HOT! Get Up To 57,500 Continental Miles Plus $50 Cash Back When You Apply For The Continental OnePass Plus Mastercard!

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Step 1: Register your Continental Onepass Mileage Account For The Mileathon Promotion

By getting the card and making your first purchase by 03/31 you will get 20 credits, which will earn you at least 2,500 miles in the Mileathon promotion. If you get just 10 more credits you will get 5,000 miles in the Mileathon promotion.

Step 2: Apply here for the Continental OnePass Plus Card to get 25,000 miles with your first purchase, 5,000 miles for adding a free additional cardholder, and $50 cash back!
You only need to spend a buck on the card to get the miles and there is no annual fee for the first year!

Step 3: After you get approved for the card wait a couple days for the card to show up in your profile (If you don’t have a proflile just wait a week or so until you get your card) and then follow the instructions in this post to get another 25,000 miles added to your account!

Final tally:
-2,500 miles from mileathon.
-25,000 miles signup bonus.
-$50 cash back signup bonus
-5,000 mile additional cardholder bonus.
-25,000 mile bonus for emailing Chase online.
Total=57,500 miles plus $50 cash back and no annual fee the first year!

With the card you will get free checked luggage, free primary rental car CDW insurance, free baggage and trip delay coverage, free roadside assistance, free price, purchase, and return protection, free Presidents Club Lounge Passes, and much much more.) Read more about those benefits and some of the other card benefits in this post.

What can you do with the miles? Plenty!
-Domestic US ticket: 25,000 miles
-Latin America: 35,000 miles
-Hawaii: 40,000 miles
-South America: 55,000 miles
-Europe: 55,000 miles
-Oceania: 60,000 miles
-Asia: 65,000 miles
-Israel: 75,000 miles
-Australia: 80,000 miles

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doing this might be risky. it might be better to just sign up with the 50000 link because what happens if you apply with the 25000 link and in a few days they refuse to credit the account the add. 25000 mles


dan you are beyond awesome


Hi Dan
As the king of credit cards we need your help up here in Canada.
None of your credit card deals ever work in canada. We here in Canada would benefit greatly if you posted deals on Canadian C.C’s as well. Are there any current good deals in Canada to take advantage of?


So, if I want…I can sign up for this card even though I got one in March 2008 and then once I get the miles combine the 2 accounts? I can have 2 cards at once?


Can I request the additional card during sign up and get the extra 5K miles? Or do I have to wait until it’s issued and then add the card?


Seems to me that most people who applied for the card within past 90 days has received the 30K miles + $50 + 25K miles (or at least 20K) with the email. Plus 2,500 more miles now with mileathon.
Doesn’t seem too risky at all.

Yes, you can request the additional card along with the original application.


Hi Im flying continental can anyone help out with the baggage fees?


Just sign up for the credit card!


dan, will these miles help me for traveling to israel?


Got the first card 6 months ago and thanks to Dan got the 25 + 5 + 25. I was going to do saphire and not push my luck. Dan, you say cancel card and apply again for same one?


Sure, 75,000 miles and you can fly on Continental or any Star Alliance airline to Israel.
The Chase Sapphire Preferred card or the AMEX Plat card can help you get more Continental miles as well!

Have you had a Sapphire card yet? That may be the safer path, but you can try this again also.


If I got a chase one pass card about 5 years ago will I get the miles again?


Dan, do you know if there is any 50k bonus offer CO business card?



i just go the extra 30k so can i get the chase sappire card and get the miles


I got the e-mails that they will be crediting me 25,000 miles. How long will it take until they are showing in my Onepass acoount? Are some people getting them on the spot. Because I sure didn’t.


You may want to read what John said.

There isn’t


They are supposed to post on your next statement.


the apply now link is not working


Works fine for me.


When Opening a new mileage account… should I put the same
name as my existing account or just my first initial…. or maybe leave out my middle name?


were can i find the link for chase sappire card also i see that you have to make a new mileage acct


but you only get 10k how can you get the 57k


Sorry, corrected the link to 28K for spending $3K.
Who said anything about that card giving more than that?


