[Congrats Winners!] Massive DansDeals And ArtScroll $6,500+ Giveaway! Win An Artscroll Shas, Amazing iPad, Every Single ArtScroll Kosher Cookbook, And More!

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Update: Thank you to all who participated! We hope you enjoy our communities and score great deals!

Congratulations to:

  • Shifra K – Set of Shas.
  • Binyomin C. – iPad.
  • David S. – Cookbooks.
  • Akiva J. – Gift Card.

ArtScroll and DansDeals are teaming up for an incredible giveaway!

It’s simple to enter: Join the ArtScroll and DansDeals WhatsApp communities and save the admins phone number! If you are already a community member, you don’t need to join again to be entered into the raffle! Just save 216-302-4839 and 832-637-6724 to your contacts.

  1. Join the ArtScroll WhatsApp community here.
  2. Join the DansDeals WhatsApp community here.

Once you have joined both communities you will automatically be entered to win one of 4 incredible prizes which include:

The signup deadline for this giveaway ends on 1/29 at 11:59pm…so you have just one week to join and be entered to win of these awesome prizes!  

In order to enter, you need to save both ArtScroll’s and DansDeals WhatsApp phone numbers to your contacts. Please save 216-302-4839 and 832-637-6724 to your contacts.

Note: Your phone number will remain totally private and will be visible only to the admin.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

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Essen est zich


Than you sir

In for 1 of each hope they all ship!


I deleted WhatsApp a few months ago which was a very hard step for me… besides not being a part of all those chats now I can’t be in this raffle 🙁


Ashrecha! You’re not missing out.


instead of wasting time on Whatsapp you’ll actually be able to learn from the Artscroll library or cook some scrumptious dishes from the Artscroll Cookbooks!


I put it on my computer way less distracting

Admiring Jew

!!כל הכבוד


What if you’re a member of the first Dansdeals group with a different phone number? Do you have to save the different Dan’s Deals number that is posted here?


Tosfos asks your question. (See BDD [Bava Dans Deals] 34b2)

Zeyr gut gezuckt

Ha ha ha.


Artscroll link not working


Both links are not working
They just show loading….


Try on a phone that has Whatsapp?


Lol. Of course I did..
I am part of your group already since the inception and was trying to join Artscroll…
I clicked on your link as well just to see..


Working for me.


I’m still having the same issue as well. Just says loading. I’m in dansdeals group already but can’t get into artscroll.


Text a friend of yours with an android phone that ISN’T PART of those groups and ask him to click on these links…
Let us know what he says…


I joined artscroll. Worked fine.


I’d be happy to score the $500 card, it can go to two of the same book,so I can learn chavrusa.


In for both. Two great places to be.


Dansdeal link isn’t working…. just shows loading

Binyamin C.

Thank you Dan, JJ, & Artscroll!


Shifra wins the shas? David wins the cookbook?Even if men cook do we use a cookbook?


Shifra is looking for a Chavruta learning Daf Yomi if anybody is interested.


Mazel tov to the winners!!!