HOT! Continental’s New OnePass Plus MasterCard: Get 30,000 Miles, $50 Cash Back, And Your First Year Free! Plus Get Free Checked Luggage, Free Primary Car Rental Insurance And Dozens Of Other Ultra-Premium Protections!

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Update 2: The OnePass Plus card is now publicly offering a $50 cash statement credit for opening the card and making 1 purchase. So you now get 30,000 miles and $50 and no annual fee for the first year just for spending a buck on the card!
If you applied for this card recently without the $50 cash bonus, just call Chase and ask for them to match the current offer!

Update: Don’t forget to take advantage of all of the Continental mileage offers out there that you can before it’s too late!  Continental has merged with United so this card will only still be available for a very limited amount of time!

Originally posted on 09/02:

Continental Airlines OnePass Plus Mastercard Offer Linky

If you don’t yet have a Continental Onepass mileage account you can enroll here.

Signup Bonus:
You will get 25,000 miles for signing up for the Continental OnePass Plus MasterCard after making your first purchase. Plus you get 5,000 miles for adding a free 2nd user to your account, so you’ll get a total of 30,000 miles just for signing up!
You can add the 2nd user onto the account when applying online.

Card Spending Benefits:
-The annual fee ($85) is waived for the first year!
-You earn 1 Continental Onepass mile per dollar spent and 2 per dollar spent on Continental.
-You will get a bonus 10,000 miles for every year that you spend $25,000 on the card! In other words if you typically spend $25,000 in a year you will earn miles at a rate of 1.4 miles per dollar spent (35,000 miles for $25,000 spend)

Continental Onepass miles are among the most highly valued miles in the entire industry!
Did you know that:
-They can be redeemed on 40 partner airlines, including the global Star Alliance network with its amazing award availability and other partners like Hawaiian and Virgin Atlantic.
-They are very lenient on routing rules, so you can travel to Australia for example across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, something most airlines would never let you do!
-They allow you to make a free stopover AND a free open jaw on a single award ticket to make your miles much more valuable.
-They allow free date and even free airline and routing changes on award tickets.
-They allow you to make changes to your award ticket even after departure.
-They do not block partner airline availability like some other airlines do.
-They never charge a fuel surcharge on award tickets, even if you travel on partner airlines that normally charge a fuel surcharge!
-They allow you to book a BusinessFirst award even if there is only coach availability and go on a waitlist and standby for a BusinessFirst seat. If you do not get the BusinessFirst seat (even if you do get a First class seat on the domestic flight) then you will get a refund of the additional miles that you paid for it!
-They have an excellent award chart. You can fly to Israel on Continental, or on partners like Air Canada, USAirways, Aegean, Austrian, Brussels, Lot Polish, Lufthansa, SpanAir, Swiss, Tap Portugal, and Turkish. With so many partners it’s much easier to find availability. You can mix and match carriers and still fly for 75,000 in coach, 115,000 in BusinessFirst or Business, or 145,000 miles in First class on a 3 class aircraft.
-Want to go “around-the-world?” Continental has one the cheapest around-the-world mileage tickets around. It’s just 160,000 miles in coach, 220,000 miles in BusinessFirst or Business, or 280,000 miles in First class on a 3 class aircraft.  You can fly around the world on any partner airline and stop off for as long as you want in 6 different cities anywhere in the world!

Effective in 2011 Continental cardholders who are elite will also be able to get complimentary upgrades even on award tickets!

Continental cardholders can also redeem miles for hotel and car rewards.

Here are some of the amazing benefits the card comes with:
-With the recent launch of the OnePass Plus card Chase has added some incredible new benefits. The card is one of the only cards that offers free primary rental car CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance! Nearly every other credit card I have researched only has secondary rental car CDW insurance. With secondary insurance if you damage your rental car you will first need to file a claim with your own personal car insurance company and only it they don’t cover the entire bill will your credit card step in and pay the difference. This can cause your personal insurance rates to go up.  This card is now my go-to card for car rentals!

With primary rental car CDW insurance as is now offered on the OnePass Plus card you will not have to file anything with your own insurance company. Chase will cover the entire bill for any damage to your rental car. Just be sure to decline the rental agency’s CDW coverage and Chase will have your back! This primary CDW coverage applies everywhere in the world except in Israel, Jamaica, and Ireland (blame the bad drivers there!)

