American Will Park Most Widebody Planes, Suspend Most International Flying

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American is announcing major network reductions starting tomorrow.

Some 135 out of 150 American widebody planes will be parked starting this week as American slashes flights in response to plummeting flight demand. Suddenly the lack of 737MAX aircraft is the least of the industry’s problems.


  • All flights between Asia and the US suspended except for 3 weekly Dallas-Tokyo flights.
  • All flights to Australia and New Zealand suspended starting 3/16.
  • All flights between Europe and the US suspended except one daily flight between Dallas-London and Miami-London. Flights from other AA gateways to London as well as other cities in Europe will be phased out over the next week.
  • Flights to Argentina and Brazil suspended starting 3/16. Many other South America routes suspended as well.

American is hoping to have their schedule back up again starting on May 7.

The only question left at this point is when will the US move to block all international flights? If you fly out of the US at this point, don’t assume that you’ll be able to get a flight home. If you’re out of the country you should try to find a flight home now.

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Mike t

When I’ve read on other websites they are phasing out London to US over the next week. They are stopping US to London pretty fast. I have a flight from London to Chicago Wednesday morning. Not canceled yet no notification from AA. Does anyone think I need to preemptively buy a cash flight home from another airline. I don’t think so based on the wording.


AA is no longer selling seats on the 777 JFK-LAX starting on Apr 7th.
Think that flight was cancelled?


So this doesn’t apply to flights within the US? I’m worried that my flight home to Cleveland will be canceled. Maybe it’s wise to reserve a car rental to drive home in case flights are cancelled? Thinking ahead…


Hi Dan,
What about domestic flights?
Any confirmed info?


Hello Dan and JJ, and thank you for always sharing your insight. Can you share the link to confirm the information regarding American Airlines and restrictions on the flights to South America? I’m in Brazil right now and not finding anything online to confirm this. Thank you.


So if I have a domestic flight already booked. You think that hey will cancel it. If yes, will he airline rebook me?


Thanks for the info, I saw yesterday already that my flight between LGA and AMS with a stop in PHL for Passover is cancelled by the AA, it’s a cash flight and I bought travel insurance, what’s my best option to get my money back?


How do i get cash back for a BRitish flight, not canceled yet, TLV-EWR 3/17?
Purchased via momendo. BA Agree to gove a voucher, wont use it. who would refund? momendo? BA? CC? NON of the above?


My sister has an as flight from Israel (operated by el al) for April 1st going to JFK with a stop over in France. Is this flight cancelled? I’m confused bc on the website it doesn’t say it’s cancelled but this travel ban is a bit confusing


A correction from the question I just posted. It’s an American Airlines flight operated by ElAl


My sister has a flight scheduled for April 1 on American Airlines from Ben gurion to France to jfk. The website shows that the flight isn’t cancelled but this travel ban is confusing. Do you think it will still go on as scheduled or cancel?


Lets hope the pilots park them nicely to make space for all the others..


How are they planning on paying off their planes leases for all this time?


they will borrow money cheaply now that rates are close to 0%

Fan of Dan

Dan do you see this having a negative impact on future flight fares (when things hopefully return to normal) as airlines will have less incentive to bring back multiple flights and will instead charge more for fewer seats?