[Follow Us To D. C.] We Are Booked To Go! Are You? Calling All Supporters Of Israel! Join The March On November 14th In Washington D. C., Let’s Show The World We Matter

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Update 11/14: We hope to see everyone at the march today! You can follow along on our Instagram @DansDeals.

Update 11/12: Dan & I are booked to be in DC this Tuesday for the March.

There is now a FAQ section here you can read for more information and details on the march.

Many more organizations and communities have come out in favor of attending the march on Tuesday in Washington D. C., expressing the importance of a big turnout! 

Often we feel, that others are doing it, so why do I have to? In this case, your showing up truly does matter. Every single extra person there is a statement of support. 

  • Support for Congress helping Israel.
  • Support for the hostages.
  • Support for showing the world Jews matter and denouncing antisemitism. 

Never again is now, while our brothers and sisters are at war in Israel and anti-semitism is drastically rising worldwide, it is incumbent on all of us to do everything we can to help.

Have you booked your travel arrangements? If not be sure to check out the links below to book now!

With all the terrible narratives about what’s going on in Israel circling the web, now is our chance to show our support for Israel.

Many communities will have busses arranged, so be sure to reach out to your local leaders to arrange transportation in advance.

The march will take place at National Mall, Washington, DC on Tuesday, November 14th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Gates open 10:00am.

More details will be added on MarchForIsrael.org as they become available.

Post links below on available busses and we will add them to this post.

Busses available in (More links will be added from comments on this post):

It is important to signup now to give organizers time to arrange enough transportation.

Please share this rally with all of your Jewish & non-Jewish friends to show the world we matter and the lives of the hostages matter as well. 

Message from Agudah Yisroel:

Two Jewish organizations – the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations – are organizing a mass rally in Washington, D.C. next Tuesday November 14 to show solidarity with Israel and to urge the US government to stand firm in its support.

In light of the ongoing life-threatening danger confronting Israeli soldiers and all of our dear brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel, and with great concern about the extremely volatile political climate here in the United States, we feel it is important, midarchei ha’shtadlonus, that there be a large turnout at this event. Accordingly, and in consultation with our rabbinic leadership, we are circulating to our friends and constituents information about the rally.

Will you be attending?

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There’s no info there


@JJ and @Dan – will you be there?


Cleveland Bus is Free !

Drew Carey

Yet another reason to move to Cleveland


So you can get a free tip out of there?


If anyone know of bussing from Lakewood, I would love to know. My Tesla cant do the round trip

Shalom Rosenfeld

Yes call me 848-226-9096


Your Tesla won’t be worth anything if we don’t stop the antisemitism and hate .


Leaving from GN Chabad


Passaic/Clifton, NJ bus info:

Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

I’d go if I could conceal carry. Otherwise, I don’t feel safe. Too many sleeper cells in this country, looking to do harm. Praying the rally is successful and that nobody gets hurt.


Good point, I hope there are proper security implements on every bus as well.


no one is going to get hurt. this is a march for love, unity and support. no hate will be tolerated at this rally. if you are afraid and do not show up the other side is winning. unfortunately more difficult for us to join in on the west coast so counting on the east coast to show up in numbers. If that means schools are closed for a day that would be the way to go right now. AYC

Jonathan S.

So no one is going to get hurt? From your mo uth to God’s ears!!!
What you just said is pure rubbish. that’s just the problem with many Jews.
They NEVER learn!!! Predicting what will happen is impossible. You just NEVERE know!! The Israeli’s -do you think think they ever thought in their wildest imagination a group of terrorists would be organized and dedicated enough to cut through that fence and launch an attack? Well?
During the 73 war-Israel never-for a minute thought Egypt was capable of launching such an effective and deadly campaign-but it was done!!!
How dare you say no one will get hurt-YOU NEVER KNOW!!!
I was belittled by my liberal elite Jewish countrymen when I implored them many years ago-repeatedly- that EVERY Jew in America needed to know how to use a firearm-no exceptions!!! I was laughed out of the meetings, and told in no uncertain terms not to return.
So please spare me your elitist love and peace rhetoric-Your Jewishness shows through, and iT HAS no PLACE HERE AND NOW-WHEN THOUSANDS ARE MARCHING SPEWING OUT THE VILEST BLOOD LIBEL ANGAINST THE JEWISH PEOPLE AND iSRAEL.
Support your 2nd Amendment!!!


Absolutely spot on

Reb yid

Great Neck, NY


Surprising that Brooklyn & Lakewood, two large areas of Jews are not on the list above. Additionally, Agudah has the power to do way more than their very blasé comment. They can literally have every Bais Yakov closed and send the high schools/seminaries, encourage the parents to take the day off work and the whole family go. My kids Jewish day school is excusing any absences of families who choose to go, I would think Agudah can and would do more.


