[Updated With United Electronic Travel Certificate Refunds And Extensions] Master List Of Airline Coronavirus Fee Waivers, Plus Airlines With Free Award Redeposits

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  • United is now allowing you to cancel your itinerary and get a refund to an electronic travel certificate that is valid for anyone to use on all United flights. United is also making past and newly issued electronic travel certificates valid for 2 years from the date of issue. Of course if your flight is cancelled you should request a cash refund and you should wait until the day of your flight to cancel.
  • The DoT has reaffirmed that all airlines must give cash refunds for flights that are cancelled if they are from, to, or within the US!
  • American is not expiring miles between 4/1-6/30
  • Delta is now awarding eCredit valid for 2 years.
  • United is now officially allowing mileage redeposit on award tickets.
  • JetBlue Travel Bank funds are now valid for 18 months.
  • All policies have been updated below.

Several readers have also asked which airlines are officially allowing free cancellations of award tickets and redeposit of miles.  Those airlines include:

  • Air Canada Aeroplan
  • Alaska
  • British Airways (Always free, though taxes are forfeited)
  • JetBlue (Note that taxes are credited back to your travel bank).
  • Hawaiian
  • Southwest (Always free)
  • United
  • Readers have also had success getting miles back for American and Delta tickets.

For those keeping score at home, here is a roundup of current policies.

