United Unveils Newark Terminal A Lounge, New Domestic First Class Seat With Wireless Charger

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Newark’s Terminal A opened to much fanfare, though it was lacking amenities like an airport lounge, never mind the lack of an AirTrain stop. Then again, the entire Newark AirTrain is overdue for a full replacement.

The terminal is big and beautiful with automated ID checks and plenty of TSA capacity, truly a massive improvement over the decrepit Terminal A that it replaced, and now it’s getting amenities to boot.



United’s new club near gate A27 features 15,000 square feet of space, with more than 300 seats. That’s about half the size of the new Terminal C club, though United’s operations from Terminal A are much smaller than in Terminal C. Like the C club, it features self-scan entry gates and local touches. The club will feature Air Canada and United customer service reps and it will even feature a wellness room that travelers can use for prayer or meditation.

The club’s hours will be from 5am-9:15pm.

United also announced a new domestic first class seat. The new seats feature 13″ screens and 18″ tray tables, Bluetooth connectivity, privacy screens and an ergonomist-designed cushion. The airline expects the new seat to be on 200 domestic planes by 2026, including 737 NGs, A321neos and 737 MAXs.


Each seat will feature wireless, AC, and USB-C charging. The wireless charger is located in a compartment of the armrest to give the passenger line-of-sight to notifications and free their hands and tray table.

I’m not a big fan of wireless charging, as your phone won’t charge when you want to pick it up and use it, but it is convenient to not have to plug in. This implementation of it seems pretty good as it should be able to stay in place while you rest.


The new seats will feature an 11 x 19-inch divider, which is great for when you’re flying solo, but less great with family and friends as it can’t be lowered.

All-in-all though, it looks like a nice upgrade!

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Venture X

What happened to the lga capital one lounge opening??


Mint on JB has wireless charging for sometime already.


new lounge has no escalators only stair or elevator. Also very few stalls in bathroom.
with new clean terminal this club is not majorly enticing


Just put a lounge needs a great escalator
Let’s compare all the lounge escalators to see which one is the best


Is that a new field? Ergonomist? Wow. They found an ergonomist to design a new ergonomic seat.


I was at that lounge last week. There is no kosher food available. Not even snacks. Anyway that’s going to happen?


ridiculous EWR terminal C doesnt have a priority pass lounge and the United lounge rarely accepts 1-time pass when I pass

lover of truth

Not a crumb of kosher food in sight, what’s up?
AA and Delta both have rotating meals


IF u have time jump on to the airtrain and go get some kosher food from the SAS lounge in B or the United Pop Up at C93

united traveler

i was at the new Terminal A lounge and asked for kosher food
the staff really went out of the way to accomodate and were able to give us Lays Chips
some cashew nuts, as well as davids cookies all parve items