20,000 Starpoints Transfers Into 30,000 American AAdvantage Miles This Month

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From now through July 31st you’ll earn 30,000 AA miles for every 20,000 Starpoints transferred. Normally you would earn 25,000 miles for a 20,000 Starpoint transfer.

You can transfer up to 60K Starpoints per day to maximize the bonus (which would earn 90K AA miles per day).

No, this isn’t like 2010 when 20K Starpoints became 33,750 AA miles and those miles counted towards lifetime AA elite status. And AA still allowed free stopovers and had a killer OneWorld round-the-world award chart.  No, those days are long gone and are never coming back.  But take what you can get.

Note that AA is notorious in zealously shutting people’s account down if there’s even a suspicion that miles in it were sold or bartered.  They also shut down people’s account without warning or appeal for manufacturing signup bonus threshold spend on their credit cards by dabbling in refundable tickets like some unscrupulous brokers are known to do to unsuspecting prey.

American’s award chart is by far the most generous out there, and it will be hit with a major devaluation in early 2015 when their program is merged with USAirways.

In the meantime there are some great values to be had, like 55K in business or 67.5K in first on Cathay Pacific one-way to/from Hong Kong.
-You can fly nonstop on El Al to Israel for 45K coach or 67.5K business.
-Between 10/15-05/15 you can fly to Israel with a free stopover in Europe for 40K in coach.
-Between 10/15-05/15 you can fly to Europe for just 20K in coach each way.
-Between 03/01-05/31 and 08/16-11/30 you can fly to South America for just 20K in coach.
-Between 01/12-03/08 and 08/22-12/15 you can fly to Hawaii for just 17.5K in coach.
-Between 10/01-04/30 you can fly to Japan or Korea for just 25K in coach.
-A flight between Tel Aviv and the Maldives is just 17.5K coach, 25K business, 35K first.
-A flight between Tel Aviv and Thailand or Hong Kong is just 22.5K coach, 30K business, 40K first.
-A flight between Tel Aviv and Australia is just 30K coach, 45K business, 60K first.

There are only major fuel surcharges for flying on British Airways, but there are plenty of other partners to choose from to avoid them.

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“is by far the most generous out there, and it will be hit with a major devaluation in 2015”
Is this a fact?


No, but you can take it to the bank anyway.


I have the ultimate rewards program, can I transfer the points from ultimate rewards to Starwood points and then transfer them to American to get this bonus?


How do you search for TLV-MLE availability on AA? They keep telling me that no awards are available for that origin and destination.





Can I transfer SPG to any persons aa account?


While you can transfer SPG to anyone’s USAir account, the AA account needs a matching name. There are conflicting reports if the same last name is good enough.

You can transfer Starpoints to anyone with a Starwood account at the same address though the address must have been the same for 30 days before you can transfer and the transfer takes a few days so its too late to start that process for this promo.


I just tried transferring 60K SPG points to my AA acct and the system is iddicating that I only get the usual 15,000 bonus miles for doing so (instead of 30 with this promo).
Will the additional miles come through after I hit submit?
Or am I doing something else wrong?


The extra 5K is provided by American, not SPG, therefore it won’t show up at the time of transfer.

When the 20K:25K transfer is complete AA will add another 5K.


Should I tranfer by 20K increments or can I do 60 at a time (and will get 15K bonuses at a time)?


60K at a time is fine.


@dan. If I ipen a new aa account now with same last name as me and transfer 60k SPG and then sell that acct or book a ticket for someone else is that a red flag? Aa might shut it down?




Is the citi aa party over, or over soon?



The miles numbers you provided (67.5k business to Israel) is one way, correct? & how do you book that to avoid the surcharges?


Dan, when are they going to merge aa and us mile accts?


The only problem is that I already have 1.1 million Aa miles but only 200k spg


This one’s a tough call: I generally think 20,000 SPG points are worth more than 25,000 AA miles, but they might not be worth more than 30,000 miles. I guess it’s what you need. I do find myself staying in fewer SPG properties these days because I have little use for their urban, expensive USA locations. And now, overseas, I usually find better deals in other loyalty programs — like Club Carlson in Europe. I tend to think SPG points are most useful in Asia. I generally keep some in my account for that purpose.


