[Final Day To Extend Certificates?] Marriott Won’t Be Further Extending Certificates, Have You Used Yours?

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Update, 12/4/23: Marriott has been extending free night certificates on a case-by-case basis, especially when there was a medical reason you couldn’t use yours and the expiration date is close-in.

However, Frequent Miler reports that Marriott as of tomorrow you will no longer be able to extend any Marriott certificates.

DDF member BAHayman was first denied extending his expiring certs, but after a 3rd HUCA was able to find a rep that confirmed they could still extend AMEX certs today, but won’t be able to tomorrow. It’s unclear if that means this change is only for AMEX issued certs or for all certs, but if you do have expiring certs, call Marriott at 800-535-4028 to try to have them extended!

Originally posted on 6/23/22:

Marriott has been extending free night certificates, such as the anniversary nights that come with their credit cards, since the early days of the pandemic.

But with travel booming, that is coming to an end.

Marriott confirmed to DansDeals that they will not be extending free night certificates again, meaning that many certificates will expire on 6/30/22.

While Marriott normally allows for a year extension on certificates, if your certificate has already been automatically extended, it won’t be eligible for another extension.

The good news is that you are able to top-off certificates with up to 15K points in order to stay in more hotels than you were previously able to.

You can view your Marriott certificates here.

Do you have remaining certificates expiring on 6/30? Where will you use them?

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I was able to extend mine. I just did it yesterday

Barry fish

Please share the secret


How did you do it. I called three times and they said no


I am titanium elite member if that helps


Tried, denied


Best 35k redemption in the nyc area?


Envue in Weehawken imo


I used one at Envue – Autograph Collection in Weehawken last week. Nice location.


Stayed here once. Nice modern place. Front desk gave some BS excuse for no upgrading even though app showed availability. Was pretty rude actually. Really small room. Overall enjoyed though. Exercise room. Small indoor pool as well.


I have free nights expiring 6/30. Do I need to stay in a marriot prior to 6/30 or book before 6/30?

Different Dan

Called up yesterday after booking a room with an expiring certificate and asked to add a guest to the reservation who would be using the room and they even said no to THAT. They’re non-transferable and the Loyalty department said no as well, and further, that from the very top of the organization they’ve been issued an order to not extend any of them anymore. I’m a Gold Elite (thanks AMEX Platinum) and the person I was trying to book for is an Ambassador. Didn’t help. They agreed to cancel my reservation without penalty but I don’t think I’ll have another opportunity to use that one before the end of the month.


HUCA. Had the same experience but a different rep did it for me no problem


I had booked for myself rooms under my bosses certificates and ended up paying out of pocket and spending 2 hours fighting with them one the phone from 1am – 3am with little kids in the car. They were super unhelpful and the front desk in San Diego area were super nasty. She was literally just there as a dummy and said she can’t do anything more than give us a key to our room only if the name matches the reservation. We paid out of pocket cuz she said the manager will take care of switching the reservation to my name so I can use my points in the morning and he was extremely nasty and unhelpful. Marriot agents on the phone were also super unhelpful and all but one were nasty.


Does that mean the certificate has to be used by 6/30 or just a reservation needs to be made by then but the reservation can be for after 6/30?




“While Marriott normally extends certificates for one year”

Does this mean the 5 free night certificates from the Boundless SUB can probably be extended to two years?


Can you get the certificates as points instead?


Do you have to use the certificate by 6/30/22 or just book by then? Also, do other certificates automatically extend for a year or do you have to call them? I don’t see a number for them.


I have had a hard time finding use for them… will likely have them expire.


Is this only for certs that were already extended or also new ones?


Any update on the Hilton Certs expiring on 7/1?


Gave mine to a local kollel family that hasn’t gone away in a very long time.


Nice and impressive. Most people would just let theirs expire but you definetly did the right thing!!!


Please be careful as you don’t want them to have to pay out of pocket. Happened to me and was a nightmare.


I called a few times and they refuse to extend them. There’s also chalukay dayos on if and how to give them to someone else. Between my wife and I we have 4 that expire 6/30. Guess we’re just out of luck


I have 5. Couldn’t get them extended so I am using them for a Marriott here in town that has a decent pool. Grandkids can swim there and gets me closer to Gold status. Need just 4 more nights.


IHG and Hotels.com have extended the free nights expiring on June 30th 2022 to December 31, 2022. IHG gave credit of 25,000 points for each expiring night on December 2021.
But Marriott has not given any option like that. If I want staycation then pets are not allowed.


