Wishing You A Happy Rosh Hashana!

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Another crazy year is in the book and Rosh Hashana 5782, the Jewish new year, starts tonight.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe, and sweet new year.

May this be a year filled with unmasked blessings, and a return back to our good old pre-pandemic days, when the only thing stopping us from visiting Israel was a lack of saver award tickets! 😉

Thank you for following us for the past year and here’s to a deals and miles filled 5782! 🙂

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Amein! Shana tova to you and your family!


Tizku L’shanim Rabot, Ne’Emot V’Tobot! 🙂


l’shana tova

New Year

Have a happy and healthy new year Dan!


Wishing you and your family Happy Rosh Hashana!


Amen! Shana Tova!


Shana Tova to you Dan, and to JJ, and to your families. Thank you for all the deals throughout the year! May we all have a heathy and happy new year filled with good deals.


כתיבה וחתימה טובה
Moshiach now!!


Thanks for another great year! In addition to all the site’s deals and the forum’s great camaraderie, this year I have to thank DDF for introducing us to the good natured CGR, who has personality helped me secure thousands of dollars in much needed government aid throughout this terrible pandemic.

Chisiva Vachasima Tova to Dan, JJ, CGR, and the rest of the crew.


Shana tova umetukah.