  • Aeroflot:
    • All tickets to or from Israel or Italy for travel from 3/10 through 5/31 can be refunded or you can change dates to travel through 12/31 without penalty or paying the difference in fare. Flights to/from Germany, Spain and France can be changed without penalty.
  • Air Canada:
    • All tickets purchased before 4/15 can be cancelled and used for future travel through 4/30/21.
    • All Aeroplan award tickets can be redeposited for free through 4/30.
    • All Aeroplan miles won’t expire through May 14.
  • Air France:
    • All tickets purchased previously or purchased during March for travel through May 31st can be changed free of charge in the same booking class by 9/30 for travel through 11/30. Travel from 12/1 or later will require paying the difference in fare. Alternatively you can cancel your trip over the phone and receive a voucher that will be valid for a year on all Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic and Kenya Airways flights.
  • Air Serbia:
    • All tickets purchased on or before 2/27 for travel through 3/31 can be changed one time free of charge for travel through 10/24. Flights that are cancelled can be refunded or you can change to another flight through 12/31 without paying any penalty or difference in fare.
  • Alaska:
    • All tickets purchased on or before 2/26 for travel through 5/31 can be changed one time free of charge for travel through 2/28/21 or funds can be redeposited into your Alaska wallet for future travel. Award tickets will be refunded free of charge. The difference in fare will still apply.
    • All tickets purchased between 2/27-4/30 can be changed one time free of charge for travel through 2/28/21 or funds can be redeposited into your Alaska wallet for future travel. Award tickets will be refunded free of charge. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • American:
    • All tickets purchased on or before 2/29 for travel through 5/31 can be changed one time free of charge. The difference in fare will still apply.
    • Paid tickets purchased between 3/1 through 4/30 can be changed one time free of charge. The difference in fare will still apply. Award tickets are excluded from this policy.
    • If you have a flight through 4/15 you don’t need to contact AA if you won’t take your flight. You will maintain the value of the ticket even if you don’t cancel.
    • Miles will not expire between 4/1-6/30. Miles set to expire in that period will expire on 7/1 if there is no activity for 18 months.
  • Austrian:
    • All tickets purchased by 4/19 can be rebooked for use by 4/30/21. If you travel by 12/31 you’ll get a 50 Euro discount off your new flight.
  • Avianca:
    • All tickets purchased previously for travel through 5/31 can be rebooked once for use by 12/31 without fees.
  • British Airways:
    • All tickets purchased previously for travel through 5/31 can be exchanged for a voucher good for 12 months of your original departure date.
    • All tickets purchased between 3/3-5/31 can be changed for free for travel within the next year. Changes must be made prior to flight departure. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • Brussels:
    • All tickets purchased by 4/19 can be rebooked for use by 4/30/21. If you travel by 12/31 you’ll get a 50 Euro discount off your new flight.
  • Delta:
    • All tickets purchased on or before 4/3 for travel through 5/31 can be exchanged for eCredits valid through 5/31/22. All eCredits for flights cancelled in March, April, or May now expire 5/31/22.
    • All tickets purchased between 3/1-5/31 can be changed one time free of charge for travel for one year. The difference in fare will still apply.
    • If you have a flight you don’t need to contact Delta if you won’t take your flight. You will maintain the value of the ticket even if you don’t cancel.
  • El Al:
    • Travel to/from any destination through 6/30, purchased anytime, can be changed without penalty for use by 4/30/21. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • Emirates:
    • All tickets purchased by 5/31 are eligible for free changes for travel for 2 years. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • Etihad:
    • All tickets for travel by 6/30 are eligible for free changes. The difference in fare will still apply. Rebook by 9/30 and get 5,000 bonus miles.
  • Hawaiian:
    • All tickets purchases between 3/1-5/31 can be changed free of charge for travel within 1 year. The difference in fare will still apply. Award tickets will be refunded free of charge.
    • All tickets purchased before 3/1 for travel through 5/31 can be changed free of charge for travel through 12/31/20. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • JetBlue:
    • All tickets for travel through 5/31 can be changed free of charge for travel through 10/24/20 or you can receive a refund to your JetBlue travel bank for use by anyone within 18 months of the redeposit date. The difference in fare will still apply.
    • All tickets purchased between 2/27-3/5 for travel by 6/1 can receive a refund to your JetBlue travel bank for use by anyone within 1 year of the redeposit date.
    • All tickets purchased between 3/6-3/26 for travel by 9/8 can receive a refund to your JetBlue travel bank for use by anyone within 1 year of the redeposit date. Award tickets will be refunded free of charge, with the miles returned and the taxes refunded to your travel bank. Changes must be made prior to flight departure.
    • All tickets purchased between 3/27-4/30 for travel by 10/24 can receive a refund to your JetBlue travel bank for use by anyone within 1 year of the redeposit date. Award tickets will be refunded free of charge, with the miles returned and the taxes refunded to your travel bank. Changes must be made prior to flight departure.
  • KLM:
    • All tickets purchased previously or purchased during March for travel through May 31st can be changed free of charge in the same booking class by 9/30 for travel through 11/30. Travel from 12/1 or later will require paying the difference in fare. Alternatively you can cancel your trip over the phone and receive a voucher that will be valid for a year on all Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic and Kenya Airways flights.
  • La Compagnie:
    • All tickets for travel through 5/31 can make changes without penalty to travel within 12 months. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • LOT:
    • All tickets booked by 8/31 for travel through 12/31 can change dates free of charge with no difference in fare.
  • Lufthansa:
    • All tickets purchased by 4/19 can be rebooked for use by 4/30/21. If you travel by 12/31 you’ll get a 50 Euro discount off your new flight.
  • Qatar:
    • All tickets for travel through 9/30 can make changes without penalty or can be exchanged for a voucher valid for one year with 10% bonus added value. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • Royal Air Maroc:
    • All tickets issued by 3/31 for travel through 6/30 can be changed one time without penalty to travel through 10/31. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • SAS:
    • International tickets purchased between 3/5-4/30 for travel through 3/31/21 can be rebooked without penalty. Rebooking must be made before the date of departure. The difference in fare will still apply.
    • All tickets for travel 3/12-4/30 can be rebooked once for use by 11/30 without fees. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • Singapore:
    • All tickets purchased between 3/6-4/30 for travel anytime can be rebooked by 3/31/21 without fees. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • Southwest:
    • Southwest always allows for free flight changes. The difference in fare will still apply. Travel funds will be valid through 6/30/21.
  • Spirit:
    • Flights can be changed without penalty or you can receive a credit for future travel valid for 6 months.
  • Swiss:
    • All tickets purchased by 4/19 can be rebooked for use by 4/30/21. If you travel by 12/31 you’ll get a 50 Euro discount off your new flight.
  • TAP:
    • All flights can be changed free of charge for travel through 12/31/20. The change must be requested at least 24 hours prior to departure. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • Turkish:
    • All flights to Tel Aviv through 3/31 can be refunded or changed to any flight through 5/31 without needing to pay any penalties or difference in fare. You can also change to flights after 5/31 without penalty, but the difference in fare will apply. Changes must be made by 4/11.
    • All international tickets purchased on or before 3/20 can be rebooked once for use by 12/31 without fees. The difference in fare will still apply. Changes must be made 1 day prior to travel.
    • All international tickets purchased 3/21-4/21 can be rebooked once for use by 2/28/21 without fees. The difference in fare will still apply. Changes must be made 1 day prior to travel.
  • United:
    • All tickets purchased on or before 3/2 for travel through 5/31 can be changed free of charge for travel by 12/31. You can receive a voucher for the difference in fare under this waiver if the new ticket is less expensive than the original ticket. The difference in fare will still apply.
    • All award travel through 5/31 can be redeposited for free.
    • All ticket purchases between 3/3-4/30 can be changed free of charge for travel within 1 year. If the new flight is priced lower, the customer may change for free but no residual value will be given under this waiver. The difference in fare will still apply.
    • You can now cancel your itinerary and get an Electronic travel certificate good for anyone to use on a United flight. Previously and newly issued electronic travel certificates are now valid for 24 months from the date they were issued.
  • Virgin Atlantic:
    • All tickets purchased on or before 3/11 for travel through 5/31 can be changed free of charge for travel by 4/30/21. The difference in fare will still apply.
    • All tickets purchased 3/12-5/31 for travel through 12/31 can be changed free of charge for travel by 4/30/21. The difference in fare will still apply.