-If you have the OnePass Plus card you and up to 9 of your traveling companions will automatically get a free checked bag when flying Continental (normally $25 each way!) You do not need to pay for the trip on the card to get this benefit, you merely need to have the card! You can also add other family members as free secondary users on your account so that they can get free baggage as well when they’re not traveling with you. The fee waiver for secondary users isn’t automatic as it is for the primary cardholder, but you just have to show your card to the ticketing agent and they’ll be able to waive your checked bag fee!

-Chase will send you 2 free Presidents Club passes (normally $100) annually. Plus they’ll also send you 2 discount vouchers for flights!

-By having the card you will get a $2 discount off in-flight alcoholic beverages and $2 off in-flight DirecTV service!

-OnePass Plus Cardholders will also be able to use Chase’s new concierge service to book from the “Luxury Hotels and Resorts Collection” When you book through the concierge you will get exclusive benefits, upgrades, and amenities.

The card also some with ultra-premium benefits and insurances that normally only come with much more expensive cards, including:
-Price protection: If you find an ad, online or in-store, that the price of an item you bought within the past 90 days is lower than what you paid, you can get a refund of up to $500 per item and $1,500 per year!
-Return protection: Return an item up to $300 and up to $1,000 a year within 90 days if the store won’t take it back.
-Free roadside assistance: Up to $50 per event
-Delayed baggage insurance: Up to $300 of essential items covered per ticket.
-Trip delay Insurance: Up to $300 per ticket if your flight is delayed to spend on hotels, cars, etc.
-Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance: Up to $1,500 coverage per event.
-Lost or damaged luggage insurance: Up to $3,000 coverage per event
-Travel Accident Insurance: Up to $500,000 per event
-Emergency evacuation, transportation, and medical coverage.
-Extended Warranty Protection: Extra year warranty.
-Purchase protection: If an item you bought within the past 90 days is stolen or damaged or if you have an “involuntary and accidental parting with the item” you can get a refund of up to $10,000 and up to $50,000 per year.
-Ticket Event Protection: If you can’t attend an event ticket for a covered reason you will get a refund of up to $500 per ticket, $2,000 per event, $4,000 annually.
-Identity Theft Protection: $1,000 coverage per stolen identity event.

Have any questions about any of that? Hit the comments!

Don’t need any of those amazing benefits? All you need to do is spend a buck on the OnePass Plus MasterCard and you’ll have more than enough miles for a free domestic ticket and you’ll have a whole year to try out the benefits of the card for free!

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@ john:
really?? i didnt know that!

Also, the opening bonus is good, but im really excited over the extra amenities that are offered!
wow im sooo gonna apply for this


I had 4 credit cards closed by Chase a few months ago(apparently because I was funding Citibank accounts with the Chase cards).Does anyone know if I could apply for another Chase card?

Loyal Reader

Virgin is part of star alliance? I can get continental mileage when flying virgin atlantic?


do u get 2 club passes per account or per card (if I add a second card, do I get 4)?

also, once the year is over is it poss. to downgrade to a non-fee card?


Is it possible to combine and transfer miles I earned from Starwood and miles I earn from this offer to get a free ticket?


Dan what is the best airline to build miles on. Right now I have almost 200,000 on united and I they are really hard to use. I signed up for the new aa card you posted a few weeks ago. I want to stick to one airline. What do you suggest. Thanks


@Loyal Reader:
No Virgin is not part of Star Alliance.
They are however a Continental partner and you can earn Continental miles when you fly on them.

You get 2 passes per primary continental credit card account. Secondary accounts don’t get passes.

You can downgrade to a fee free Continental card that earns 1 mile per 2 dollars spent after a year if you’d like.

You’re better off with Starwood to wait for a transfer bonus promo like I’ve posted about in the past for
20,000 Starwood-62,500 Delta
20,000 Starwood-37,500 USAir
20,000 Starwood-33,750 AA

Why would you want to put all your eggs in one basket? My strategy is to collect miles from all carriers. That way you have the best chance of finding availability when you need it!

Having said that, AA miles and Continental miles are both by far my favorite miles to collect. They are part of 2 separate alliances and both have very friendly policies with good availability between them and their partners.

