Spirit Releases Another Flight 138 Statement After Deleting Their Original Statement, While The Babylon Bee Trolls Them

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Yesterday I wrote about the Spirit Flight 138 fiasco and their retracted statement about what happened.

This was their original statement that blamed the adults for not wearing a mask:


I wrote to Spirit media relations manager Field Sutton asking why the airline was blaming the adults when this video that clearly shows the flight attendant putting the blame on the 2 year old who was eating at the time.

Earlier in the day Mr. Sutton assured me that the issue was the adults and not the kids. After all, Spirit would never have families fly on their planes if they ejected them when 2 year olds won’t keep their mask on.

But after video evidence proved Spirit wrong, Spirit put out a new statement that deleted “the adults in a party not complying,”

It got ratioed in a big way:


Sorry Spirit, you don’t get to have another shot at it. It’s time to apologize and own it. After all, your airline did the right thing in allowing the family back on the flight! The flight crew clearly realized something went wrong here, after all, we never hear about families being allowed back onboard a flight after being deboarded!

And yet, Spirit managed to grab ridicule and defeat from the hands of praise and victory. All for want of a simple apology.

Meanwhile, the Babylon Bee is now trolling Spirit over the incident.


“In order to crack down on the growing pandemic of toddlers not wearing masks after takeoff, Spirit Airlines has announced that all aircraft will now be fitted with ejector seats to quickly remove dangerous maskless babies from the plane.”

“Sources confirmed that flight attendants will be given big scary red buttons that can eject any passenger at will. Buttons Buttons will be used as an enforcement tactic against unmasked children, people who don’t put their tray table in the upright and locked position when asked, and orthodox Jews.”


But they saved the best for last,

“Spirit also threatened that those who further refuse to comply will be forced to fly on Spirit Airlines again.

Now that’s harsh punishment indeed.

After all, like I always say. Friends  Don’t  Let  Friends  Fly  Spirit (Or Frontier).

Seriously though, can someone spearhead a campaign to write to our representatives to increase the age when you need to wear a mask on a plane from an absurd 2 to a more reasonable 6 as is done in Europe?

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@dan, I love how each word in the line, “After all, like I always say. Friends Don’t Let Friends Fly Spirit (Or Frontier).” is a different hyperlink.


Lol love The Bee

Spot on!

Mrs K

Hello Dan I had a similar hate issue with a petticoat Marriott hotel in pa do you have a contact of Marriott media relation manger. ? I did contact corporate and they not really responding. Please reply thanks


I once had an issue with a Fairfield Inn and Suites where they charged my card several hundred dollars for room damage we did not do.
I posted a lengthy and detailed negative review on Google. That together with some very sharp e-mail and phone correspondence resolved the issue. But honestly, I believe it took less than 24 hours from when I posted the review for the issue to be resolved.


Dont bother with uping the age limit, time to get rid of all mask requirements. Let it be optional, whoever is so nervous can easily get the shot at this point. Time to end it all.


Here’s a recording of a live stream with Attorney Michael Inzelbuch, the family, and others.


I think the biggest here with the low cost airlines is that they know that anyone trying to save a dime will fly them and deal with bs it throws at you. If this would happen on United, I could see a boycott of TLV flights after now AA came into the grind. Just saying things would be different if this happened on a “real airline”

I guess We could ethically troll Spirit now


Here at DansDeals we don’t do buses


@Dan Family’s attorney gave Spirit until midnight tonight to issue an apology or they’re going to take legal action.
Inzelbuch from Lakewood is representing them, you should reach out to him.


We flew frontier from mia to islip airport.
Besides for the announcement regarding a mask
Not one further word was said. A very nice crew!

Shlomo Rabinowitz

yeah, and i know someone who wore a mask and didnt get coronavirus. I also know someone who took the flu shot and got the flu, and someone else who walked outside in the rain and didnt get sick.


Thank you! Now you all go write a letter to your elected representativess right now!




I understood the first comment to be a vague way of saying that someone in the group wasn’t wearing a mask. The adults are still at fault if their child isn’t wearing a mask


Zei moichel me guys , I saw the video
A lady feeding a 2 yr log a yogurt on place
If you need to feed toddlers and can’t comply – please stay home
Air lines during covid is not time to play playgrounds
למה תתראו – אל תגרמו לחילול ה please
Doesn’t matter how Cres is core t or not
Feeding kids best plans is your home
Your park

Be a mensch a million percent

I don’t take video of feeding kids to prove anything
If you start recording you plan trouble

Stay low
Till גאולה שלמה בקרוב

Michel moichel


Why don’t you stay home if you aren’t comfortable with toddlers who need to eat?