It’s worth noting that while these are the official policies, many airlines have been offering free changes and even refunds to passengers who call up and express their concerns with flying currently, regardless of when they purchased tickets. It may take a few phone calls, but it’s certainly worth trying!

Will you be changing your travel plans due to coronavirus?

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All good for Air Serbia so far??


What about Swiss air ?


how many times can I change my ticket on united. I have a ticket tlv-nyc march 19, the return April 23. can I move the outbound portion up now and leave my return the same. then again on my return flight after pessach change that portion of the ticket if need be?


I booked a long time ago United EWR-TLV via Frankfurt for the end of April. I called United this morning to change it to a flight via Washington DC and they waived the change fee for me just by me asking.
Their call center seems overwhelmed though. There was a long time on hold till I got to speak to someone


It’s disappointing that March travel which was booked prior to March 1 is not part of many of these waivers. While domestic, I purchased travel to ATL for next week to attend a conference which is now cancelled due to virus. I have no use of the ticket any longer, yet since I purchased on Jan 30, I’m subject to change fee…. I’m sure I could use the voucher in some way down the road, but a real shame if it comes with a change fee! I’m on AA and Delta.


I also purchased a trip (from Florida to California) in Jan on American Airlines and cannot change it without penalty. That is unfair in this climate.

Morah A

what about Aeroflot and Turkish?

Chantal Modes

my kids are suposed to fly aeroflot march 15. the customer serv rep didnt seem to know anything today when we called

Aeroflot US to Israel

My flight is on the 17th from NYC to Israel with Aeroflot. I called my CC (Chase Sapphire preferred) to find out my options. At first, they said travel insurance doesn’t cover the coronavirus. When I mentioned my arriving country ordered mandatory quarantine for 14 days, the rep. said I could try to dispute the flight charges if Aeroflot isn’t offering a change flight/refund waivers.

I’m on hold to talk with the dispute team. I will update the outcome.

Aeroflot US to Israel

Chase wasn’t very helpful. They said if I did cancel my flights they can try to dispute the charges but they can’t guarantee anything.

This morning I called Aeroflot, as of my conversation with the rep at 8:30 am this morning, Aeroflot does not have the latest News/Updates regarding Israel’s new quarantine policy. The rep explained I have three options:
>Put my trip “on hold” without a fee and then be able to book a flight for a future date when things settle down.
>Cancel my flight and receive a refund on taxes and fees but not on my ticket price.
>Wait another day till they receive the updated information about Israel’s new policy and at which point I can probably get fully refunded for canceling the flight.

