Vacation Notice: Have A Happy Passover!

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The Jewish holiday of Pesach begins tonight and runs through April 23rd.

Site updates will be sporadic for the next week and a half, but you can always stay on top of new deals by signing up for deal alerts. Please note that comments left during this time may take several days until they are approved and published.

Pesach is traditionally associated with celebrating our freedom along with family and guests, and I’m thrilled to be back to hosting some 2 dozen people for the Seder tonight after COVID limited that for the past couple years. After all, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who would have turned 120 earlier this week, said that the point of the Seder is to bring another guest to your Seder and not just have an extra empty chair.

Or in his sage words,


Whether you’re enjoying Pesach at home, with family, or at a Pesach program, may it be meaningful and joyous. I know I’m looking forward to eating Shmura Matzah, drinking cups of fine wine, and spending lots of quality offline time with friends and family.

With prayers for a kosher, happy, healthy, and safe Pesach, and happy holidays to all.


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Chag Pesach Sameach!!


גם אתם!
א כשר און פרייליכען פסח!


Thanks Dan! Wishing you all the best. You def are oseik btzarchei tzibbur. God should pay you back 100-fold!


Wishing you and your family all the best!

Have a wonderful pesach.


Thank you Dan for everything you do we are at our destination thanks to you and your site… … Agut shabbos gutyomtov


Chag sameach!


Happy Pesach Dan, family and friends. You are truly blessed when you have the love of family. Enjoy your break offline and we will all be here on your return.


‏חג כשר ושמח
‏Thanks for all your good deals and for all your credit card posts it Helped me personally very much teaching me how to use the points where all those bonus points were able to celebrate the holiday with the family altogether thank you very very much I still got lots to learn but I learnt a lot from all your posts in the past all the best
Happy Passover


Thanx Dan for everything! Wishing you a beautiful rest of your pesach.


hey @dan
On Groupon they have priority passes for $5. Check out around Lakewood it should pop up