If they don’t expire on 6/30 then does that mean that they weren’t extended yet?


how do I know if my cert was previously extended?


Dan i see that i have 3 Certificates that’s expiring on 6/30/22
1) can i combined all 3 on 1 stay?
2) can i book and use in for a future date?


1) yes


Thank you so much for reminding me I forgot I had 2 accounts!


had mine extended today

can a fna award of 50k be applied to 2 nights if total is 50k for example ?




Staying at the Sheraton Eatontown tonight. 28k points (yes, it did hurt to have to “lose” the 7k but better then nothing). Nice beach weather in Deal tomorrow.


weather is not for beach that’s for sure


Was perfect use of my certificate for a small last minute getaway. Went to LBK for supper then to hotel. Kids went swimming in evening and morning (indoor and outdoor pool). At checkout went to Broad Street Dough Co. followed by Slices then Deal beach. Recommend all.


Note: The value of your certificate must cover the entire
point value for the redemption night. At this time, you
cannot combine points and your certificate to cover the
required point value.

This is what it says under my certificate. Where does it say you can add up to 15k points?


I want to use 1 for an August stay for 45k points. Is it better to buy a 50k cert or a 35k with top up?


Look at the prices that people are selling them for. Go with the cheaper option.


Do you have to check out by 6/30, or can you check in on 6/30 for check out on 7/1?

Also, can certs expiring in July that were not previously extended still be extended by calling in, and if so, for 6 or 12 months?


Was wondering the same!


I have a res for checkout on 7/1, worked fine.


How were people getting their 6/30 certs? Tried to do that but was flat out told no.


how do I know if my cert was previously extended?


Earlier this month, I (Plat) used up five certificates. My wife (Gold) used five. All at the same resort. We had end-to-end reservations, so stayed for a total of ten nights. We added a nominal amount of points with the expiring 35k certificates (1 each). Both sets of reservations had to be made as individual nights rather than each of us having just one folio.
Attempting to book directly on their site for five nights displayed the dreaded no certificates accepted for the stay(s). We both used very helpful people on the loyalty desk who broke out both reservations and completed the booking. My representative even located an additional expiring certificate not populating in my Bonvoy account and successfully added it to my stay.
Our stay was wonderful. The only glitch was our needing to remind housekeeping to come in as we were on their printed out check-out sheet each day.
Prior to our bookings, we both tried to extend our certificates, but were denied. We had zero luck using the certificates earlier this year on a couple of trips – unless we wanted to settle burning 50k certificates at a Courtyard or TownPlace Suites.


Does it make sense to use book a room locally and just check in to get credit for the nights even if I don’t need the room?


It will at least go toward you elite night total


i was able to extend mine just now. had to call twice though.


1st time extending or 2nd time?


what’s your status bc everyone else got denied




Which number did you call? I might wanna try my luck again.


I had to be in DC just after Purim, so my wife and I used the certificates to make a long weekend out of it. Unfortunately, there was a shoot out in front of the hotel Motzei Shabbos about 3am. Had a front row seat from our room. Never saw so many police cars in one place.


Is there a way to donate my free night? (Maybe to a women’s shelter or a similar group)?


Inspired from one of the above comments, I can link you to some BMG Yungeleit who would benefit from an outing that won’t break the bank!
You can pm me on the forums @EliyahuF
Tizke Lmitzvos! Very kind of you!


Checked on Marriott’s website if need to stay or book by expiration, and discovered the new 15K top-up option. Found a night for 50K at the Ritzeliya! That was a real treat, with a marina view!


Extended but I am an Ambassador and was at first denied. Asked very nicely.


1st time extending or 2nd?


2020 certificate


They are not letting me check in with a cert in my spouses name, because she is not here with me! How ridiculous is this?

Marriot took the P out of Hospitality, it’s more like hostility!


Have them call her and get you added to room.


That’s frustrating! I gave my certificate for my parents to use for their anniversary at the Sheraton NYC Times Square. After I booked, I chatted with the front desk and told them that my father who has the same last name as me will be Checking in. No problem at all! They even got upgrade to the presidential suite (thanks to platinum). It also helped that they told the front desk that it’s their anniversary.


I have 5 can’t use them


We had reservations to use our three certificates in the middle of June we had to cancel because my husband got Covid and then got rebound Covid. Tried talking to the corporate offices and there was no way they would extend the certificates. I asked for only 6 months extension but they wouldn’t hear of it. Very disappointed


Metropolitan at the 9 with suite upgrade!