Tina Carter

My mom was suppose to fly EL AL to Israel the agency whom did the tickets as a group said of the $1080.00 paid they will charge $270.00 for the cancellation in which they flight cancelled not an individual cancellation all due to coronavirus
CFOIC that did the booking is claiming this and asking my mother to sign a letter of no claims three different ways and that they will not give her her money unless she signs this waiver letter.. something is not right

Paula Anne Owens

Who is getting the $270. EL AL or CFOIC
I,to, am loosing the $270. Plus almost another $1000. From the trip itself. Something does not seem right. They said the money was already gone. Gone where? No services were used


I tried 3 calls trying to get aadvantage award travel cancelled without a redeposit fee. No such luck. Any ideas?

Robyn Friedman

You have 1 year to use the advantage award travel from the date you originally booked the flight with no fee changes as long as you fly to the same destination. We changed our return flight from Israel to NY last year 25 times without any fees as long as we completed our flight within 1 year from the original date booked.

The difference in fare will still apply.

Might as well be in red ink


Anything LOT either TLV-WAW or WAW-TLV (separate tickets)


Check their website.


Booked tickets on united, basic economy for pesach, price dropped 100+ /passenger
will I have better chance of free change or by canceling and rebooking?


Which days had price drop???


after 30 days, booked on 1/29 for travel 4/6-4/20


How about turkish airlines booked through Orbitz. Was supposed to go on the 18th of march.

Any info will help


We have a flight to Brussels with a stop in Oslo/Copenhagen with SAS Airlines for Pesach. Do you think we will able to travel?


I have a reservation for TLV-VIE-EWR on Austrian 3/22 – booked thru United. Who do I contact to reschedule – United or Austrian? (United has a 30 min wait time, and Austrian phone doesn’t even connect)


Contact united


OP here- on the phone with United. They rebooked me on a United nonstop to EWR – no charge. There are many seats available if anyone else needs to change.


I have a flight to Paris on march 17th on AF, and returning on the 24th to nyc. I booked it a month ago would they charge me a changing fee if I booked such as long time ago? And if I go should I be worried that I’ll need to quarantine when I come back to nyc?


Will my trip from ny to isreal via turkish airlines with a stop in istambul be affected? anything i need to do about it? booked for lag beomer. thanx!


I recently cancelled Italy trip from New York to Rome with Norwegian airline
I did not receive any credit. Do you have any suggestions?


are united going to be canceling flights from israel to the usa


My daughter is scheduled to come back to the US for pesach on Aeroflot and returning after. Any information on how Aeroflot is dealing with the situation?


Aeroflot doesn’t deal with situations. And if they do have a policy in place, it is so obtuse as to be irrelevant. Like you must come down to our main office in Moscow Airport to fill out paperwork to request special accommodation, with a notarized letter authenticating your concern, a receipt of your ticket with an official raised stamp and seal on it, and certified parental permission to travel if under 18. Plus original documentation verifying your bank account info, in case they decide to reimburse you. You will receive an answer within 90 days.
Says someone who lives in Russia and flies Aeroflot regularly


Thanx for the AA update, booked a ticket yesterday and rebooking today.
And FYI chase portal now showing domestic cancellation (without waver – virus thingy) with cancellation of next business day midnight (like priceline).


What abt ly on qf


What about Tap Portugal?


wonderin the same?


TAP – For tickets purchased in March only I’ve read that changes will be fee waived. My tickets purchased in January however so I’m at a wait and see point for Rome.


Any news with Virgin Atlantic? I know is still early but I am flying to Israel beginning of May on Virgin


tickets on American booked with ultimate rewards are considered award tickets or paid flight?




Dan, Delta has adjusted their policy to include domestic flights. Also thanks for compiling this.


I’m not understanding the : tickets purchased until march 15th, were only on march 5th. Who cares about future purchase. Were worried about tickets purchased 1, 2, 3 months ago for pesach


Doesn’t make any sense. If we of coronavirus wouldn’t have booked flights


United wouldn’t give me credit for flight 3/8. Don’t seem to understand there’s coronavirus outbreak going on


Is there a reason to cancel a reservation for next week in Florida? Is there a chance flights will be canceled?




For AA (and others), is the waiver just for change fees or does it extend to cancelled reservations as well?


It is very sad that the airlines aren’t refunding tickets purchased prior to March without a change fee.


Just hung up with Delta. They said their waiver is just a guideline. If you have a problem with any airline, call them, they did help me out. She said each customer is an individual and they understand that changes need to be made. Try calling them and if it does not work HUCA. Because eventually you will get someone who understands and has good customer service.


