100 Free Continental Miles For Continental Credit And Debit Cardholders!

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Continental: Take Advantage While You Can…
Click here to read all of the benefits of the Continental OnePass Plus Card

100 Free Continental Miles Linky

Just enter your Onepass number and register and you’re done!

It usually takes Continental up to 4 months to post miles for these types of offers, so please don’t hold your breath!

Add this to the bucket of every mile helps you travel for free faster…

HT: David, via the DansDeals Forums

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5 Comments On "100 Free Continental Miles For Continental Credit And Debit Cardholders!"

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Lovin it

Hey Dan,

I clicked on your link and typed in my onepass number, but when I click the arrow, it momentarily goes to a loading page and then returns to the original. Any tips?

Also, Continental sent me an email about joining their mileathon. Know anything about this? is it worth it? Thanks!


@Lovin it:
Try using a different browser.

Mileathon starts February 1st, go ahead and register!


@Dan: sorry for the ignorance…… what’s the mileathon?


dan, i opened a chase personnel & business account with the 25K Continental promo,i deposited the $500, can i do a debit on the business card & change it immediately to a regular Chase debit card to avoid the $65 charge? will theh not credit me the points?


on both safari and firefox, after putting in my onepass number, the site momentarily loaded and then returned to the original screen. oh well, i guess nothings free in this world