Vacation Notice

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The Jewish holiday of Shavous starts tonight and runs through Tuesday. There won’t be any site updates or comments published until after the holiday as we disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with our families and the spiritual world.

When I posted a previous vacation notice, a reader emailed me saying,


Not only am I not observant I am not even Jewish.

I have to tell you I have known many observant people during my life. Only since I have been reading your blog have I actually appreciated the sacrifices made by truly observant people.

More power to you.

No matter what the power that be is, he or she, has to appreciate everyone’s faith and those who truly take their faith to heart.

Thank you for enlightening me about your faith and travel ideas.

I always love getting a kind email, but I don’t view observant life as a sacrifice at all, though I can see how it might look that way from the outside. Every aspect of it is ultimately rewarding.

These holidays, which are spent far away from the constant noise and distractions from devices that were ostensibly designed to make our lives easier, are the most enjoyable of all. It’s good quality family time that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else on this planet. It’s a forced disconnect period and it’s wonderful.

For my non-Jewish readers, take a day or 2 and turn off your devices and focus on spending quality time with your family without the distractions of your tech devices. You might just make a weekly tradition like I do 😉

For my Jewish readers, enjoy the holiday!


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Chag Sameach!!!


keep spreading positivity…., that’s what holds us people together!