I can understand the rationale of only tickets purchased after March will be eligible. If they want to help out, then allow All ticket changes for travel up until let’s say April etc.


3 questions:
When you book on united an air Canada operated flight do you have united or AC waiver policy?
When you book with Expedia etc. Do you still have free change? In case of multi carrier, which policy?
Dose Turkish have no policy?


Had an AC tkt booked with LifeMiles. CLE-YYZ-FRA-TLV. Israel announced quaranteen fro Germany on morning of flight. AC refused to make any changes to in tkt (despite 30 minute effort from agent at the airport to get someone to approve change).


Dan posted this earlier in ref to Turkish:

All international tickets purchased previously for travel through 3/16 can be rebooked once for use by 12/31 without fees. Changes must be made 5 days prior to travel.
All international tickets purchased between 3/6-3/24 can be rebooked once for use by 12/31 without fees. The difference in fare will still apply. Changes must be made 5 days prior to travel.


Any idea about Agean? My daughter is traveling from Israel on their airline.


Any way to reach EasyJet from Israel, to cancel a flight to Venice March 12th? They’re not answering their phones, and don’t allow you to cancel on line-I’ve been trying for two weeks!


Why is Alitalia not on this list?


any word on luftanzha or LOT?


Check LOT’s website.


I have called united several times but they will not refund my ticket. They will only offer credit valid for one year.


@Dan, ElAl has now announced that “due to ongoing uncertainty in the travel industry & to allow our valued customers to book with confidence, newly purchased EL AL tickets as of 3/4/20 until 3/31/20 will be exempt from change fees. The change to these tickets is allowed for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.”
It doesn’t really help those who have had to cancel trips such as those who were planning on attending the now-canceled marathon, who are now out $275 for cancelling, but I guess it’s better than nothing.


Hey Dan, I’m on a UIA flight TLV-KBP-JFK for March 16th. Any reason to be concerned about potential cancellations and change the flight for an earlier date?


If anyone has info regarding Ethiopian airlines or succeeded in getting a response from them, I have email, tweeted and tried calling them and haven’t received a straight answer.

Thank you


What happens to flights booked on Chase UR? do you need to book new itinerary when calling airline, or can you also cancel and get back points?

Malaach HaMoovies

problem is that in order to change an ElAl flight you must CALL and wait for over an hour at least on phone! No way to do it online!

Igal Avshalom

is it true that ElAl suspended all flights to the USA from Israel?


What about flying blue points tickets flying on Alitalia?


Am I reading this correctly? Can I book domestic flights today with AA and cancel (for a full cash refund)? OR is it just a updated fee waiver they came out with today.


What about Condor airlines?

Sancharini Chakraborty

Any updates from Condor Airline for scheduled travel in May


I have a May travel for Paris and Barcelona through Condor. This was their response- At the moment we can only offer a rebooking or cancellation with a charge.

9662994: Refund: 125.64 USD Taxes and fees, plus 70.00 USD Seat selection (until one day prior to departure)
Rebooking fee: 130.00 USD plus the flight price difference

9663036: Refund: 157,56 USD in total Taxes and fees, plus 70.00 USD Seat selection (until one day prior to departure)
Rebooking fee: 130.00 USD plus the flight price difference
A rebooking is possible until one day prior to departure.


They are money greedy, Condor airline and Norwegian cruise lines both are absolutely unhelpful, refusing to give me any kind of future credit or a refund. I am so done with these two companies, wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. I also have travel booked in May to Barcelona and need to cancel it altogether.


I had March travel plan between SEA and FRA. Condor had rebooked free of charge and offered any flights up to mid April’21


Booked Jet Blue tix for Pesach to FL 6 months ago (with miles). Chatted with JetBlue this morning via text. Cancelled without fees and points back in account, taxes in travel bank. Thank you for the idea to text with JetBlue. Shabbat Shalom.


I am scheduled to fly through Paris to TLV on March 31, which should be covered by the international travel waiver, but my ticket was booked through a travel agency and Delta told him that I am not eligible since my return ticket is in April (even though I am only trying to rebook the flight through JFK instead since that is my best chance to get there). Very frustrating.


