Thank You For Helping Us Raise Money For 100 Pairs Of Tefillin For IDF Soldiers Today!

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Update 12/31 at 10:30pm: The matching grant has been fully met with 100 pairs of tefillin being donated today for IDF soldiers! If you’d like to run a matching campaign, please email

There are still thousands of soldiers signup to start wearing tefillin daily, give them the gift of tefillin today!

A DansDeals reader reached out, that he wants to match 100 pairs of tefillin, but only for the next 24 hours. The next $30,000 in donations will be doubled enabling us to deliver tefillin to 100 IDF soldiers!

Double your donation here until 12/31 at 11:59pm ET!

If you donate $300 that will sponsor one pair of tefillin.

We have been working directly with the IDF on our campaign and we even received a letter, here is an excerpt from it:

For those wondering who Yonatan is, he is an amazing person who has been running the tefillin sourcing, delivery, and more for the campaign since the start.

Now it’s up to everyone to donate and let’s get more soldiers tefillin!

This soldier transport was bombed and with 14 soldiers inside of it, miraculously all 14 survived with only 2 minor injuries. But two of the soldiers had their tefillin burned in the attack.

Through our IDF program, they were able to receive new tefillin and are already back in Gaza wrapping those tefillin daily:

This soldier reached out that he wants to start wrapping tefillin in honor of his friend who was killed while they were in battle together. We were able to get him a pair that he is now wrapping daily:

We have given out tefillin to over 450 soldiers and we have a list of over 5,000 who are requesting to start wrapping tefillin daily, the only thing holding those soldiers back from wearing tefillin is the money to buy them. You can sponsor a pair here for just $300 right now!

If you would like to join as a partner in this campaign or donate via DAF please email

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Is it possible to get the name of the chayal who gets the tefillin that we donate – so that we can davven for them?

Mi Kiamcha Yisroel!

I am crying right now and just overcome with how amazing klal Yisroel is…


How do we know if the double match is still active or has the limit been exhausted? How can we tell since the website makes no mention like the other campaign which showed 2x?

Mi Kiamcha Yisroel!

Just give your 300 (or any amount) and you will see it doubled..
I just saw my donation now just doubled…
And even if you give after the matching campaign is done? They will still value and use your donation for Tefilin…I am sure of it


Hi dan. bH I donated a pair of tefillin back in October. I cannot seem to find any email correspondence or a tax deductible receipt. Can you please help? Tizku Lmitzvos.