Final Day For Targeted Hyatt Members To Register For Instant AA Status Pass

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American and Hyatt often target each other’s elite members with status matches and challenges, such as this Hyatt status challenge last month. I still have AA Executive Platinum status from 2019 when they were gifting that status to Globalists without any challenges, but these days you’ll have to work for that status.

You can link your AA and Hyatt account here on or here on

Targeted Hyatt Explorist and Globalist elites can login and check their AA promotion tab for an Instant Status Pass. You have to register for this offer by today.

After registering you will have American status for 4 months. During that 4 month period you can keep your status through earning AA loyalty points, from activities like AA credit card spending, flights, Simply Miles, and more:

  • Members enjoying AAdvantage Gold status must earn at least 10,000 Loyalty Points to maintain AAdvantage Platinum
  • Explorist members enjoying AAdvantage Platinum status must earn at least 25,000 Loyalty Points to maintain AAdvantage Platinum
  • Globalist members enjoying AAdvantage Platinum Pro status must earn at least 42,000 Loyalty Points to maintain AAdvantage Platinum Pro
  • Explorist or Globalist members can level up to experience AAdvantage Executive Platinum status in their next four months of Instant Status Pass by earning at least 67,000 Loyalty Points.

You can continue to keep your Instant Status Pass by continuing to meet the loyalty point earning requirements every 4 months, for up to a year.  If you register today your first phase of 4 months will run through 4/27/23, your second phase will run through 8/27/23, and your third phase will run through 12/28/23. If you complete all 3 phases you will keep the status through 2/28/25.

You can read more about AA status in this post.

Were you targeted for this offer? Will you try to keep AA status through the Instant Status Pass offer?

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If I’m a Hyatt discoverist can I match it?


Yes, to gold


Our system is having trouble. Please try again or come back later.


If I’m not targetted can my concierge help?


Call American Advantage at this number: 800-882-8880 and tell them about the promotion, i just got Platinum from Hyatt Explorist


“Our system is having trouble. Please try again or come back later.”
Dan, are you responsible for this one, too?


Same error here too


Does Hyatt status match to other programs?


anyone else getting the error message “Our system is having trouble. Please try again or come back later.”?

i keep trying and i keep getting the error. any ideas of work arounds?


Yes, I’ve been getting that message all day today.


Called in and they matched it for me.
Can I use this status to match to any other airline? (United)


Thanks Dan just did hyatt explorist to aa platinum, but had to call did huca till I got it


Officially no

Status match thread


Can you please make a post of which airlines hotels are easiest to status match I know there are websites like status match but they don’t have that the Dan’s exceptional flavored writing/explaining skills