Anyone have experience with Travelocity and a cancelled leg? Will they rebook on a partner or cancel the whole ticket?


Travelocity rebooked the cancelled Iberia leg to go thru LHR. (They would not rebook onto Elal.)


SAS airlines also added today Fee Waivers.


I booked a flight partially with Chase points and the remainder by CC, will I get refunded on the points and get my money back too? If yes, do I get the points and money back, or just a credit to be used within the next year?
Thank you!


I booked a flight on delta.com to tlv. they say 24hour free cancellation. does that mean 24hours from booking time or do they give you till midnight the next day?


From booking


I did research and this is the fine print on the website.

Cancellation request must be made by midnight of the day after the eTicket is purchased or midnight of the departure date of the first flight, whichever comes first. Cancellation request must be made before travel commences for the first flight. Available only for eTickets purchased at the time of reservation through Delta ticket offices and airport ticket counters, Reservation Sales, or at delta.com.


canceled it after 24hrs. it is the next day till midnight. good to know!


Any update on Turkish air for pesach time?


Despite having booked a ticket with $200 change fee in January, United told me today when I cancelled it I can rebook the full value without a change fee anytime before next January. Not sure if this is for everyone or just 1K.


Am disappointed that Norweigian Airlines has has not yet announced a waiver for Corona virus


What abt ly on qf for Europe

p m

Can i take courtesy of the waiver and change my elal day flight for a night flight?


will israel close their borders without allowing us citizens to leave?? and will they really close borders with the us?

Laura R

Norwegian Air is not waiving fees. We had plans to go to Paris and Tel Aviv. The conference we are attending is Paris is cancelled, and we are not allowed to go to Tel Aviv without being put into quarantine. Norwegian Air is refusing to waive the change fees. It’s maddening. I’m writing them every day.


Any luck? We’re in the same boat :(.


do you have an email? we have the same problem


Is Norwegian giving a refund if they cancel the flight? Thanks.


What about Iberia with a stopover in spain desitation to Israel? We are meant to go for pesach?


Anything regarding AeroFlot or Tap Portugal or Turkish Air?


Has anyone heard from Norwegian?


I had a united flight from tlv to newark for the end of the zman and moved it up a week and a half with no change fee at all, even though it was booked way before march 3rd, I did not even have to ask. So for all those asking, yes united will let you more your flight without a change fare even if you booked before march 3rd

Fly Boy

Purchased Tickets from Delta and JetBlue on Jan 21st for travel in April (on amex Platinum)
Any ideas on if I can get refunded or airline credit?


Just got off the phone with united. Had 6 tickets and a baby booked for march 29 going from tlv to ewr and returning April 20th. They refunded me completely after hearing that Israel has now included California, New York and Washington for mandatory self quarantine upon return to Israel. They told me they may start cutting flights to Israel. I am 1k, although I am not sure the refund was because of that or if it helped.

They also told me they are working on a structure for next year premier qualifications, I know that this is not something high on anyone’s list right now, I just thought I would include it in the post as they shared that with me on the phone.

Marilynn R Greenberg

Dan – what if many months ago I booked a flight on Austrian Air through United. Whose policy applies?


I booked a south west trip with points in July…am I skrewed? I had already changed flight once from previous deal


Turkish air is up:
Italy Flights: All our Italy flights have been cancelled until April 1, 2020.
Rights for our passengers who hold tickets for cancelled Italy flights until April 1, 2020 are listed below.

For our passengers who hold Italy flight tickets between February 28, 2020 and April 1, 2020, reservations can be changed free of charge, provided that the new reservation is for a flight taking place by May 31, 2020.


“free of charge for travel within 1 year.”
A year from booking or from the travel date?


If i booked with UR points. Who do i call to change/cancel, UR or the airline?


Great question. I’m waiting for a response too! Let me know what happens.


I tried the airline and they told me that it was booked through a third party and i have to contact them.

Alex Torgueman

United airlines mileage tickets…redeposit fee waived?


Needing to change mine but it looks like they are charging me 125 still. Wonder if they will be waiving that

Margaret Hecker

Purchased Luft ticket to Venice thru silver seas cruise line leaving USA Leaving May 4. Purchase finalized in fall of 2019. Flight home from Venice on Delta that has suspended thru May 21, 2020. Any info?


