Vacation Notice: Have A Happy Passover!

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The Jewish holiday of Pesach begins tonight and runs through April 13th.

We’ve been sharing content on Pesach in our Instagram stories that you can check out here!

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Pesach is traditionally associated with celebrating our freedom along with family and guests, and I’m thrilled to be back to hosting some 2 dozen people for the Seder tonight. After all, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who would have turned 121 earlier this week, said that the point of the Seder is to bring another guest to your Seder and not just have an extra empty chair.

Or in his sage words,


Whether you’re enjoying Pesach at home, with family, or at a Pesach program, may it be meaningful and joyous. I know I’m looking forward to eating Shmura Matzah, drinking cups of fine wine, and spending lots of quality offline time with friends and family.

With prayers for a kosher, happy, healthy, and safe Pesach, and happy holidays to all.

-Dan and JJ

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Chag Sam each Dan and JJ and to the whole Dan’s deals family


Who helped you with all the cooking for the two dozen people at the seder, especially as most Lubavitchers do not use any commercial products? Was the cooking as good as Rebbetzin Kazin’s? How does one merit an invitation to your seder?