Quote from continentals website:

“Continental Airlines Chase primary credit Cardmembers get their first checked bag free every time they fly when they purchase their tickets with their Card”

will it be free even if you just show the card at the counter without paying for it with the card?


2,500 miles from mileathon.
-25,000 miles signup bonus.
-$50 cash back signup bonus
-5,000 mile additional cardholder bonus.
-25,000 mile bonus for emailing Chase online.
Total=57,500 miles plus $50 cash back and no annual fee the first year!

will this work for the card


Based on experience, if you travel with the same mileage number as the one on the credit card then you and everyone traveling with you on the same reservation will get a free bag automatically. This will show up when you checkin for your flight at

If it does not, just show the card to an agent to get the bag fee waived. Even secondary cardholders can get their bad gee waived this way.

That’s only for the Continental OnePass Plus card


can you sign up for this card twice in 2 different browsers and just get another ff number for the second app and just merge the accts?


So, you can get 50k mi from Amex Platinum and 57.5k miles on this Card and then roll them over to one mileage account with 107k miles?


i know there is no definitive answer to this, but if you don’t get approved on the web site instantly, what are the odds that they will approve you within a few days?


How do you fly to Israel for 75,000 with Continental miles? I tried and seems to need much more.


Hi Dan or anybody else that could help me. I arrived with my wife in Zurich this morning and my flight was canceled and rescheduled for tomorrow (Thursday). If anybody knows where we could get kosher food near the airport it would be appreciated. Were kinda desperate;-)



You still have good odds. You can also call for reconsideration or see a Chase banker.

I see plenty of 75K seats on

There are a couple kosher restaurants that you can take the train to.


Dan, I would really like to get this credit card, can you help me figure out if will get approved for this card? thanks so much!

prob a stupid question but....

are the miles u posted for a rountrip ticket or one way? (25,000 miles for a domestic ticket = is that roundtrip or one way?)


Apply and see what happens!

@prob a stupid question but….:
25,000 is for a round-trip ticket.


i opened a new Chase one pass credit card on 1/31/11
can i earn Mileathon credit?


Hi Dan (or anybody else that can answer), does this deal apply only to those who opened the cc in the past 3 months or it also works if i applied today?



@abc: I successfully signed up for the Mileathon it even before applying for the credit card, so i believe you can.


It still works today.


I opened my card about 4 months ago and i sent them a massage regarding the additional 25k, they sent me back today that they will give me the additional 25k. thanks so much.


Has anyone actually had the extra 25k post to there account? My next billing cycle closed but I still didn’t get the 25k. How long should this take?

reb jo

dan after i sign up for Mileathon and do the email sign up how do i know if actually got the points


Scratch that. The miles posted.


can i open 2 separate cards for myself and my husband





i opend last week a new account using the 30,000 miles + $50 offer and requested the additonal 25,000 miles it worked. Thanks Dan
Dear xxx,

Thank you for your response. I am happy to advise that the
account you retain will qualify for the full 50,000 bonus
mile enrollment as long as you have not received an
enrollment bonus on a previously held Continental account.
Once the account is approved and the original 25,000 bonus
miles issued, we ask that you please resubmit your request
and we will gladly add the remaining 25,000 enrollment

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center and thank you for making Chase your
credit card of choice.

Have a great day!

Thank you,

Sandra Rodriguez
E-mail Customer Service Representative


Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A. and may be
serviced by its affiliates.


Can i sign up as business to?

reb jo

dan. i signed for this card on friday and didnt get any conformation email does that make sents? and whats the number if i wanted to call up to see if they got my application and if i am accepted?


@Dan & Jane:
There is a $50k offer w/ the fee waived(1st yr)…px?offers=OPP50


Why would you want 50K when you can get 57,500 miles plus $50?


Hi Dan:
This is great hearing about all these possible “deals”.
Do you know of any way to transfer Continental reward miles from one Continental account to the other that DOES NOT COST $37.50 for each 2500 miles transfered. (Continental charges $7.50 per 500 miles that are transfered.)


Dan, Did you cover this deal? What is your opinion? Thanks


I want to use my miles to book 2 israel. How do I do that ? canit be any airline.Also how long do I have to wait for the miles?


Dan –

I’m silver elite status on Continental already from the Delta status match. Once the miles post and I get the total 57,000 miles, do you advise that I cancel the card or hang onto it for a few months?