Add avianca to this as well

Hello, Aaron.
Due to COVID-19’s public health emergency, your safety and peace of mind is our main concern that’s why we have reinforced our protocols and continue working on taking care of your flight plans.
Estrella Book at ease with $0 changes
We offer you the option to change your itinerary without penalty, if you purchase tickets or redeem them with miles from today until March 31st 2020 on routes to and from the United States, Canada and Europe.
Estrella Change your flights to China or Italy
We enabled the option to change your itinerary in the same fare class without penalty for travelers with tickets purchased or redeemed with miles to or from China and Italy, through Avianca.
Estrella Travels on aircraft with strict cleaning processes
Protocols required by the authorities include environmental and surface disinfection. In addition, we have cabins equipped with filters that capture 99.97% of airborne microbes. Thus, we are prepared to detect any possible alert and act according to established procedures before, during and after your flight.


Thanks, Dan. I made reservations in Nov. 2019 to go to California next week. Officially American Airlines wouldn’t refund my money due to the early booking date. However you said to call and ask. I called and asked and they gave me full credit without a penalty.
The same thing happened with my return trip which was on United.


LOT is still ok?


aeroflot ?


Porter airlines too

Ed Travel

I have trips with Saudi airlines, Kenyan Airways and Air Asia and Malaysia airlines. Any ideas on the policies?


Any word about Turkish Airlines?


Dan posted this earlier in ref to Turkish:

All international tickets purchased previously for travel through 3/16 can be rebooked once for use by 12/31 without fees. Changes must be made 5 days prior to travel.
All international tickets purchased between 3/6-3/24 can be rebooked once for use by 12/31 without fees. The difference in fare will still apply. Changes must be made 5 days prior to travel.


Gotta love United, if the new date has a higher fare you pay the difference. But, if the new fare would be lower – no refund. Don’t these guys have a PR person??? And, if they wanted to be good guys, waive any change in fare. It’s a short term problem and won’t cost them much in lost bullsh*t revenue.


I am in Israel and have tickets on BA on Thursday (purchased a while ago). Will I have trouble with cancellation. Obviously I am not going knowing that when I come back I have to be in isolation. Is it better to call them now or wait 24 hours to see if they cancel the flight? Thanks!!


What about tickets booked through Amex Travel? Tried for hours and I can’t get though to a rep…


I have the same problem. Any help with anything? They just keep telling me it’s up to the airlines and the airline hasn’t updated with them yet.

They recommended I cancel the flights, pay all the fees and send a refund request in which may or may not be approved.


Why not wait to see if the airline cancels?


Dan I haven’t heard anything about Turkish Air. Do you have any info on them?


My daughter has a flight booked on Norwegian for a family simcha. So far, they’ve been difficult.

Sharon Klein

Hi are the Delta changes made only with flights going to and from Italy


Any info on ALITALIA?


What about a ticket booked through Priceline? will they do what the carrier does?


What about tickets booked on Priceline ?


Hey Dan, can you give me a source for that Chicago flight change?


Anybody have data points on Air Serbia. I haven’t heard anything from them yet


Modification of Air Serbia’s policy on ticket change
February 28, 2020
Air Serbia passengers who already hold a ticket for any destination in the airline network of destinations to which Serbia is flying, issued on or before February 27, with travel times from February 28 to March 31, who must cancel their trip due to a coronary situation virus, will be able to change the travel date and / or destination without paying a change pen * . The new trip must be completed by October 24, 2020.

* One change per ticket is allowed without penalty / date change penalty.


Hi dan not sure if this is the correct place to ask but UA booked with TK do I call TK and will it be free change?


Waiting for airline to cancel flights vs. passenger cancelling: does that always mean all airlines will refund original form of payment?


I’m on the phone with Chase. They said that Elal and United aren’t showing the updated policies on their site, they last updated it March 3, so they can’t refund/ change my tickets. Any way to get them to update it so that I can go ahead with cancelling my flights?


Turkish said they would change the ticket for another date for free till March 16

El Capitan

How about Emirates?


I have a flight to Israel for pesach. Will UIA change flight to a later date, if there’s no cancelation insurance?

