United Will Massively Hike PassPlus Requirements For Global Services Status

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United’s Global Services status is one of the top elite status levels in the world. I’ve written about some of its perks here. The program is a shell of what it was pre-COVID, but it still saved me during United’s epic meltdown this past June.

The exact criteria for earning the status is a trade secret, but in a typical year you would have to spend roughly $50,000 on United flights to be invited to the Global Services program. Other methods of getting the status include being a 4 million miler (lifetime miles including credit card EQMs earned before the Continental merger), a 4 million miler companion, or buying a PassPlus prepaid ticket package.

The PassPlus individual program allows you to earn Global Services status for prepaying for $50,000 of United flights. That credit is good for about 13 months for you and companions booked with you, though it may be extended if you renew your PassPlus funding. You also earn $650 of United ancillary and club spending and small discounts on flights.

The PassPlus business program allows you to earn Global Services status for prepaying for $100,000 of United flights, which can be used for your employees. You also earn $2,500 of United ancillary and club spending and small discounts on flights.

Unfortunately, we now know that PassPlus individual program rates to receive Global Services status are going up effective 1/1/24 from $50,000 to $75,000:


It’s unclear if the PassPlus business program will also be increasing its Global Services requirement.

United has massively increased the spending requirements to earn elite status, so it has been surprising that Global Services can still typically be earned with about $50,000 in annual spending. The PassPlus changes could be a hint that traditional Global Services qualification requirements will be higher for the 2023 or 2024 status years, but that number is opaque and can vary based on your typical fare class and location. Either way, passengers won’t know until January 2024 or January 2025 if they qualified for Global Services or not.

Of course, American has completely killed off its version of PassPlus, called AirPass, so I guess the good news here is that United will be keeping its program around despite that.

Have you used United PassPlus?

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I highly doubt you have many readers if any at all who are willing/able to front $50k, let alone $75k, in airfare. Most of us are booking our flights using points or in cash based on the great deals you post .


Is this relevant to most of us
dont think so

United as one

that’s the point… if everyone is able to get this, it wouldn’t quite be one of the most elite status’s in the world. but obviously there are a few people that could attain this so he’s posting for those people. not everyone has to be able to do something for it to be news and brought attention to


When I tried getting a pass plus business account they told me I would need to add 100k to my account


Well it means something to me cuz I have the pass plus program I’m really unsure if I could do it for the next year


This is valuable info for me, thanks for the data point.!


How are you maximizing, utilizing it currently?


@ Dan — Can you provide any way to reach a person quickly to join PassPlus Individual Flex as soon as possible? The standard channels are slow. You’ve got my email.

dan not Dan
dan not Dan

I used passplus. The tickets booked don’t have any consumer protection that you get from a credit card.personally, I didn’t find it so helpful.


I am GS since 2018. I don’t see that the programme is massively devalued. I receive the same benefits pre and post Covid. I also flew six times in June including two internationals and didn’t suffer from any meltdown.


Does paying for PointsPlus with Amex Personal Plat earn 5x as airline spend? Any other suggestions for best cards to pay ?


Yes, I charged to Amex Plat to get 5X points !