Follow My Israel Trip Live On Instagram Stories!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Since October 7th, I’ve been longing to return to Israel. I’m currently on my way there aboard a United flight and will be sharing trip highlights live.

Join along by following @DansDeals on Instagram for the latest posts and story updates. Stories disappear 24 hours after they’re posted. I’ve already reviewed the incredible Polaris lounge there, complete with delicious kosher food and wine.

My brother JJ will keep posting great bargains while I’m traveling, though I’ll be sure to share some posts as well.

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40 Comments On "Follow My Israel Trip Live On Instagram Stories!"

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Is there a way to follow the trip if i dont have a ig account?


Following the thread


Instagram is free to set up


some people avoid social media so the cost isn’t the issue


Chaim, it’s possible to use social media for the purposes of your preference. I use Facebook to access my shul, children’s yeshiva, sites like Dans Deals. Something to consider…


Basically your ruchniyus life is leading you to use social media…sad! Also I think most people would disagree that it’s possible to use for your preferences it’s designed to be addictive. Something to consider…


Has nothing to do with richniyus or gashmius. If you can’t control yourself, stay off of it. I’ve never had an issue with addiction on social media.


I do not think thats where it stops. Either way our gedolim have not permitted social media for any use. Every person will have a din and chesbon for his actions. I am sorry if am being too strong. I am simply looking at this as someone giving another an idea to take drugs!


So your personal Rav and community has one way of thought and life. My community is different than yours. I’m familiar with a multitude of Torah based organizations having a social media presence. I respect your way of life, but it’s enough already with this talk of dinim and chesbonim. Maybe campaign yourself again the Agudah, Yeshiva World News, Yeshiva University, and a multitude of frum shuls, summer camps, and yeshivas who use social media.


this guy is shteiging
your a true role model


Actually…. your right social media is dangerous


Agree. I have chosen to not have any social media apps but would still like to follow your trip reports


Any way to see/follow your trip without Instagram?


We thought you went for Purim!!!!!!

A Yid

Rabbi Dan, any way to follow your trip other than Instagram?




Miss the days when trip reports were here on the the site


where do you find the meetups ?


Safe travels! Enjoy!


@satturn here- would love to take you on another tour in the old city- I have some great new options! @secretsoftheoldcity

DDF Member

Hey DAN can u also post in DDF for those without Instagram


I would love to be able to hear about your trip on a non-social media site!! Please make it possible!!


does it have to be instagram or other options to follow


Dan, JJ, Like many have pointed out, many many of your followers do not use Instagram, and would greatly appreciate getting the updates on the site.


Get instagram to view Dans Deals. You aren’t obligated to also look at Tailor Swift’s Instagram.


Some people prefer to not have social media.
And it’s TAYLOR Swift, tzaddik.

Me too

A other non instagram user here who would love to hear abt your trip!!!!

samuel rosenberger

Dan, would be nice if you can share your Israel trip with your many followers who so gladly & faithfully heed to daas torah and refrain from using social media.


My daas Torah have shiurim, minyan schedules, and photos from shul/yeshiva events on their social media account. I’m sorry that you can’t control yourself and go down the Schmutz barrel online


would you let your kid be on social media?


Every time the word instagram or tik tok or any other social media site is mentioned here a bunch of you get all triggered and “das torah” and shitadik- how bout you stay off social media and stop telling everyone about it. do your thing and just relax gosh, y do i have to scroll thru 19 posts saying verbatim the exact same thing


Who exactly is getting triggered here?


I do not use social media as I feel it hurts my life quality, But “neither do I follow peoples meals & trips or anything they do” for the same reason. So If you chose a life without Instagram/social media, go for it all the way. Something that belongs on Instagram is not for you.. Don’t try to get from the back door.
Remember it’s the decision YOU(I) made.


This 100%.


Dan, will there be a follower meeting in Ramat Eshkol?


Would love to know, as I’m also in Israel now till after shabbos


I wish i could follow your trip, but i dont have insta 🙁

Cant wait for your TR on the main site!

Another non instagram user



I’d say the majority of frum Jews use social media. It’s 100% if you and your community doesn’t


it depends what you consider frum…