United miles can be hard to use due to their blocking of partner availability.
However if you learn how to check Star Alliance availability you should be able to find something. There are posts on that explain how to check Star Alliance availability.


Which card should I open? The plus travel or Plus rewards?


It’s the same card. The “more info” buttons under “plus travel” or “Plus rewards” just gives a short description of some benefits of the card.

To get the card just click on the big “Apply now” button.


@Dan/Ctownbochur: Dan

Do you have a specif forum i dont see it.



You want to go to, click on the “On the road paved with miles” forum and then on the “Star Alliance Search Tips” thread at the top of that forum.

Avid Reader

@Dan, can I put in someone else’s CO number or it has to match the account holders name?


@Avid Reader:
I’ve heard people say that you are able to. I’ve never tried personally.


is there a card that offers a free bag when flying with delta?


I happened to get in the mail the offer you just listed. In regards to the free bags, you actually do have to book the trip using the card. exact wording is

“You and your accompanying passengers will get your first checked bag fee waived when you book them on a Continental operated flight using your Onepass Plus card.”

I am still doin the deal, it seems too good to pass up.


I can guarantee you that the ticket does not need to be booked with the card to get free bags.
They probably just want you to book the tickets with the card, but I’ve dealt with this issue upon hundreds of occasions with myself and other travelers and it does not need to be booked on the card. Although you do get double miles if you book it with the card.

Just having the card will automatically get you one free bag. As long as you checkin for the flight with the same Continental mileage number that you earn miles with on the card is will be automatic. In other words if you checkin online or at an airport kiosk and select the baggage option the computer will say that each passenger on the itinerary will get 1 free bag.
And even if it doesn’t happen automatically for whatever reason (like for a secondary cardholder) just showing the card in your name to a checkin agent will get you a free bag as well (which is how you can still get a free bag even after the card is canceled until the card expiration date 4 years later…)


how do i get a valid onepass number??


The T&C state:

“25,000 BONUS MILES: This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time Continental Airlines personal Cardmembers with new accounts. Existing Continental Airlines personal Cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer.”

I already have a Chase Continental Airlines Onepass World Mastercard (not Onepass Plus). Can I apply for the Onepass Plus card and still receive the bonus miles?



Do you personally keep any of the cards that charge a yearly fee after the free first year? if so what card(s)? And if I don’t want to keep it after the free year what is better – downgrading to a free version or cancelling and waiting for a new offer to re-apply?


I know this is an age old question. By getting this card will I be causing a problem with my credit rating. Same question for when I get rid of it. Also, should my wife get a card as well. Can mileages be combined? Thanks


With cards that have annual fees I usually:

1. Wait until the annual fee posts to the account. Sometimes it never does! Either way you have 30-60 days from when you get the statement with the annual fee to close down the account and receive a full refund of the fee.

2. Call them up and threaten to cancel. Sometimes they’ll offer to waive the annual fee. Other times they offer enough miles to make it worth paying the fee for another year. Or they offer to give a statement credit to negate part or most of the annual fee.

3. If they refuse to waive the fee or give any miles I usually can persuade them to change the account to a free one. This way I get to keep the credit line which is important as it determines your credit utilization number, which is a huge percentage of your credit score.

4. If 1, 2, and 3 all fail I take a hard look at the card’s benefits (value of the points and other protections as well as the credit line) to determine whether I’ll close the account.

You can often have 2 of the same credit card, so I apply for a 2nd card regardless of whether I currently have the card or canceled the card.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still canceled hundreds of credit cards and have a 775 credit score. You just have to play the game wisely and you’ll get millions of miles and keep a top-notch credit score to keep getting approved for more cards!

The effect of a new card on your score is very small. Now if you start opening tons of new cards they may stop issuing new ones for a little while, but I find the couple point hit to be worth getting miles for.
Besides the couple point damage goes away quickly and your score will go up do to having a higher credit line and a lower credit utilization ratio.

By all means, I just applied myself and my wife for this card, no reason not to. Your mileage can’t be combined but you can both open 2 more cards (like the AMEX Premier Gold and the Chase Sapphire that transfer 1:1 to Continental) and get 2 free tickets to Israel.


You can’t do this to me with just one sentence and leave. 2 more cards and get free tickets to Israel. You gotta explain this, please. Like now. Holding my breath.