Based on the Continental/Chase offer I opened a new Continental One Pass MasterCard. I followed Dan’s advise on what to say and where to send my request. I have now heard from chase in that I should be receiving my 50,000 bonus points on my next billing statement. Hopefully, it will go through.
A NOTE OF CAUTION. When you compose a message to be sure not to make it too lengthy. On my first request to chase I used much of the suggested language. However, my message (and two additional messages thereafter) never went through. When I used a shorter version of the same message it was accepted. If you get an ERROR 500 message just change your original message, shorten it, and then resubmit.
Good luck!


There are reports on FT that Chase is no longer allowing the additional 25k bonus to post. Anyone with a recent experience. I’m still waiting to get approved!


hey dan,
i have two questions which i hope you can assist me with. one, is it necessary to open a new mileage account if i have one already? it was opened by the last offer on this card. two, do i need to wait to aign up for the card after cancelling my old one?


I sent the email prior to making my first purchase and I got the following response:

Thank you for contacting Chase about your account ending
in 22.

In reviewing the credit card application you completed,
you either received or may be qualified to receive the
following enrollment bonuses.

? $50.00 statement credit
? 25,000 enrollment miles
? 5,000 miles for adding an authorized user
? First year annual fee waiver

Since the enrollment incentive referenced in your email is
only for 50,000 miles and the first year annual fee
waiver, and does not include the 5,000 authorized user
mile benefit or $50.00 statement credit, the account you
retain does not qualify for the additional 25,000
enrollment miles.

However, if you would like us to match the 50,000
enrollment mile offer and reverse the $50.00 statement
credit, we can then add 20,000 enrollment miles. Once you
have made your first purchase and the $50.00 statement
credit and first use enrollment miles have posted please
contact to match the offer as advised above.

It has been my pleasure to review and respond to your


Dan- commenters seem to be indicating this deal is D-E-D dead but I don’t see your infamous UPDATE: DEAD!!. What’s the deal? I signed up on the 10th banking on the bonus 25k. Am i toast?


People on the forum have said that they were still able to call up Chase and get the 25K over the phone, even after getting rejected via email.
Try it out!


I have been trying to book a flight to either Miami or Tel Aviv from NYC but it is impossible to get a direct flight to either location using my onepass miles. and most times their award flights require 2 stopover. Any suggestions ?


Search on sites like and for more possible partner options.


Do I need to set an account aeroplan to search there site?




i have spent at least $100 on my card so far, but have not received my first statement so i have no idea what will actually come up. I know that online they have not merged my old account and miles with the new one yet, or credited $50, so i will let you all know how that goes (or doesn’t)!
thanks again for sharing this with us Dan!!!
btw they promised to email me back within 4 hours- this is the next day! better later than never i guess.
Date: 02-16-2011 07:10:40
From: Credit Card Support
Subject: Re: Rewards Inquiry
Dear J,

An additional 25,000 miles have been added an will be
reflected on your next billing statement.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

E-mail Customer Service Representative


Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A. and may be
serviced by its affiliates.



Where do I call? I just got the card hoping for the extra 25k miles.


They said that they would switch me to the 50k promotion but then I would lose the 50 dollar credit- how can I get the 50k without losing the 50 dollars?


DAN. So thank you, I got accepted to one for this card.

Please help me. I just got off the phone with Chase and they said that this card does NOT cover CDW/LDW ALI in Israel. One of 4 countries that it does NOT cover.

Any ideas?


I got my card, accepted for 50,000 miles- and then they sent me a letter cancelling, because I had another promo last year. I cancellled my card. What did I do wrong? ( I always feel like miles are won by OTHER people!)


Dan –

If i understand correctly, I can open additional onepass accounts, sign each of them up for the onepass plus credit card, get 57k miles in each and then combine the accounts. Correct?

Is there a limit to the number of Onepass accounts I can combine?

Thanks Dan!!


Dan –
I opened an additional mileage account and applied for the card again. I was denied. I called them up and they said I already have that card and cannot have two of the same credit card for the same user, mileage accounts are irrelevant.

Thanks anyway!


You need to close the other card and try again.