, even on the 757-200 lie-flat BusinessFirst equipped planes!

EWR-HNL (click to enlarge)

EWR-LAX (click to enlarge)

If you have the Continental OnePass Plus Mastercard, or are a Continental elite you’ll want to check this out!

People who have one of those can book the last seat on the plane for miles, but at the easypass rate for typically double the miles.

Right now though when logged into your account that has a Continental card or is elite you can book the last seat availability at saver rates on certain routes. So far I’ve just seen this on domestic routes.

For example for Newark-Honolulu, which is always difficult to find in coach and extremely difficult to find in BusinessFirst there is saverpass availability on nearly any day you want to travel!!! That means just 40,000 miles each way to fly nonstop from Newark to Honolulu in BusinessFirst whenever you want!

(It’s a glitch because the fare class is “JN” which should cost the easypass rate as it’s good for last-seat availability, but is bookable right now at the saverpass rate!)

Find other routes that work well with this glitch?  Book a ticket with the glitch? Post a comment!

Book now and think later!  If you don’t have enough miles in your account you can hold award tickets for 3 days, I don’t recommend holding this as you may not be able to book it once the glitch is fixed.
You do however have 24 hours to cancel a booked award reservation for free.  Plus dates on award tickets can always be changed 21+ days before the new flight for free, as many times as you want!

This availability glitch won’t last long though so don’t wait!


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Seems like its limited to domestic flights to me.


How do you link a CO card to the account?


Can I cancel if I change my mind within 24 hrs if I book it online and how would I do that


trick to book CO awards w/o paying click is click phone reservation before finishing you dont need to put in any cc card etc will give u 72 hrs to hold an award booking


worked for me Im silver.


It should be automatically linked to the account where the miles from the card post to.

Yes, you can just click cancel within 24 hours for a full refund.

I’m not sure a hold is the best idea in this case, but there’s no way to know for sure!


just booked 3 seats ewr-hnl for late next year 1


Enjoy! Now go book tickets to an outer island (ITO, KOA, LIH, OGG, etc.)


fyi, not valid on ewr-tlv route – at least for dates in March.


See comments 1 and 2.

koolaid drinker

S. Francisco?? Really? Are you also a koolaid drinking fool?


is this not nogea for us non-status people?


@koolaid drinker:
Blue please.

This works to Honolulu as long as you have a Continental credit card!


Great find Dan !!
Two BF for EWR-HNL in May.
Best thing: no charge for infant!


Hey Dan,
If I book iah-hnl from a platinum account by I myself am not platinum would I still be able to change/cancel with no fee? 80000 rt in bnf is pretty awesome


I’m more of a Hawaii in the winter kind of guy, but I’m sure you’ll have a blast any time of the year.

Yes, free changes and refunds at any time for any award bookings made from a Plat account.
Plus you get all Plat benefits, such as 3×70 pound bags, etc.


is it worth it to use for economy if I dont have any plans of going anytime soon and keep on pushing it off??


does not appear to work at this time. Any ideas?


This should kill this glitch quickly. Enjoy your 15 mins. Thanks Dan. 🙁


IAH-HNL bnf in march: done.


Still working to all Hawaiian Islands – west coast thru Dec.


Thank you SO much! I was just able to extend our Hawaii trip by 3 days… couldn’t get the outbound saver awards on the day I wanted a few months ago when we booked… Y.A.Y.!!!!!


for how much?


Thanks! Just booked Spring break non-stop EWR-HNL in BF 🙂


@Unhappy: are you out of your mind. you wouldnt have even known about it if not for dan. maybe you should give him your phone number so he can put you on speed dial for all deals.


Thanks so much!! just booked an awesome getaway


I only have the United MIleage Plus Explorer card. Tried to see what if I could also see the glitch but alas, no dice for me.



Need the Continental card it seems.



Do you Dan pulls these deals from his hat? 🙂 And “unhappy” just learned it here? You can use the same sources yourself if you have time.
BTW, I don’t mind him sharing with unzere at all



Any rumors if the 777 upguage on the IAH-HNL will be extended to April? Im on that flight on April 23 and would love to not be stuck on a 76h!


Just March, sorry!


Thanks Dan, too bad!

Another interesting twist to the glitch availablility: I booked a United award ticket from DCA-IAH-HNL (CO metal) a few months ago for 40,000 miles, but had to book the DCA-IAH segment in coach to get the saver rate.

Now that is showing the exact same itinerary I have but with DCA-IAH in first for 40,000 miles, I am unable to change my ticket because the United ticket agents are saying they are not able to see the availability. I’m striking out tonight!


Hey Dan, thanks for all your info-it’s amazing.
Just booked two BF Ewr-Hnl for August. I booked with bassinet option just in case we decided to take our then to be 11 month year old. How were your experiences with bringing your son vs. going just with your wife. Obviously it was diff, but was it bad/hard?
Also what’s the cheapest way to get inter island flights?
And do you have any exoerience with going in the summer months? Is it full of tourists? Too hot?


I cant find anything from nyc to sfo, only in EasyPass


dan please help me
i’m silver elite on co and need to get 4 tickets in jan, nyc/sfo and im only getting EasyPass, y?


i have a onepass account will that help me get from ewr-hnl?

LA User

What availability do you see from LAX – YYZ 3/11 – 3/13?


Looks like this is dead. Thanks Dan for leading to its premature death!


Right, because this post is what killed it (mind you that it lasted several days after this post), not the posting on FT where Continental/United have several full time employees whose job it is to monitor those boards (but were on vacation when this glitch was reported)


as an aside…Thank you!! I was able to book a flight on 12/29 for 12/31 flight that was $900 each way but only 12,500 points. Thank you!