Continental Mileathon Is Back!

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I got 5,000 miles during the last mileathon for opening a Chase and Key Continental debit card.

The bonuses for purchasing tickets and checking in online are generally only for expensive fares only, but the bonuses for opening credit or debit accounts are nice on top of all other offers like 30,000 for a free credit card and 25,000 for a Chase checking account.

Opening a Continental credit card earns 20 credits, a Continental debit card earns 15.  When you register you can see the entire list of credit earning activities and how many credits you need for each mileage threshold.  For example 30 credits earns 5,000 miles and 45 credit earns 10,000 miles, etc.

The first purchase on the credit/debit cards must be made by 05/31 for mileathon credit.  Most other activities must be done by 06/30 for mileathon credit.

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Fred Chase

Since Chase does not have branches in my state, can I open these 2 accounts on-line. If the answer is YES, how do I open a personal account and business account to take advantage of the offer.
Thank you.
Fred Chase


Since the dbit card has a 25$ fee. Do you still feel its worth

2500 miles?


but the chase CC has an $85 annual fee!


It’s 25,000 miles.

It’s free for the first year.


Its 25000 miles foe opening a new bank account but if you already did that its not worth just adding a debit card to an existing account for 2500 miles


Open a new checking account.
You are allowed to have more than one.


If one opened a new CO debit card on 3/31 will it count? Does CO know exactly when it was opened or only when the mileage posts?


“Credits will be awarded per e-mail subscription; for first-time subscribers only. ”

Does that mean you can get 12 credits for the 4 subscriptions or only 3?


Also, can I open a key bank card for both my consumer and business account and get 30 credits?


While the terms state that only higher fare bucket tickets will earn Mileathon points, you never know when you might have a re-route. If that happens, the agent may randomly book you into a higher fare class. Depending on where you fly, this may happen more or less frequently. I have had some bonus miles post, in the past, without ever purchasing a higher priced ticket or doing any other activity that I might not have done otherwise. If this happens, it truly is a bonus – but, it there is surely no harm in registering for the promo…you just never know.


Can I open a Chase debit account for both myself and my wife and link both to my CO mileage number or do they have to be 2 seperate mileage numbers?


@Dan/Ctownbochur: Dan, I think what itch is saying is that if you already opened the chase CO account this year, you wont get another 25k for opening another account, just 2500 for the mileathon


Hi Dan,

If i opened a chase checking and debit card on April 1 and registered for milethon on April 14 would i still get the 30 credits(5000 points) or does it have to be after i register.

@ Daniel — It said on the milethon you have to open up accounts after April 1 ..