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You can now join our community here where you number remains private and you will receive all our deals!

We have started a new WhatsApp beta deal alert notification service, if you would like to join please click this link here, send the pre-filled message, and follow the sign up instructions. Please allow at least 24 hours until you start receiving the new notifications.This does not replace instant twitter alerts. You will receive a roundup of deals every few hours and hopefully hot deals as soon as they come out. This system is still in beta testing. We are also testing statuses on WhatsApp to be posted as soon as deals go live.

THIS WILL NOT REPLACE instant alerts of all deals by signing up on Twitter for SMS messages or push notifications from the Twitter app. You can learn how to receive instant text message notifications here.

Detailed sign up instructions:

Signing up is simple.

1. Click this link from your phone or WhatsApp Web device.

2. Save the number to your contacts and then send the pre-filled message. For example you can save it as DansDeals Notifications Beta.

On Android phones to save the contact simply click the “Add” button highlighted below, on Apple phones you must add the contact by clicking on the phone number and selecting “Create New Contact”.

Android phones:

Apple phones:

First click on the phone number:

Then add the contact to your phone:

If you do not save this number as a contact you will not receive messages.

Once that is complete you can send the pre-filled message. Please allow at least 24 hours until you start receiving the new notifications.

We would love your feedback, you can leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the sign up process and deal format you will be receiving. We will be changing how often alerts go out, how many deals will be included in each alert, etc.

This will be a deals roundup a few times a day and will hopefully be able to send out all hot deals as they come up, so don’t unsubscribe from any other DansDeals alerts you may already have in place.

We would love to send out all deals with their own message as soon as they go live, but unfortunately WhatsApp limits that capability. It’s challenging to find a Whatsapp solution that will be able to handle tens of thousands of subscribers, so if you have any better Whatsapp solutions please email JJ at

Thank you!

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FANTASTIC- the twitter alerts seemed to be hit or miss…any chance you’ll just have regular text alerts in the future?


Do you have a Twitter account or are you using fast-follow?
The most reliable alerts are push notifications from the Twitter app:


Push notification via Twitter is not reliable enough. It often also breaks the mssg into multiple mssgs which make it even harder (incomplete links etc)


He has text alerts..


This is great stuff. Thanks


“Alerts will be sent out for select deals only.”
Are you able to elaborate a little? Which type of deals will and which won’t?


How do you select categories?


You’ll get a message


Will the deals posted on WhatsApp be any different from the twitter/text ones? Or will it come faster?


green wattsapp button on my phone does not open to any page.


I did it in Safari. First time the link didn’t work, but I tried it again and it was fine.

Moshe Eshel

Your Telegram channel is pretty awesome IMHO, is this going to be different? same alerts? or is this because Telegram isn’t gaining enough traction yet?


Do you have a link to the telegram?



Telegram is blocked by most filters (for a good reason!). WhatsApp isn’t.


Followed all the instructions, but didn’t get an option to select categories. Did I miss something?


Do it in safari not Twitter app


+1 little symbol on the bottom right will open the page in safari

Na Nach

Post as a status, if number is saved all scan view

Karen Behfar

I don’t check my status consistently as I have a ton but a direct message I’ll see

Joe s

I did all that was required …. saved number to my contacts . And set the message. But nothing else is happening


Same here


Same here iphone, ios12 no welcome messaage.


Worked perfectly on my iPhone iOS 12


instagram is the where you need to be on. whatsapp is a waste of time imo


Whatsapp is best for me


Great idea.
I followed the instructions, but o didn’t get the option to choose a category. Did I miss something?


I had to copy the link and paste it into Chrome (iphone X), it did not work in the Twitter browser. Got it set up, very excited, thank you!

Mr g

Bit confused here if I am getting notifications via twitter/text message any reason in signing up for this?


Is there a better solution on receiving push notifications on new forum threads? Tapatalk doesn’t work and i never receive the emails


How do I choose a category?


It was challenging to add the contact on the computer since the dialog box didn’t show up and I had to do it on my phone. Also, it opened in a browser window, not the whatsapp program which was already running on my computer.


i followed the instructions, but i didnt get the option to choose a category


Feedback: AWESOME!!


How do you choose the categories?


Without looking at the product. Ok is a recognized hechsher. The D would depend on how you hold for standards of cholov yisroel.


If you only eat Cholov Yisroel, then no.


Like many here, I didn’t get the welcome message either.


Followed exact instructions but didn’t get categories selection message


I never got an “add” button


didnt get ant reply message. nada.


I didn’t get a welcome message.


It’s a bit confusing once I add you to my contacts nothing happens I just get a message “*Click “Add” above to save this number to your contacts* and then click send this message to start receiving alerts”

There is no link that pops up in your messages.


Didn’t get welcome message. Android. Added to contacts


Android. Added the contact then sent the message. No response

Dubin Gershon

Open whatsapp green button doesn’t go anywhere


Will there be any alerts that I can’t get via telegram or will it be quicker?


i got the welcome message

will it come as a status or as a measage?


How do I sign up to get text messages to my phone?


Still no response using an iPhone


Just got the auto reply


Working for me


No welcome message either. Android


Sometimes when I get a Twitter or Telegram alert and click on it I get a 404 error on the site. Is that a known issue? Should I report it next time it happens?


Not working also did the category thing. iPhone 8. Seems like iPhone the problem?


