Tefillin Campaign Updates, Plus Year End Push To Enable Us To Keep Going!

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The past 11 weeks have been an emotional one for us all.

As you likely know, we launched a tefillin campaign on October 9th. Our original goal was to give out 30 pairs, but thanks to incredible support from donations and from men around the world committing to wearing tefillin every day for life, we expanded that goal. When the number of people murdered by Hamas rose to 1,200 we decided to get one pair of tefillin for every soul we lost on Simchas Torah.

Donate to tefillin for men around the world here or donate to IDF solider tefillin here!

Here are some updates from the past 11 weeks:

  • 3,551 Civilian Men committed to start wearing tefillin every day.
  • 5,266 IDF soldiers signed up to receive a pair of tefillin and start wearing them daily.
  • 1,078 pairs of tefillin have already been distributed.
  • 335 additional pairs of tefillin are currently being distributed.
  • 1 dedicated tefillin shop in Israel to work full time, checking and assembling tefillin to support this campaign, allowing us direct control and oversight of the kashrus.
  • 20+ member volunteer team spread across the world have been set up to verify the list of signups and ship/deliver tefillin.
  • 2 full time employees have been hired (via a direct donation) to optimize the impact of the campaign with logistics and connecting signups on the list to local rabbis.
  • 2 Campaigns currently raising money.

As it stands now, we have just about used up the funds raised to produce and distribute the 1,413 pairs we have. To enable us to keep going, please donate and we can continue to produce and distribute tefillin to men who would otherwise not be wearing tefillin, but have committed to putting on for life!

Donate to tefillin for men around the world here or donate to IDF solider tefillin here!

For partnership opportunities, DAF donations, or questions, please email JJ@DansDeals.com

I am very proud to say that 100% of the money raised has gone towards the production of tefillin and distribution (shipping cost) of those tefillin. The price of producing tefillin has gone up over the past 11 weeks and the exchange rate from USD to NIS has actually gone down in value by over 10% as well. With all that said, we have an incredible system in place to ensure the costs are as low as possible and the tzedaka money raised is utilized as best as humanly possible! Even all ads that we ran were only run via a directed donation, and the same goes for our two full time employees. Want to see some of the pairs given out? You can do so on the Tefillin Connection Instagram page here.

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What an amazing project! Kudos to DansDeals for being the real deal, and much more than a deals site.