Follow Me To The Holy Land And My First Time Flying El Al!

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After a long COVID hiatus, we are finally headed back the holy land. I’m especially excited as I’ll be flying El Al for my first time!

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My brother JJ will keep posting great bargains while I’m traveling, though I’ll be sure to share some posts as well.

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45 Comments On "Follow Me To The Holy Land And My First Time Flying El Al!"

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Bon voyage!

Harley Kesselman

Have fun and a safe trip!


Let us know how the ArtScroll iPads and minyanim work out!!

John Beckingham

Urghhh just fly united. Been hearing such bad things about the quality of el al flights lately.


Just go for yourself and experince it lol… its quite fun at the end of the day. Yes, with all their shenanigans.


I’m sure Dan will be well taken care of 😉

Have an enjoyable and meaningful trip!


Safe travels and shalom! First DD’er actually excited to fly elal…


Can you disclose whether it’s a comped trip or if you are paying (miles)?


Dan, I think they need you urgently in the Knesset 🙂


Let’s see if you come back with United?

Dan fan

Do you mean that your actually flying without points ???


Why without points?
I just flew Johannesburg to Tel Aviv in business by transferring AMEX points to Qantas. 75000 points and £29.59.
Amazing bargain, flawless booking experience and it was a really enjoyable flight


Enjoy wearing your mask for 12 hrs




I was just on an 8 hour flight from JNB-TLV this past Tuesday.
I don’t think I saw a mask the entire journey


Israel dropped the flights mask mandate May 23. Maybe from a place like Canada which still requires them you’d need to wear getting on the plane at least but I dont think they’d enforce after that on ElAl.


Why LY this time and how did you book?


Probably called his wonderful travel agent concierge and gave them his name, DOB, CC number, dates, and preferred class of travel. How else does one who values their time book a ticket?


I wonder if you will get the real ELAL experience.


Elal jingle. A second to learn, a lifetime on hold to master.

Nuch a Yid

A lifetime? No way! Seconds to master as well.
An earworm the likes of which only Kars4Kids can beat.


One of the leading causes of hara kiri worldwide.


Whenever I am on hold and am forced to listent to that music, I wonder if it is better to be homeless!!!!


What are the ingredients of an offer, the likes of which are irrefusable?


INTERNAL MEMO: All ELAL crew members, please leave your uniforms in the galley and move away from any branded aircraft.

Our partners at Emirates are loaning us a full staff for the next few weeks, until it’s safe for us to display our trademark rudeness again. For now, we can’t trust ourselves to not screw up, so we are outsourcing our service to those who can.

Hope you understand, and please use your free time to polish up your screaming-at-charaidim skills. You’ll need them as soon as Mr. Eleff is safely back at his Cleveland computer, where he will hopefully continue to pick on American Airlines.

The Executives of ELAL


I think the pilot checks myzmanim for davening times. Then when the time comes he jiggles the yoke, announces “turbulence”, and puts on the seat belt signs.




Dan elal is the best trust me I did all delta united aa only elal in business class they are the best !!!
The best food they try the best service and for sure the best seat !!!


I’ve (almost) aways been happy on elal service wise.
True, Matmid is useless, but look what just happened with United.
Have never been super impressed with United. Correct feeling is basically dunno loyalty find the best gate and go.
(Platinum or 1K over 20 yrs)


LOL, lot’s of funny comments here.

But Dan, you MUST do whatever you can to secure one of those VIP line-cutting services at TLV coming back. Although lots of reports about them failing to deliver as promised recently… Maybe Fattal Terminal?

ElAl flyer

Worked perfectly for me in February. Soooo worth it!
Used them for arrival too. I dont fly business but splurge on this. Especially a good deal with a family since it’s for up to 6 people.


Which one do u recommend?


This passenger must be cared for at all costs. The future of the airline depends on it.

Jared Kushner

Did we go on the same flight?


How is it possible you of all people have never flown ElAl before?!




It is frankly pathetic.


Literally just landed in LAX from TLV on El AL. For both this leg as well as the outbound leg LAX to TLV, I experienced outstanding service. The flight attendants were courteous, respectful, and very easy going about the minyanim. The food was quite good, as well. On this inbound leg I was in Premium Economy class, but even on the outbound leg in Economy, I found the seats and the plane on general to be quite comfortable. I would definitely fly them again.


Ahh missed this.. I would have given you shlicah mitzvah money when we came in from CLE


DDF link for this trip?


Health Insurance for traveling to israel:
Does anyone know if it’s required to obtain a health insurance policy for travel to israel?
Is it recommend?
@dansdeals what did you do?


Not required to show for entry.
but DEFINATELY should always have travel insurance when you travel anywhere outside your country. If cv”s something happens, costs can be astronomical. Your credit card likely has coverage for some period of time, so check it and how to access if needed.

Chaim Ber Finkelstein

Comped flight? It’s definitely worth it for them


IMO, El Al has the most beautiful planes in the world – the external paint job. Every time I see one at the airport my heart skips a beat and I long for Israel.

Since you’re a foodie, my favorite falafel of all time is “4 Falafel” on Slomo Ibn Gabriol 93, in Tel Aviv.

But word to the wise, once you go there every falafel from then on will be disappointing:(