ATTN Beta App Testers: We Are Still Fixing Kinks With Notifications, Thank You For Bearing With Us!

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Update 11/26: Thank you to the now 6,000 of you who have downloaded our app from 176 countries!

We are aware that the same title is being shared multiple times. When it is shared again, there is actually a post update happening, but the app notifications are not pulling the new title. We are working on fixing this ASAP.

Thank you and happy shopping.

This post is only for the some 400 of you that downloaded our app yesterday and previous beta testers.

We have not launched it on our site yet as we wanted to test it first with a few hundred users and iron out any kinks.

Today the app has been sending notifications multiple times. This is being worked on by our developers and will hopefully be fixed soon.

In the meantime we appreciate you using our app and we welcome any feedback.

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Dan & JJ

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15 Comments On "ATTN Beta App Testers: We Are Still Fixing Kinks With Notifications, Thank You For Bearing With Us!"

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Another issue, clicking on the picture opens it in the middle of the entire page, so need to scroll down to actually view it.


And then we get multiple notifications for this post 🙂


App works well
I didn’t try the custom alerts but overall the alerts seem to be released faster than on telegram


I have not received multiple notifications but some of the notifications are coming in now more than 5 minutes after I get notified on Whatsapp or GroupMe

Bored Bachur

I’ll get a notification and when I click on it the page opens in the app, but when I leave that page on the app and go back to main screen, I don’t see that post for another few mins even if I refresh the page a couple times


How can I only get notifications for Hot , smoking , hurry etc?


Just opt into notifications but dont subscribe to anything.


Is it possible to make the WhatsApp links open to the app instead of the browser?


In the works!


So all of us downloaded the app are considered beta testers or is there a way to actually sign up to join the beta and test out new features and big fixes etc?


We hope to have a beta opt-in in the future, but it’s all beta for now.


Great, it’ll be opt-in through the Play Store?


I got WhatsApp and Telegram notifications quicker than the app