CLE Rocks

Does it go by check in date on the 30th (check out on the 1st)?


booked a night in a brand new hotel in my area for a staycation tonight. Will have to wake up and go to work tomorrow but will be a change of scenery tonight. used my 2nd expiring one in philly a few weeks back


Marriot can do what they want they are simply the dominant hotel chain.


Hilton also ends this week


They have been so stubborn. Under no circumstances will they extend a certificate that has already been extended, even if extended automatically due to Covid. They did extend one certificate for me. I think that one she said had not yet been extended.


I even told the rep I wish to shut my account down if he cannot extend by one month. He wouldn’t budge. Of course; I will not be shutting my account (not yet, at least 🙂


HUCA and manager escalation x 2 and manager #2 was able to extend them today.
Thanks for the headsup Dan


They extended one of mine today. They said if it was already extended once they will not extend again, if it hasn’t been extended they can extend.

Btw reviews on the envue weehawken?

Saw some ppl said they stayed on the free certs.


Just used 4 of them at the Ritz Herzliya. Have 2 more of which one expires tomorrow. Hopefully I can convince a rep to extend it for me.


Marriott doesn’t let me add additional guest on the reservation when booking by phone. ( no space to add additional guest online). I Huca’d and keep getting same response. You can add guest to night booked with points but not with free night certificate. That’s the rule… phone call being recorded… Marriott can shut account if you break the rules and free night can’t have additional guest… Any advice?


I tried extending it about a month ago and they said it was not possible since it was already extended twice (i have 3 certificates and stayed in plenty Marriott hotels this year but never redeemed the free nights) i called once more this week and they extended all 3 for another year .


What’s the number you called?

David R

Chat rep and phone rep refused to extend mine. I’m just going to stay locally today to get the credit towards the next loyalty level.


I was going to book a hotel for tonight using my mothers account and now the certificates are gone. They were there yesterday. Anyone have any ideas to get them back.


When I called they said they’ve been having an issue with the certificates disappearing from accounts a day early, and their working on getting them back on the accounts.


Same. What is going on?? I have been on hold with Marriott going on 20 minutes now


I wanted to book something local tonight just to use the certificate, but if does not show up anymore. Any leads?


I spoke with Marriott Bonvoy loyalty and they are claiming that the certificate expired 6/30/22 which means you had to book and stay be June 30th, not on June 30t, which is why the certificate was removed. This directly contradicts their TOS on free nights. “A Free Night Award must be redeemed for the Stay by its expiration date.
If your Free Night Award expires on December 31, 2022, your Check-In date can be December 31, 2022 and Check-Out date is January 1, 2023.” https://help.marriott.com/s/article/Article-33743 I have been transferred 5 times now, even post HUCA and not getting anywhere. This is ridiculous.


I finally connected with a Bonvoy associate (US +1 800-228-2100) who was able to assist. She booked my room for me against the cert which was expiring today and was no longer visible on the website. Call took 45 mins (20 mins on hold, and 25 for completion of booking as she had to access multiple systems to book against the cert)


The reservation was for today? or for in the future?


Can w e make a lawsuit in regards to the certificates not showing anymore today?


I hope Marriott would just do the right thing and extend all certs expiring today, I waited today to try to book yet don’t see them anymore. And I have to work really don’t have time to call and been put on hold for hours.


Mine disappeared a few days ago. Noone in Marriott has helped me yet:(


i was to book over the phone


*was able


What about expiring suite nights?


Too late. Supervisor said he was still extending them earlier today but at the end of the business day, it became impossible.


just called and supervisor said it is officially dead- he said he got lots of phone calls today, and at the end of buisness day eastern time, he stopped having access to extending certificates…


Why is Marriott so anti customers?


Called 3 different times. All unsuccessful


Just called, first they said they could do it. Then they called a supervisor and they said that since the free award night was from Amex they can’t do it… I also had a free night from a 75 night choice benefit and they said they can’t extend that one either.


If you can, wait until after 1/1 to select your choice benefit, I think that’s given people more time to use it.


do i have to check in or check out by the expiration date of the certificate?


I think it’s check in. The app is letting me select 12/31-1/1 and I asked Marriott on Facebook, and got an entirely unhelpful reply, saying they can’t do reservations on social media. It’s just a freaking question! Honestly I think they train people to have an un-helpful as possible at Marriott.