Vacation Notice: The Joys Of Disconnecting

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The Jewish holiday of Sukkos begins tonight. There won’t be any site updates or comments published until the intermediate days begin on Sunday evening and posting will be sporadic until the end of Shemini Atzeres/Simchas Torah on October 8th.

When I posted a vacation notice over a previous Rosh Hashana, a reader emailed me saying,


Not only am I not observant I am not even Jewish.

I have to tell you I have known many observant people during my life. Only since I have been reading your blog have I actually appreciated the sacrifices made by truly observant people.

More power to you.

No matter what the power that be is, he or she, has to appreciate everyone’s faith and those who truly take their faith to heart.

Thank you for enlightening me about your faith and travel ideas.

I always love getting a kind email, but I don’t view observant life as a sacrifice at all, though I can see how it might look that way from the outside. Every aspect of it is ultimately rewarding.

Sure, some parts are challenging, especially when it comes to traveling. But I’ve checked off some awesome bucket list items from snowmobiling among polar bears in the Arctic to kayaking with penguins in Antarctica and from scuba diving among sharks in the Maldives to snorkeling with millions of jellyfish in Palau, all while feasting on gourmet kosher meals. Nothing is impossible if you decide that you want to make it happen! 🙂

These holidays, which are spent far away from the constant noise and distractions from devices that were ostensibly designed to make our lives easier, are the most enjoyable of all. It’s good quality family time that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else on this planet. It’s a forced disconnect period from all of the noise of the world and it’s wonderful.

For anyone who doesn’t already disconnect, take a day or 2 and turn off your phone and focus on spending quality time with your family without the distractions of your tech devices. You might just make a weekly tradition like I do. 😉

For those celebrating Sukkos, enjoy the holiday!

-Dan and JJ

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Good Yom Tov Dan! It is evident that you are not only in this for the $. You seem to enjoy spreading happiness and inspiration. Much appreciated!


Chag Samay’ach!


Hey I need my deals could you stop taking vacation


John, he doesn’t work for you.


I’m sure John was joking. Learn how to take a joke.


Yaakov was also joking back. Learn how to play along with a joke.


Chag Samay’ach


I can’t echo enough the email you got. I visit your site every day and I appreciate everything and click on the credit cards and other ads and other things that hopefully help you out! Have a great time away!


dan no holiday vacations any more?


חג שמח!


Posting from Israel so it’s not yom tov. there are round trip flights tlv nyc tlv for 535 direct




He literally posted about that 3 weeks ago:

Also, from 2 weeks ago:

Now if he could just peer into his crystal ball and tell us when Israel will fully reopen…

G s



Happy Chag
I still can’t for the life of me understand why I keep getting pop ups on my phone of an Andre Agassi video every time on your website. Been happening for a month or longer now.


Have not heard this from anyone else. Try clearing your cache and cookies.


Maybe but I’m using DuckDuckGo app it’s not supposed to store cache or cookies. If I can send you a screen recording when it happens you can see. Just did it again while typing here. Thank you !


Dan we are so worried about you and yours. Waiting for you to come back online, hoping you are safe. Praying to God for all Jews right now.