Maybe they rightfully believe that their learning and teffilos are more effective then having the Bais Yakov girls be in such a setting.
Everyone and his/her tafkid.


That seems like a very privileged choice, having their teens in a warm building going about their routine. Their brethren they would be showing support for are literally captured or dead but yes sure let’s hide out in the safety of our school buildings going about our routine until they come for us. Respectfully, but questioning.


Agudah did encourage people to go as an act of hishtadlus, so what you are saying is clearly not their position in this case. The fact that a directive may not have been given regarding schools, a complex desicion considering how they have to factor in their ability to safely manage and keep track of a large group of minors in huge crowds (a logistical nightmare), doesn’t mean they don’t believe they should go if possible.
That being said, your view of the power of Torah and Tefillah as “routine” makes it sound like you are missing the point.


There are buses going from Lakewood the rosh yeshivas are encouraging the community to attend.


I think that Davening is a greater show of support then marching.


Daven on the bus.


It’s Rosh Chodesh that day so you need a Torah. How many buses will have Torahs on board?


Daven early and go. The number of bodies is very important. The general public and our elected officials don’t see people learning in buildings or sitting at school. They will only ser the people that bother to go to DC. It’s a numbers game. Go!


Agudah is encouraging people to go. The Bais Yaakov in my community is going.


Maybe give them a minute to follow through on their email. It’s premature to assume the worst

Practical Joe

The idea that not sending schools to Washington is a lack of caring for the hostages is shortsighted and laughable. Anyone can see there could be hundreds of factors why a particular school should not go. Let’s allow the ones we trusted with our childrens education who are privy to more information about their schools then we are to make the decisions


18 and up on busses


Your insinuation that the choice of schools going or not is staying warm inside is downright appalling. You know as well as I do that these decisions are coming from people much more qualified to make them then yourself. Please have a little respect for the gedolim. I’m sure everyone can see this isn’t a time for taking shots at other Jews. Especially in the demeaning agenda driven way you are.


I think what Hashem wants from us now is Achdus and respect for different ways of life then accusing others of not living up to our expectations of them…




If anyone hears about a bus from Philadelphia please let me know.




Amtrak is very comfortable . It is like sitting in business class seat on a flight ! The train station is also walking distance from the Rally


Megabus at the moment is $45 Round Trip . Amtrak $120 Round Trip .


Any openings after the cutoff?


I cannot find the Agudah statement online… Can someone please share?

Dan\'s the Man

Anyone have an extra Amtrak lounge pass that I could use on Nov 14. This would enable me to work before the rally so that I could attend the rally.


The new Amtrak Lounge in New York City is very nice !


I get the symbolism of DC,(and no one asked me) but having the rally in northern jersey, or new York would ensure the greatest number of Jews would be relatively close by.


There was a huge rally in Manhattan on Monday night. Were you there?


No, I do not live in New York.


Hopefully it’s not just Jews that attend in large numbers.

Hopefully the large pro-Israel Christian organizations are mobilizing to attend as well.

Orrin D

The 2005 rally in DC was very well attended, and got the attention of our elected politicians. This event is even more important now!
Kol haKavod to all travelers.

For those who are not comfortable going or able to attend, please pray and learn Torah.

Than you sir

THANK YOU for doing this. You have a massive platform and have never shied away from using it for the greater good time and time again. Kol Hakavod! Keep it up!


Please use this form if you would like to go on the bus to the rally in Washington



Queens, NY


Friends don’t let friends take busses.


Will be 100 times easier than trying to park anywhere within walking distance.


Urgent times call for drastic measures


Stamford, CT (also convenient for those coming from Westchester)



I am not asking this cynically. What will this accomplish on a practical level?


Convince congress to let Israel win the war !

Orrin D

Good question.
Israelis who are shedding blood for us see that we will give up a day of work and converge at our center of government. It makes an impact. If there is a huge turnout, as there was in 2005, the media will take note. Students on US campuses need moral support. This will reinforce to Israelis and Jewish university students that they are not alone.
The 2005 rally in DC made an impact.


Agudah statement

Two Jewish organizations – the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations – are organizing a mass rally in Washington, D.C. next Tuesday November 14 to show solidarity with Israel and to urge the US government to stand firm in its support.

In light of the ongoing life-threatening danger confronting Israeli soldiers and all of our dear brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel, and with great concern about the extremely volatile political climate here in the United States, we feel it is important, midarchei ha’shtadlonus, that there be a large turnout at this event. Accordingly, and in consultation with our rabbinic leadership, we are circulating to our friends and constituents information about the rally. More information will be available here in the coming days.

In the merit of our Torah and tefillah, and carrying out our shtadlanus obligations, may HKB’H hear our cries and protect us from all dangers — Hashem hoshia ha’Melech ya’aneinu b’yom koreinu!


Did you read the post?


