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Update: We are in the process of refreshing the site with new features and a new comment system. Please hang tight while things are being updated!

I’ll be offline, celebrating the Jewish holiday of Shavuos through Monday. There won’t be any site updates or comments published until after the holiday as we disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with our families and the spiritual world.

When I posted a previous vacation notice, a reader emailed me saying,


Not only am I not observant I am not even Jewish.

I have to tell you I have known many observant people during my life. Only since I have been reading your blog have I actually appreciated the sacrifices made by truly observant people.

More power to you.

No matter what the power that be is, he or she, has to appreciate everyone’s faith and those who truly take their faith to heart.

Thank you for enlightening me about your faith and travel ideas.

I always love getting a kind email, but I don’t view observant life as a sacrifice at all, though I can see how it might look that way from the outside.

As I said in the Ami last week, every aspect of it is ultimately rewarding.

These holidays, which are spent far away from the constant noise and distractions from devices that were ostensibly designed to make our lives easier, are the most enjoyable of all. It’s good quality family time that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else on this planet. It’s a forced disconnect period and it’s wonderful.

For my non-Jewish readers, take a day or 2 and turn off your devices and focus on spending quality time with your family without the distractions of your tech devices. You might just make a weekly tradition like I do. 😉

For my Jewish readers, enjoy the holiday, and make it meaningful!


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This is Dan’s shluchis.

Gut Shabbos Gut Yuntif!

Emil T

We love you Dan! Dan for president 2024. Happy holidays m.


Tell us if you find any shul offering aseres hadibros for cheap


Gut Yom tov Dan
קבלת התורה בשמחה ובפנימיות



One reason I’ve always enjoyed taking my family on a cruise.. no work, no phone service, no internet. Just family time.

Nevertheless those time have changed now in that one has to have a smart phone with you always to see from What’s Happening to Dinner checkin and Menus!



That was really some good mussar (ethical lesson)!
We all need to take a step back, and thank Hashem for all the good that’s in our life. And enjoy it for as long as we are here in this earth!

@Dan – was the term rewarding used to tie into ultimate rewards and membership rewards?
(I’m sure you can make a nice drasha (sermon) on “ultimate” rewards and “membership “ rewards)


Love you guys! Hope you have a great shabbos and Yom tov!!


A gut Yumtif dan!
Kabalas Hatorah bsimcha ubepenimious


Love the new layout.
Specially the comments option to view the newest or oldest first!



Lkwd Voter

Can the new features be extolled?


The site isn’t saving my name, email etc.


Please keep the feature of clicking on the picture to get straight to the deal


Seconding this request.

Suggestion box

3rding it


The time of post and comments are way off.
Says 16h when it went on less than hour ago!


I hate the new interface on mobile site☹️… please bring back the old one


Dan, I’m also not a fan of the new view for mobile. The separation of posts by sections is confusing, there is way to much white space on the screen and the writing looks very tiny/is hard to read. If you can please bring back the old interface, or at least give the option to go to legacy view in the settings. Thanks

Alison Vega

Have a restful break from electronics. Please also improve your search feature. I want a search that gets results from within your website. Thank you!


Anyway to post comment without having to scroll past all other comments?


@Dan it looks like the timing is off for everything. My guess is that everything posted is losing the hours and minutes and that it is treating everything as being at midnight, UTC time – which means 8:00 PM yesterday afternoon


anyway to add a feature that numbers the comments?


Numbering the comment, and a separate numbering for replys would be appreciated.


Pls luk what time updates are.
Also can there be a post informing us about the new features?
[And updated when bugs are fixed]


Can there be a post informing us about the new features?
[And updated when bugs are fixed]


Dan ! You’re the best ! Better than all the rest !


Dan – don’t love the new site. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.




If I may say, have the new layout in Mobil version.


Pls have a stickied post updated with the new features as they become live.
Same for bug fixes (for the mobile site).


It used to be that when you clicked on the thumbnail for Amazon deals, you were linked straight to Amazon – any way to bring that back?


Been following you since ctownbochur, I do not like the new format.


Is it just me or is DDF down?


Is this a bug? Site back to old style


Thank you for reverting the UI changes! I can only speak to myself, but the old UI is/was clearer in terms of navigation and readability.
Even though comment threads are a nice concept, they get so deeply nested as to become cumbersome on mobile.
Old way all the way!

Dansdeals is the best!

I like the old style much better the new one was so complicated….