NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Or Washington DC Nonstop To London In British Airways Business Class For $1,083 Round-Trip!

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Update 2: Fares have gone up by $400.

Update: A commenter points out that if you register here and fly by 01/31 you’ll earn an additional 25K bonus Avios on top of the base 10,379 Avios from a JFK-LHR flight and the 3,789 Avios you would earn by using your Chase British Airways Visa. That’s a total potential haul of 39,168 Avios from booking this great deal!

Alternatively, you can register here for 25K bonus AA miles.


British Airways has business class fares between several US cities and London on sale for just $2,015. Travel is valid from now through next summer and must be booked by tomorrow, though this stackable savings offer may end at any time.

A Saturday stay is required.

Here’s how to knock down the price to $1,089 round-trip.

-Use this link to access the BA AARP site.

AARP members get $400 off BA business class tickets. Anyone can join AARP for $16. Just click “Log in to your AARP account here” to join AARP for $16 or to login to your existing AARP account. (And it’s always worth a laugh when my guests wonder why I have “AARP The Magazine” in my stack of bathroom reading material 😀 )

Creating an account takes just a minute and as soon as you open an account you can make a login and then unlock the BA offer which can be used an unlimited amount of times.

Only 1 passenger needs to have an AARP account.

Once you are logged in just use the BA AARP link again (you may need to click on “verify membership) and search for a flight from NYC to London in business class.

Select a British Airways flight option (the American flight options won’t be further discounted on the next page) and on the next screen locate the promotion code or eVoucher field and enter the following code for 10% off with a Chase Visa: CARDOFFERU

Officially that’s intended for Chase British Airways Visa cardholders, though other Chase Visa cards will work as well. You will earn 3 Avios per dollar if you use your BA Visa.





















That code brought down the price to just $1,083 per passenger round-trip in business class!

This fare isn’t supposed to work for trips on the all-business class flight from London City Airport that makes a pre-clearance stop in Shannon so that you don’t need to clear customs in JFK, but it priced out for me just fine as you can see in the screenshot above.

In addition to having a lie-flat bed you’ll also be able to check up to 3 bags of up to 70 pounds each.

Each passenger will also earn 10,379 Avios or 8,627 AA miles/10,353 EQPs for the trip from JFK-LHR.

Cancellations are permitted within 24 hours for free over the phone. After 24 hours the fee is a whopping $500 per ticket.


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Dan – did you try it going to Israel with a stop in London?


Doesnt BA have a promo now on flights flown to earn bonus miles. I think you earn 25k on such a route.


Is this actual British metal or open skies?


How many aa eqp would this fare earn?


Does it work from London?

a mirrer

if you use the current sale of getting $764 off for 30000 avoid it comes to a crazy $650 round trip from lax


Great deal.

Dan, anyway I’ve taken advantage with this with BA points?
I have lots I am looking to spend..


If I don’t have a chase card – can I borrow one from a friend or the traveller needs to be the cardholder?


What dates


is this fare valid on any flight ?


I presume that miles flown count as normal aa eqm’ s should one so desire?


This works to Orly too on open skies. Also, general business class fares to many European cities; Frankfurt, Brussels, Zurich etc


Does anybody really want to go to London?


Will this work for London to NY?


Does anyone have an AARP account they care to share?
will save $16


Does it work from Miami?


JFK to TLV is about 1900 with the set up outlined by Dan
Using 30,000 points brings it down about to about $120 biz clzss r/t with stopover in London


jake, is that for travel in the winter to israel or even includes summer travel?


When I click on “verify membership” – nothing happens…

High end hobo

Only the afternoon flight makes a pre clearance stop in shannon. In the morning the facilitys aren’t open yet and you wait on the plane AFAIK


are there any deals leaving us 12\10
and returning 12\20


code coming up as invalid for summer….i see travel dates are November 1, 2014 – March 31, 2016 for code


Can anyone that already signed up for the AARP see if this would work from Miami?


i’m trying to book for March 31st and an error message comes up:

The first departure date is outside the valid departure dates for CARDOFFERU.


@dan does it work from London to NYC as well?


Anyone else not able to verify their membership? Just paid and got member number but cant verify membership.


Dan< I don't see the prices being discounted! Im trying NYC-LON Nov 28 – Oct 2


@JEREMY: I’m having the same issue. I registered with AARP, paid the $16, and received my membership number. However, when I go to AARP Member Advantage and try to use the BA $400 promo, it asks to “Verify Membership”. When I click there, nothing happens. I tried with different browsers, to no avail.

Dan, any thoughts?


anybody verifying the ny-lhr-tlv RT in business route?


Cant verify membership, please help !!!

travel expert

can i book with my aarp number for my friend even im not on the booking?


Actually, nevermind. I see the 30K avios / $764 off showing up again on NYC but still not when departing from Seattle.


i am having the same issue – it keeps telling me to verify my membership but then nothing happens. I am on the phone with AARP to try and fix the issue

sam vee

i signed up to AARP and it wont let me use the link to BA until i verify the membership and when i click it – the link doesn’t work so i can not book


Please update us with what they say


to all those having issues with verifying membership.. plz call aarp..i just spent 15 minutes trying to convince the rep it’s an issue with their site, but she said no one else has called…so let’s flood their line until they fix it.

AARP Number

What number did you call?


@AARP Number:

1 (888) 687-2277


The AARP is working for me,but I tried booking for 11/16-11/18 the price that i get is above 5K and they don’t allow me to use Avios together with the promotion code, please help! thanks


are you sure that’s the cancellation policy, there is no mention for 24 hour grace period on their website…


Yes, I’ve done it before.


same issue … not verifying aarp account !!!!!




I see American for like $1600 retail but British is pricing at like $4k


How do I get the price down to $440? I selected 30k Avios option but it’s still way more expensive than that.


Its not allowing the CARDOFFERU and Avios to be combined

Big Dawg

is this working still? not understanding Avios part so stupid of me


That’s what I wrote in the other post.

@Big Dawg:

Big Dawg

I am getting $6k for 5 tickets and do not have any avio points help………..


For the people who are having trouble verifying, try going to AARP website and accessing BA thru their links. That worked for me.


I keep getting a message that the dates I’m selecting are not valid – even though they are for june 2016. Does anyone know when the start date is?


@yitzy: c’mon … give em a break.
AARP can use the gelt.


I didn’t have my girlfriends account number and registered after booking the flight, will I still qualify for the possible 25k points?


The AA promo doesn’t have any rules about registering before purchasing that I can see, so try that one.



I tried this option too, not working


Still alive. Trying to get from anywhere in US in to anywhere in Europe in May and return in Aug. Thanks.


@Chaim: no