Spend $1 on Continental OnePass Plus Card=30,001 miles
Spend $1,000 on AMEX Premier Gold card=31,000 miles
Spend $3,000 on Chase Sapphire=28,000 miles
Total miles collected=89,001 miles
Round-trip ticket to Israel=75,000 miles
Miles remaining for your next trip=14,001


Can I apply for this card? It asks to check all three boxes on the top of the application, one of them is if you were denied credit from Chase in the last six months. I was. Do I check it or not? Will I automatically be denied if I don’t check it?


Speaking from experience, just check it and don’t worry about it.


The Amex Premier Gold says only 10,000 and something about upgrading your card?


Read through the AMEX Premier Gold post for how to get to the 15,000 point application which actually has been giving 31,000 points after spending $1,000.


Wondering, I received the response that I will receive in the mail their decision of the analysts…within 10 buis. Days…
Is that saying in other words that I was declined??


Not at all, that’s very common.

Here are some numbers for Chase that I found online that may be helpful:

Chase: 800-432-3117 (Application status)
Chase: 888-270-2127 (Application reconsideration)
Chase: 877-781-3109 (Card combining & card type changes)
Chase: 888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst reconsideration)
Chase: 888-622-7547 (Chase Executive Office)


Wow!!! Dan! u posted so much great info in these comments. like what YOU do with anual fee cards after the year. and all those secret chase phone numbers.
thank you so much, it will come to great use 🙂


Can I use the third number to downgrade my chase debit cards (personal and business) to no fee ones?

Also, is there any benefit of keeping open any of these cards after the bonus points or miles have already posted if I plab to cancel them anyway before the first year is up?


Thanks for the feedback!

The cards with annual fees often come with great benefits (as I detail above for the Continental card, although that is free for the first year)
Why close it if it isn’t costing you anything? Try to get the most out of it while you have it anyway.


is there a card out there to get a free checked bag on delta?


DO you need to be a Onepass member to apply for card?



Yes, you can enroll with the link in the post.


how do i get the additional 5k for an additional user do i have to give a ss number?


You do not need to give an SSN for the additional user.
You can just put down any name you want right on the application.


I have an amazing credit score and was always promptly approved for every offer. Then suddenly by the TD bank flip camera offer, i was declined (and its not even a credit card, just a bank account). And now too by this offer, they told me they’ll get back to me within 2 weeks. I just checked my credit score and it’s 778.

Why do you suppose this is happening?


Where did you check your score?
Have you ever looked at your entire report?


btw, dan said above that just bc they said they’ll get back to u doesn’t mean you’re not approved, it’s a very common thing.


Not really.


Get all 3 Fico scores (the real ones, like from MyFico) and go over your entire report carefully to check for irregularities.


is this card better than starwoods?


@Dan/Ctownbochur: I have a AA cc and i just signed up for the new continental card. I also have the Chase Sapphire. You said i should stick to AA and continental. Isn’t Chase Sapphire able to transfer to any mileage account? If yes then it should be better then being on a specific airline miles isn’t it?



It’s different, personally I have both as they’re both great cards.

Chase Sapphire Preferred points can be transferred to British Airways or Continental.


FYI: Diners Club also comes with Primary CDW

Plus any Amex can have it for $20 per rental


Yes, but Diners hasn’t taken new applications for their card in years.
And $20 is good, but not as good as free 😉


Do both the Travel and the Rewards cards give you the 25k miles?


There is just one card and it gives you 30k miles.


if i already did the chase checking account promo that got me 25k miles with continental, can i still do this offer? and if yes are there any sneaky things i have to do to make it work? please explain


There is absolutely no problem getting the 30k miles for this card after having gotten the 25k miles for the checking offer.


But i do need to get approved…
i have been rejeced before, so i havnt apllied for anything in over 18 months. i currently only have one cc with a 500 limit. how do i check my credit to see the chance of me being approved? and also what “irregularities” would i be looking for in my credit report?


if i have the chase one pass world card can i sign up and still get the miles?


if i got aproved for a card this week could i apply for a nother card now?


I’ve been able to in the past.

Which card did you get approved for this week? If it wasn’t another Chase card you’ll be fine.


if have a no credit score do you think ill be approved?


Hi Dan,
2 questions. Does the Continental one pass plus cover CDW in Israel. my past experience has been than only mastercard world covers CDW in israel.