Wow brilliant! Starve your toddler!


I dont understand how people can blame parents for feeding their kids…do you have an issue with adults eating on the plane? Because that is allowed. And if they were really concerned they shouldnt jam pack the flight with people. And what about adults that are sick or were exposed to covid and still fly? They should be allowed but not kids? thats way worse.


True, the minute a child turns 2, they start spreading. And yogurt ingestion is an especially lethal Covid spreader in children 2+, so I guess you are right that a lady feeding yogurt to a 2 year old on a plane is outrageous. Everyone should know that even if all the other kids have their masks off (like in the video), they should’ve still known to ‘stay low’ because they are Jews. Sure


Oh Covid let’s starve kids.


We use ducktape when we fly.


Just wondering what job you would have had if you were an adult in 1938 in Germany


I was also wondering the kid was already eating and the flight hadn’t even taken off yet, not that I agree with what the FAs did, I am just saying I try to avoid anything that would get them riled up at us when they already don’t like us


Your point would be much better understood if you’d proofread what you write


Don’t know why you point out to ULCC, these things happen all the the time and on all airlines.
I flew spirit a few times with no issues.
While american airline the crew did not stop harassing about masks the whole flight.


Spirit is on a skillet, fried well.


lets all sign

Shmuel Lange

@Dan – can you promote this?


Why aren’t the airlines lobbying to change the law? Aren’t they the ones who are losing out the most from these stories?

Dan\'s the man

They want to show they are doing the most they can to make flying “safe”


Awesome read.

Just Wondering

I don’t get what the airlines get out of being so strict about this

Sima Ruchel

I was on a Spirit flight home this past Thursday evening with half of Monsey. There were several requests from staff to have all passengers comply- Jewish or not. Just a month before same situation on a Spirit flight where the pilot got on the overhead and stated not so politely he would land the plane and authorities would be involved if they did not comply. It’s a CDC guideline to fly. Just comply- those who are age required.
What I was most embarrassed by was the state of the aircraft when I was walking off. The staff walk up and down the aisle to collect garbage -however the plane was trashed. More than mask wearing – that behavior itself was enough to fuel the fires. I’m not saying the staff behavior is acceptable – but don’t give “us” a bad name with poor behavior.


If not for chillul hashem I would only fly Delta and print enough posters of John Kerry not wearing a mask for every single passenger to hold up.
I wish someone would do that. Maybe the gym guy from Belmar!


they should have put the child by the window and not by the aisle as not ro arouse so much attention


This is true, better to avoid confrontation. Also, (and while its admittedly hard in the heat of the moment) No need to immediately threaten to call your lawyer lol that came off wrong in the video you can stand your ground without letting them think the worst about you.


Agreed, that way they could open the window to get more airflow when he removed his mask…


How much is Spirit going to charge the passenger if the ejection function will be used?
Will we need to put a card on file in case?…


About 7-8 years ago I flew Spirit to Florida, because it was ‘cheaper’. Aside from every little nickel and dime they tacked on to their ‘lower’ fares, a woman on our plane was trying to take her toddler daughter to the bathroom before the little girl had an accident. The drink cart was in her way and flight attendants wouldn’t let her around. So she climbed around the cart, and accidentally bumped one of the flight attendants. They had the police meet the woman at the airport for assaulting a crew member. Last time I ever flew that airline.


Several ddf members reported that they received a letter from spirit a few weeks after traveling, that they were banned to fly with them again, when there was no issue on the flight itself.
Should we investigate if our now famous Derryl was working those flights??
Just thinking

Former Tower Air costumer

I agree with Dan 100%. Just don’t fly Spirit or Frontier. You’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary aggravation when something does go wrong. With today’s prices on Priceline, flying Delta or AA out of NY is many times even cheaper than those 2 garbage airlines. And you can even take a carry-on with out any additional charge.


1. His name is Darryl. It would be disrespectful to call you by the wrong name, right, Yosel?
2. This is why people end up accusing other people of being racist. Do you think that every time someone has trouble on a flight it’s because of “that” guy or ” “those” people or “our famous Derryl”?
Bad behavior comes from lots of different people.
Flying on Spirit sounds awful but I don’t have to blame an entire class of people for a few bad actors. That’s exactly what some people say about frum Jews and that’s just as racist!


I think its illegal to eject passengers while flying. Spirit could get in big trouble with their new policy. And i think its plain wrong also.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

They get the cheapest labor out there, and spend the least amount of time and money training them. That is why you have these issues.
They basically get TSA level staff.
Power-tripping idiots with no ability to think laterally or solve problems.