LOVE THIS! I prefer WhatsApp messages over all sorts of message apps.


Worked for me! S9+ on Verizon (Android)


Welcome message came an hour after I sent my initial message.


FInally just got the message, hope the alerts come faster otherwise I’ll miss out……..


Got message instantly with sign up (iPhone) but subsequent dans deal posts did not come through. Did you start sending regular posts through what’s app yet or still testing it out?


I’m glad that this is being offered. I used to get the Twitter alerts via text, but for some reason they’ve completely stopped and despite turning off mobile notifications and then turning them on again, still not receiving anything. Very frustrating. Perhaps Sprint stopped allowing the messages to come through for some reason? Anyone else have this issue?


Signed up without a hitch, on both WhatsApp numbers (US and Israeli). We shall see how it goes. Thank you so much!!


This is great! I hope it works well.


I joined last night and am not getting this mornings alerts.


And the contact is saved as per the directions


Got it!


Actually, I only got the crocs Post. Nothing after.


I would like to get the texts in real time when they are originally posted- not 1 long one.


Signed up. You guys know your market’s technological limits well


Did Telegram stop existing?


doesnt work for me


Got the crocs message twice. Any idea why?
@jj @dan is there a dedicated ddf thread for this?


Why doesn’t it let me click on the green whatsapp button?


Worked fine for me. I’m using a Motorola phone. I opened WhatsApp Web on my computer because I have a filter which blocks all browsers on my phone. Did not see how to add as a contact from Whatsapp Web, but I hit send on the message that is pre-programmed (‘Click “Add” above to save this number…’) and received the welcome message. Then logged ouut of WhatsApp Web and saved the number in my phone regularly. I had the option to add the number as a contact from my phone, so I assume it is a WhatsApp computer thing that doesn’t allow you to add it. Thank you for this! Looking forward to great deals!


Worked like a charm. Excited!


How can we unsubscribe I already get the tweets as a text message and these WhatsApp’s come ways later.. no need for both


Installed and have been receiving the messages. I know there’s a lot of deals but maybe something like a Twitter format would work( not sure how annoying that would be for JJ) and each deal sent individually.


I check 99% of my deals from WhatsApp so this is perfect for me. Thank you!


Hey Dan, JJ and minions,
Very excited about the whatsapp notifications. Personally, I would prefer having deals sent out as they happen. No need to group.
Thanks for all


What happens if I call through WhatsApp can I speak to dan


just letting anyone whos interested know: when I pulled up whatsapp/web and tried to save the number all I did was manually save the number onto my phone and it saved and I sent the msg. It went fine


About a better solution you could try twilio API for WhatsApp


JJ – I’d like if you can make a notification setting for hot deals only. Many people including myself aren’t interested in getting messages for every last deal, but something that you post as hot or price mistake, I’d definitely be interested.


I liked this, I didn’t take advantage very often but it was great getting messages. I’m not a heavy twitter user because I need to use for work purposes and having multiple twitter feeds is too complicated. (I just use occasionally for eg ihg 5k type offers)


I really like the concept of being able to get certain notifications based on category, but not all. I have been getting too many notifications. I just have no use for certain categories. Thanks! You guys are the best.


Similar to what S said above, would it be possible for people to file deals not only by “sale” or “credit card points”, but also what the deal is for, e.g. electronics, kitchen appliances, baby supplies, etc.?


The first WhatsApp did t work at all.. the second one that you canceled today actually
Worked for the most part and came through a split second before my text from tweet..


Personally, I liked the WhatsApp option. Agree, it should be for exceptional hot deals only, otherwise I can wait until I get your email. Easier to keep track of then a regular text msg because that would get lost as more texts come in. Granted, I’ve probably missed some Israel flight deals because I don’t have Twitter, but truly don’t want to add it because I get too easily distracted. That’s why this msg works for me, it’s just the present deal, end of story.


I’m sorry that you are stopping the WhatsApp service. I was very happy with it. I don’t use Twitter on a regular basis so the WhatsApp option was awesome.


the best would be if you could send the deals through whatsapp status, the only way this could work out


Whatsapp was great easy signup and got Lora of notifications. Definitely my preferred contact method


I would love to get all the same notifications you send out on Twitter and text on WhatsApp. I don’t have Twitter on my phone and I don’t like the way the text works.
If you can at least add this as an option for the WhatsApp alerts I’d really appreciate it.


The whatsapp notifications were amazing!! You guys are amazing!

David Reiter

I actually liked it even though it was a bit redundant with push notifications
I’m looking forward to 2.0


loved this service, sad to see it go. much cleaner and easier to track than the twitter updates, and much quicker than texts


Version 2.0 is much better than the previous version. Love the new update.


Love it. Please WhatsApp the hot especially smoking hot deals and price mistakes in real time, the rest of regular deals I can wait for the Roundup text.


I don’t see the link to click on from my phone?


I got welcome message and saved to contacts, but I have replied with “Yes” “yes” and “Category” and am not receiving any follow-ups.


Added a 216 number, not an international one.


I just signed up – this is a great idea! When can I cancel my email subscription? Can you do it for me and confirm. I await your reply. Thanks and best regards!


Are the alerts coming in the form of whatsapp status?


Whatsapp status is something I’d enjoy


@dan Hope you have a system for this. I know this platform has broadcasting features as well as other features that can be triggered by external API. Might work for you guys. (I use this for my business)