Yes. That is why I posted the full text of the Agudah statement which I received, including the last paragraph that was not included in the post.


New Haven. CT is chartering two buses.



One “easy” way to boost turnout by 8,500+ is if Agudah can get BMG on board to bus the entire Yeshivah in.


Ain’t gonna happen. You won’t see BMG participating in such a setting, period.


I have no idea what BMG did but NIRC went to DC for the pro Israel rally in 1973


I went to NIRC and went to the rally in April 2002. Just an FYI for everyone going. The busses will be dropping off at RFK stadium. The rally faq say you will then take the metro from there to the capital. 20 years ago there were way to many people and absolutely no way to get anywhere close to the subway. We landed up walking the 2 miles each way. Just something to keep in mind.


One bochers learning does more than the entire rally. so pretty stupid idea. this is meant for people who aren’t learning anyway


I’m glad you are the daas torah who gets to decide that.

In the past, entire yeshivos have gone to rallies and protests.. e.g – all the charedi yeshivos in Eretz Yisrael, including Mir, Brisk, Ponovezh, etc. went to protest against the charedi draft a few years back.
BMG has an annual Adirei hatorah event where there is no seder the whole day.

I’m not saying that BMG should or shouldn’t, but I’ll leave that to people greater than you and I to decide if it’s “pretty stupid idea”.


On the day of BMG Adirei Hatorah there is regular full first seder, and they end second seder a half hour early.


That was a pegiah in, and a sakana to, kavod hatorah v’lomdeha


I always say that when bucherin claim their Torah learning is protecting us, it’s definitely not them. Yes maybe bucharim sitting quietly and learning without telling us how much their Torah is worth, they are the real thing.


Ok ok calm down.

If you had a traumatic Yeshiva experience please don’t vent on bochurim here.

They are holding up the world! And if they God forbid say it aloud, it doesn’t change anything.

Practical Joe

The fact that you quote yourself as always saying something does nothing to validate it. If anything if the statement is sourceless and ridiculous it just invalidates your own credibility. Let’s be careful about minimizing and devaluing the power of Torah learning


I guess torah doesn’t protect. My bad


Well daas torah didn’t say yeshivas should go. So this is not really my opinion rather our gedolim. And by the charedi draft law the gedolim for some reason felt it is proper hashtadlus. I do not know why but the Birkas Shmuel kiddushin siman 27 in the name of reb chaim says one could be take a job in a embassy that would involve writing on shabbos to avoid the army but not to attend the gymnasiam to avoid the army


Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) is offering $250 for college students to attend the Pro-Israel rally on 11/14 in Washington, DC. The rally is expected to be one of the largest pro-Israel rallies in history. The rally is sponsored by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

To get reimbursed for travel expenses, students just need to fill out the brief form below. Again, ICC is offering $250 per student to attend the rally in Washington, DC.

The form is linked here: https://israelcc.org/apply-for-a-microgrant/


Will there be separate places for men & woman?


I think it’s BYOM




Abe, that’s a good one, it made my day.


I don’t see what’s funny about it, but if your happy then I’m happy.
I obviously just meant to raise awareness, that perhaps it’s better to stay home.


No, I don’t recall that Hamas made a difference between men and women. Don’t be חסיד שוטה

Liam K. Nuj

So we should follow Shitas Hamas?


If you don’t get the point , then please don’t go. You sound like immature yeshiva bucher, grow up. Nobody is going to sit on a bus and use 12-14 hours of their time to meet up with women.

Liam K. Nuj

Don’t worry, I got your point. So did a lot of other people here.


if you learn Gemara you will see the lengths a person will go to to do issurim. please be respectful of peoples questions.


One of the buses going from NY is actually including a singles event on the bus. I don’t have the details, but I saw that last week.


he makes a valid point. no need to name call

Practical Joe

If you go through the thread MW is consistently agenda driven and attacking. Something tells me if someone was being less religious than you you wouldn’t attack them at every opportunity.


Abe, I sit separately for davening and for shiurim. Your question is like asking if there is separate seating at a Yankee game, a JetBlue flight, or in the waiting room at a dentist office. There is no halachic or practical reason to even ask if there is going to be separate seeing.


Yes. According to an email sent to me but the organizers, there will be separate areas for those that want


the rally isnt being organized by a religious organization. so no mechitza nor Tehillim.


I was told that YISI (Young Israel of Staten Island) is arranging a bus from SI, but I don’t have a link.


does anyone know where to park in DC or at what Metro station? for those who drive


Park at Greenbelt metro station then take 2 subway trains or 1 Marc train to Union Station


are there any busses from the Mercer County, NY or nearby?

Hpn fan

Want to attend, but no suitable flight options. Any suggestions for options from Fort Lauderdale

Flight Options

9:49 Am MIA to BWI , Frontier . 5:57 pm BWI to MIA , Spirit . $299 . Not ideal but doable .