Dan, I would like to go next winter with my wife to florida(from ny/nj) is it worth it to transfer my spg points to aa for winter flights to florida?


Does aa’s bonus also work in 20k increments only? or for ex. if i transfer 330k will i get aa’s bonus on the whole amount?


If there is going to be a devaluation from American Airlines and I want to book tickets for Summer 2015, if I book in 2014 before they devaluate, will they honor the pre-devaluation amount? Also, what how much do you think they will raise amounts to Israel from NYC from 90,000 round trip to…..? Thanks!


@Rochel, once a ticket is booked, it’s booked….


Party has been going on for more than a decade 😉

Just don’t fly on BA.


Then this probably isn’t for you.

With the addition of categories 6 and 7 + charging double points for places like BOB and MLE, and with the gutting of cash and points, the SPG program has taken a lot of major hits over the years.

The real value these days is in the mileage transfers and some 5th night free redemptions. Question is what’s better, 25K Alaska or 30K AA?

No, better off with BA.

No, it will work on any amount. 20K increments is just to maximize the bonuses.

Tickets booked before devaluations are safe of course.
I don’t expect the 90K Israel award to be devalued. If anything that might improve to 85K to match Delta and United.

Coach off-peak, business, and first class awards are where I’d expect the devaluation.
Plus I’d expect to see revenue based earning like Delta and United.




Between 10/15-05/15 you can fly to Israel with a “free stopover” in Europe for 40K in coach.

No stopover allowed anymore I guess was copied over from a previous post Dan


Nope, stopover is allowed on that route (in each direction if desired) because it’s priced as 2 separate awards, 20K US-Europe + 20K Europe-TLV.



Makes more sense now
Thanks for clarifying


So can I transfer membership rewards to star wood then from there to aa?


Will it transfer to AA If the aa account isn’t open for 14 days yet ?


Dan you keep mentioning the cash & points program is done- but online it still shows that exists ?!


Called in May to book TLV-NYC- PHX with AA.

was told NO stop over since April.

would require 2 tickets. (2 awards charged)

Any update due?


60K AMEX=20K SPG=30K AA.
Not a good deal.


Never said it was done, said it was gutted/devalued.

Only free (or negative cost) stopover would be on a route like JFK-TLV in Europe.



Is this true just for the bonus on SPG or also for the bonus on AA’s side? (will aa bonus amounts not in 20k increments or same like spg)


I am not familiar with how these points thing works, sorry.
I currently have 55K starwood points and was interested in flying to Isael with my wife next summer. What do you recoemmned I do to maximize my points? Thank you.


I booked a flight from TLV-NYC-DC on April 25th. When did this no stop over policy begin?


AA will bonus on any amount.


You have a connection (under 24 hours) or a stopover (more than 24 hours) in NYC?


“-Between 10/15-05/15 you can fly to Israel with a free stopover in Europe for 40K in coach.
-Between 10/15-05/15 you can fly to Europe for just 20K in coach each way.”
Are the dates correct? October through May?




Thanks for link…very helpfull. If I am looking to go to Israel in a year from now and only have 55K Starwood points, should I quickly add 5K on my card to get 60K before July 31 in order to transfer to AA and get the flight to Israel or I should wait, accumulate more points and something else will come around during this time?
Lastly, can I use chase freedom points for flight to Israel? Thank you!


how many aa miles to get from lax-tlv

Daniel Z

Thank you for this post. I feel foolish for asking but I think I’m missing something in the transfer process. I use the AA linky and then get forwarded to the SPG transfer page. After I log in and enter the amount of miles I wish to transfer it sends me to a page (My Recent Activity) that gives me no further option for action. Please advise

Daniel Z

Scratch that, it worked after the 6th try.

Dan the best

When transferring SPG (Starwood) to Aeroplan, does the name have to match? If yes just the first name or also the last name?