Also regarding the advice about using various cards such as one pass, AMEX premium and sapphire chase to eard a free ticket- can you really combine points from multiple cards to buy one ticket? How do you do that…do all the points show up in your one pass account?

Are there alot of restrictions on flying dates when using points?

Can you book tickets for a child who is not a card holder themselves?

Thanks alot.



Call me a dummy, but I’m new to this stuff. I currently have a continental mastercard world card, and I think this one pass plus card is better, correct? Will I be penalized if I apply for this and close out my world card? not sure how this works, but I want to start building my miles with continental. How do I even close out a card. Seems to me that many people here apply for tons of cards just to build miles. I need help!


I have a Continental flight for 4 adults (all same last name). It was not purchased with this CC. How do I get free first bags for each family member? Do I just show up to the airport and waive my credit card – or is there a certain process I should know about?


You mean you’ve never had any credit card before?

This card covers you with primary insurance pretty much anywhere in the world besides Israel.
There are probably 15 cards out there that can all earn Continental miles that can be combined to use for a Continental or Star Alliance ticket.
With 35+ partners you shouldn’t have a problem at all finding a free ticket. I never have.
And you book a free ticket for anyone you want.

I always close cards once the annual fee comes do and open up the card again.
It’s not a big deal to close and reopen. Or even to have 2 of the same cards open if you want.

As long as you applied for the card with your mileage number and the same mileage number is listed in the reservation then the system will recognize you as a cardholder and will give everyone on your reservation a free bag.

When you checkin for your flight at it should allow you to select up to 1 bag per person for free. If it doesn’t make sure your mileage number is entered correctly.


Hi dan thanks for the reply,
I see that there is a one pass plus business world master card, with first year free that I believe will cover the CDW in Israel as all world mastercards do,and it appears to be no different from the non-business one pass. Am i missing something or are the 2 cards essentially the same? If so Ill just apply for that one.


All World Mastercards do not cover Israel. The OnePass Plus is itself a World Mastercard, but it does not cover Israel. I’m not sure if the business World Mastercard covers Israel or not, but it is definitely not a sure thing.


I’m looking into opening a Credit card with BA cuz you get 50,000 miles by opening and on the first purchase another 25,000. Isn’t this better than this chase card?


Is there a foreign exchange fee?


BA=fuel surcharges.
As long as you don’t mind paying $800 for your “free” ticket to Israel then by all means go with BA.



You don’t have to open a new account, but it would only help you out.
The airlines are used to merging duplicate accounts because often partner offers automatically open a new account for someone requiring them to be merged. It’s a quick and easy process.


What’s the difference between:
Application reconsideration and Credit Analyst reconsideration. When should we use which?



Don’t you eventually have to close cards due to the fact you can’t have 8 Chase cards at once? Now that you can’t merge cards…(unless that # you posted for “Card combining” actually works if you get high enough on the totem poll)


You say “As long as you applied for the card with your mileage number and the same mileage number is listed in the reservation then the system will recognize you as a cardholder and will give everyone on your reservation a free bag.” but I want to use John’s advice (comment #2). So do I leave it blank when I apply or not?


You should be able to leave it blank when you apply.
Even if you apply for the card with a new onepass number after you can either:
-fly with your new onepass number to automatically get free bags.
-just show the agent the card to manually get free bags.
-merge the 2 onepass accounts into and fly with the new number to automatically get free bags.


I have the chase card that was just changed to sapphire is this the same as the continental one or are the milage and perks better on the continental one should I cancel my sapphire and get this one instead


I have the following CCs and inquiries. Do you think Chase will approve me?

Starwoods (Personal) 2/10
Starwoods (Business) 7/10
Citi AA (Business) 8/10
Citi AA (Personal – inquiry only) 8/10
Refi Credit Check (inquiry only) 8/10
Amex Plantium (personal) 11/10


I currently have 2 credit cards and a third i didn’t activate because i decided i dont want it. Is it bad for my credit to have a lot of credit cards? Is it better for my credit to cancel the card i’m not using? I really want to cash in on all these credit card deals but i don’t want to hurt my good credit. Thanks Dan you run a great site.


oh man i just signed up for this. can i complain and get the fifty bucks?


when you add a second user will it be on the credit file so that when i cancel it it wont show up on their report bec then otherwise it may not be worth it for an extra 5,000 if u already have alot of cancelled accounts


i also signed up in September, and as suggested above I called Chase and they said as long as the mileage componet if the offer is the same they will honor the $50 back as well


How long does it take from application to receipt of card?


