Win The Sterling Silver 925 Hazorfim Candlesticks Of Your Choice! Donate To Our Tefillin Campaign And Automatically Be Entered!

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Update 2/18 at 10pm: The winner has been chosen and emailed, he will have 24 hours to reply before we choose a different winner. I will update this post once the winner has been confirmed. 

You can, of course, still donate to our civilian or soldier campaigns here!

Update 2/18: The drawing for the Hazorfim Candlesticks of your choice will take place tonight! Be sure to donate to our civilian or soldier tefillin campaigns before 8:59pm tonight to automatically be entered. 

Candlestick Raffle Update:

All donors to our civilian or soldier campaigns will automatically be entered into a Raffle to win a pair of candlesticks of their choice from Hazorfim, an Israeli based company since 1952. The drawing will happen this Sunday 2/18. So be sure to donate before 2/18 at 8:59pm to be entered to win.

Campaign Update:

Donate to tefillin for men around the world here or donate to IDF solider tefillin here!

This campaign started with one tweet giving away one pair of tefillin, grew to us giving away 30 pairs, and then turned into a campaign to get one pair of tefillin for every soul we lost on Simchas Torah.

I am so proud to be able to report that we have BH passed our original goal of 1,200 pairs of tefillin!

Thanks to everyone’s incredible generosity and support for Israel and the safety of Jews worldwide, we have been able to distribute 1,611 pairs of tefillin to date! To put that into perspective, that is over 500,000 tefillin wrapped yearly. 

We want this to continue to grow, and to that end, we will be building a website for Tefillin Connection where you will be able to donate tefillin knowing 100% of the proceeds go directly towards sending a pair of tefillin to a Jewish man who has committed to wearing it daily for life.

The idea for the name Tefillin Connection came from our forums, and the message is beautiful; we are making a connection between the donor, the man who starts to wear tefillin daily, Hashem and his mitzvos, and the protection and zechus it brings for all of klal Yisroel.

48 Hours Matching Campaign:

A DansDeals reader reached out saying that in honor of Zayin Adar Alef, Moshe Rabeinu’s Yartzeit, he wants to match 100 pairs of tefillin, but only for the next 48 hours. The next $25,000 in donations will be doubled, enabling us to deliver tefillin to 100 Yidden across the world who have committed to start wearing every day but do not have the financial means to purchase their own paid!

Double your donation here until 2/17 at 11:59pm ET!

If you donate $250 that will sponsor one pair of tefillin.

Now it’s up to everyone to donate and let’s get more soldiers tefillin!

We have a list of over 2,000 men around the world who are requesting to start wrapping tefillin daily; the only thing holding those soldiers back from wearing tefillin is the money to buy them. You can sponsor a pair here for just $250 right now!

If you would like to join as a partner in this campaign or donate via DAF please email All donations are tax-deductible.

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Dave g

I don’t support murder of woman and children


Seemingly, it sounds like you do.

Capt. Obvious

Amazing, thank you for telling us that. I’m pretty sure all the readers here agree with you.


Fascinating, for most of us here that’s all that we do – Murder woman (sic) and children.
I cant imagine why you would be so negative


Neither does anyone on this website.

Common sense

Nobody does, weirdo. Except Hamas, and their supporters like you


Neither does anyone on this website.

Projecting much?


Same here!

That gives me another reason to donate. By donatting to Tefillin Connection, it’ll bring a victorious end to this war, it’ll bring us to a better place, more peace in the middle east and less murder of women and children!


Wearing tefilin = murder of woman and children?
Seems like you support murder of men why’s that so?


Do you support the abuse of young Jewish hostage women and girls on a daily basis? Because that is who we are trying to save. We are also trying to ensure that the genocide by Hamas of the Jewish people never happens again so you will be able to benefit from the Jewish people who run this site.

Enjoy your judginess from the comfort of your couch.


What a beautiful campaign. MKY


2/17 is Shabbos. Is this a mistake? As far as I know, you can pledge money to tzedakah on Shabbos but you can’t donate online…


I agree I don’t support anyone supporting a country that is borderline genocide but I know many people do and that’s your choice.

Points to ponder

Curious, you told what you dont support, but what is it that you do support? I’m assuming it’s a peace loving giver to the world, instead of a destructive taker from the world?


Forget about murdering women and children.

How are Teffilin so cheap? $250!!! That’s only $500 for rashi and r”t!!!


Can I get this deal if I already donated??