Goodbye To Google Feedburner Emails

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For well over a decade, tens of thousands of DansDeals readers have received a daily email digest from Google’s Feedburner, with all of the deals that were posted during the previous 24 hours.

It wasn’t without its issues. Just about every day, some readers would email back asking why a deal was dead, when they just received the email about the deal. That’s because we didn’t have any control over which deals it sent out, it just included everything posted. And Feedburner had a mind of its own, so it would send out automated emails on Shabbos even when we would request time slots that avoided that, leading to people asking why we were online on Shabbos.

Of course there are several ways to get instant alerts of deals, but people stayed subscribed to and opened the daily emails.

Alas, Google has now killed off the daily Feedburner emails. It’s a good reminder that Google’s free services all seem to have a lifespan, the only question is how long that lifespan will be.

If you know of any good solutions for the more than 32,000 DansDeals readers who were subscribed to daily emails, I’m all ears. Feel free to comment or pitch me a solution at

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Set up an email server in your basement? 😉

Barry Schwartz

Yea, I moved shortly after Google announced it. I just went with something custom but most people I know use Mailchimp.


@Dan – Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Elementor plug-in


Constant contact is marked as Spam for many people.


Constant contact is the worse service ever, the company that will never let you off their lists




set up a task scheduler


You can try they have 3 different tiers basic, cool, and super-cool. Take a look at They also have a way of excluding tags or keywords, which could help with filtering out expired deals.


Do you have WhatsApp alerts? I Much prefer that to groupme


Dansdeals has WhatsApp statuses

Asking for a friend

How do I join the WhatsApp status


it does?


It’s time to update this outdated website


your telegram channel is best solution ever – we are in a mobile world people!


Yes , Telegram is the best and fastest notifications.

Check out this kosher version of telegram.


Thank you! I actually was looking for something like this..makes sense as it is open source was only a matter of time

Shofar Sam

Madmini is a more affordable option than mailchimp and very customizable is more budget friendly but it takes over your list


I’ve used Sendgrid and MailChimp.


Add it to the list:


Google groups has a daily digest option. The should around here still use it. User controls how often they receive the emails…(individually, grouped, or daily)


I use