Cheryl Taragin

I would like to attend but may have to secure my own transportation. I wish Baltimore would add another bus.


Baltimore has a bunch of busses from Suburban. Still taking reservations last I saw. Link on BJL

Shalom Rosenfeld

Bus from lakewood nj to Washington DC. Please call 848-226-9096


To clarify: For those not in Yeshiva or Kollel.
Please call as early as possible as if there is not enough people, the bus may be cancelled.


Any other options for Queens? YI of Queens Valley is sold out.

Liam K. Nuj

As of 30 minutes before Shabbos, the JCC of Windsor Terrace (Brooklyn) shows that they still have seats available for only $25 r/t.
Here’s the link:

Liam K. Nuj

Is there a bus leaving from Miami?


We are providing bussing from Lakewood. To reserve a spot, please contact us at rallyforeretzyisroel@gmail.com or 732-908-8265.


Best place to park if we are driving??


I would find a random metro station in a suburban outside DC


Park at Greenbelt Metro station and take Blue line to Smithsonian


The green line serves Greenbelt station, a great choice to park if spots are still available. Take the Green line to Archives and walk. Otherwise I suggest continuing around the Beltway to New Carrollton station (Orange line) and exit at Smithsonian.

Joyce Joseph

Buses from Cherry Hill, NJ


So so so important to be there and be seen!!!!


Coming from Memphis with 180 other members of the community!

Sam Hirsch

I heard that yu is sending students in over 40 busses.


If you all haven’t noticed, our decision makers (politics and business) listen to the loudest voices. So it is very important to be there and have your voice heard.


My shul in Baltimore just posted this:
Due to the large number of people heading from Baltimore to DC for Tuesday’s rally, there is a shortage of available bus seats. MTA has been contacted to gauge the possibility of expanding MARC train availability on Tuesday. The below information was assembled by the Associated:

Getting There by MARC Train
We have been in touch with the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) to advise them of higher-than-normal traffic around the March times. They advised that there is a significant capacity on the MARC trains, but that they can add additional cars if necessary. They ask that everyone limit the size of signs they bring on the train to preserve space. Additionally, they ask for patience in accommodating the crowds and packed trains.
Please fill out this brief survey to let us know if you plan on taking the MARC train – this will be used to advise MTA of the expected usage so they can be prepared to add additional cars on their trains.
Everyone is asked to purchase tickets before Tuesday to avoid lines at the ticket machines.


Sorry here’s the survey link:


yep, Hubby and myself are booked


Why is this the time to go against the mesorah of how to deal with these situations? The Chofetz Chaim on Parshas Devorim is clear: if the real goal is to make sure that Jews are safe then the response should be flattery and retreat/fleeing. Not trying to show that we can be a force to be reckoned with. Hashem Yishmorenu – this Rally is only likely to make antisemitism worse.


Why don’t you ask Rav Moshe too?



Simcha’s point is a very good one, and the Rabbis’ march during WW II is very different. Agudah didn’t invoke that rally, for good reason, when they forwarded the rally information from the secular organizations that are running it.


You sound like you have inside information on the Moetzes decision, please tell us?


The Mesorah was always to ask your own Da’as Torah, not to become someone else’s.


The Mesorah was always to bring up the mesorah that you could then bring to your Daas Torah.

Liam K. Nuj

If your Daas Torah needs you to remind them of the Mesorah, get a new Daas Torah.


Liam. I don’t necessarily agree with you on your coffee room posts, but your comment is ‍ perfecto


Is there anything organized from west palm beach area?


There’s a charter flight and bus from Miami although that’s over 70 miles away.


A shame that most places cut off registration by now. Every city could probably fill one more bus!


There may not be any more coach buses left to charter.


Is anyone leaving from/near crown heights and have room for 1 or 2?


Detroit is not taking any responses.


Please pin this post to influence as many as possible to go!

Kiddush Hashem opportunity

Remember to bring American flags – not just Israeli ones.


Any more monsey options left?


Driving from NY with family.

If anyone knows, please post a lost of where to park outside DC (name of train stations, etc)


Does anyone if it will be possible to park in any of the lots near the National Mall?


For those who can’t make it in person, here is the live stream ( officially starts 1pm)

Not going

Is there a link to watch live?


Anyone from Williamsburg, Brooklyn??


Did anyone hear reports of Air Canada flights being cancelled/not allowed to land in DC. I hear that there were a bunch of people from Toronto who were stranded.


how was DAN/JJ? would love to get a report..





Dan can you look into the detroit chartered plane situation? It seems the bus company drivers at Dulles airport called in sick so they wouldn’t have to drive people to the march. They couldn’t leave the airport and had to fly back to Detroit. They won’t say which bus company. Also why not just take the metro, uber from the airport?