@leib:I called twice with no luck. The first lady said that they can’t do it and the second lady forwarded it to the marketing department to see if they can do it.


That’s awesome I gotta try that. YM doesnt seem to have the same experience. Any suggestions? Did you do anything specific or speak to someone in specific to do it?


Do you think I will be able to combine United and continental miles when they join?


combining cards: does it only work from chase continental to a 2nd continental or can the 2nd card be British ect…..



sorry, the post wasn’t so clear… they said they will honor the $50 on top of the miles even if you signed up without the $50 back?


could i do the price protection thing with black friday? like if i buy something regular price, can i show them the deal on black friday and they refund me for the difference?


i tried calling chase for the $50 statement credit they said its impossible to do that. any specific way i should do it?


Thanks for the post. I signed up for the card. Want my wife to get one too. If she does, can we each request to add a card holder for one another and each get 5k bonus miles? Also does it hit our credit to ask for an additional card holder? If I open a chase checking account with continental debit card for the bonus continental miles will it be a hit to my credit? Thanks man!!!!!!!!!!


The Continental card has many perks that the Sapphire doesn’t have as outlined in the post.

You won’t know unless you try!

I have dozens of active cards and great credit.
Don’t sweat it.


Just add “Charlie Brown” as your additional cardholder!
No SSN is required for the additional cardholder!


Maybe a week or so. You can always call to have it expedited.

Just keep trying until you get a sympathetic supervisor willing to match the offer. It can be done.

Yes, you can each get 30,000 miles.
It doesn’t not affect your credit to add a 2nd cardholder.
A checking account may or may not count as a credit inquiry.




Despite having excellent credit I got a rejection letter (1st time ever) with the following:
“Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us”

I do use chase for my primary checkings and savings (my mortgagae and home equity line is also with them) And I have a business checking account with them.

What do you suggest I do?


Go into a bank and complain to a banker.
They should be able to write a letter to Chase for reconsideration.
Speak to a manager at the branch in necessary.


You were 100% right! I went to a local branch and they got me approved! Thanks a lot.
Your site (with tthe indiviudalized attention) is worth its weight in gold.

Btw the 50 credit comes from any purcahse or needs to be from continental’s website?


How long did the process take from when you went into the bank until you got approved?
Did the Chase banker know exactly what to do or did you have to ask for a branch manager?


Sorry for delay getting back to you.
It took about 15 minutes total. The banker called a Chase credit representative while I was there who said that since I had another account open I could close that one and they would open this in its place. I believe the issue was them not allowing me to have to much credit with them as each card carried about a 10 thou limit.
Either way your help was invaluable.
Love the site!


Dan u never heed problem being approved for a card u most enter a very big income


if i do not have a chase account, and already have a onepass, how many miles can i get from this?


If I have the card, and my friend wants to fly Continental, but he’s not an authorized card holder, and I’m not flying then, can I still somehow get him a free bag?


thanks dan i got approved how many miles will i get now ?please thank you


HI DAN i got in june the continental credit card with the 25,000 mile bonus ,i just applied again for the 50,000 bonus offer with a new one pass account an got a letter since i already have a continental card i wont get approved for another one ,is there anyway i can get it will it help if i close my old card ,orleave the onepass #empty(it seemed to me that you cant leave it empty)thanks


Dan. what do you think, should i apply for this, and later follow your steps to send them an email requesting an additional 25,000 bonus miles, and thats a risk since i saw that it didn’t work for everybody. or i should rather apply straight for the 50000 offer, although it doesn’t have such good benefits?


How long after getting one of these deals can you cancel the card? (without it hurting your credit)

I made my one purchase, but don’t plan on using it again.

Any help?


How long do you have to wait to do this? just cancelled mine today


Whats an open Jaw?


How long does it take for the 25,000 miles to be posted to your account after making your first purchase with a Continental Airlines OnePass Plus credit card.


Anybody have any experience getting their first bag free on United recently, by showing a canceled OnePass Plus MasterCard? I just canceled it, and haven’t tried this myself yet.