Chantale Pick

We have tickets with Alitalia and one leg with air france. Any news on their policy. We are very concerned about Corona virus, we’re over 65 to.


Anyone know anything about TAPs Policies?


Is Delta flying from Tel Aviv to JFK March 12th , I have reservation still showing on time? [Cancelling NYC to Israel only or both ways?]


Hi i have a flight with Virgin Atlantic in 2 weeks
i called VA they told me to call travel agent
what should i do ???

Steve Fox

What about air Maroc? Any word?


AA New

American has extended its offer to waive change fees for customers who purchased tickets prior to March 1 for travel through April 30. The offer is available for any of American’s fares and customers have until December 31 to rebook travel for future flights. Additional updates on existing travel alerts can be found on aa.com/travelalerts.

Any ticket purchased prior to March 1 will not incur change fees prior to travel. Customers must pay any fare difference, if applicable, at time of ticketing of the new fare.
This is available for any of American’s fares for travel through April 30.
The new ticket must be reissued on/before December 31 or 12 months from the original ticket date (whichever is earlier).

Klm wrong info

You would not be able to use a KLM voucher for domestic DL, VS to Asia etc. Only JV routes.

Also SQ has now matched the free changes for new bookings.

Phillis Schwartz

Is Alitalia saying anything about refunds? I booked tickets for my daughter’s entire family to come from Israel to the USA for pesach and now it seems Italy is in lockdown.


Started a delta status match 3 month challenge less than a Month ago. Yet to fly. Bad timing. Will they extend? I have silver United. No big deal. But wondering ifYou heard on this, as I think I saw United adding thirty days to do flights etc. would love to bump to eoy or will let it go. Thanks


Are elal to Los Angeles flights going? I’m on flight march 15?? Elal says their still going. Dan what can we expect?


Hey Dan can you post details about Ukraine Airlines? Thanks.



Rina Saltzman

Anyone hear anything about Iberia from tlv to ny- with stop? Flying April 1.


what about Aeroflat


We are scheduled to arrive in Israel March 26 through Aeroflat?? Any updates with this airline?


Any news from Azerbeijan?


Do you have to call elal in order to change the flight without fees, or it’s automatic so online works too?

הרבי מעוטו

For Air France, is the voucher denominated in dollars, or does it allow you to book the same flight on different dates? If so, is it subject to difference in fare?

For example, if I book a $300 NYC-CDG economy ticket and then cancel for a voucher, is this voucher worth $300 on Air France, or can I use it to book *any* NYC-CDG economy ticket within a year, even if the new itinerary’s price is higher than $300?

> Alternatively you can cancel your trip over the phone and receive a voucher that will be valid for a year on all Air France and KLM flights.


Can anyone advise on other airlines?
Have a flight scheduled for Pesach from TLV to JFK on Azerbaijan Airlines (via Baku) and haven’t seen a single update from the airline nor cancellation as of yet…


I have not been able to get any refund with Turkish Air. Has anyone had any luck?

tracht goot

i can find info on reward tickets;
i have an aeroflot flight (march 15) booked with citi points & an elal flight (march 31) booked with iberia points (BTW, thanks dan! 😉
any advise on who to contact and what to expect?


Air Canada only gives a break to people buying tickets in March. Seems pretty self serving. It’s just to entice people to purchase from AC now, knowing they could later cancel. If AC were concerned about the issue from the customer’s point of view they would allow no-fee ticket changes for all ticket holders for flights during the same time period, independent of when these tickets were purchased. Many other airlines are doing this.



Mimi Whatley

Wow, this is so helpful! Am I to understand that if an airline cancels a flight, most will give full refund? or voucher to use within the year? I booked Virgin to London on Feb 14,to fly on April 12. I can change for $150, but who knows when things will be safe again? Should I wait a few days befire the flight to see what Virgin is offering? Thank you all, Dan, and everyone contributing here.


So what’s the policy for Spirit?


So basically for Turkish going for Pesaj I need to make the call before Monday to be able to make a change. I would have rather gotten a refund but can’t wait 2 weeks to see if the current Israel’s rules will still apply.

Manta la fe

Iberia just have cancelled our April 6 Madrid to Tlv segment and return


i’m silver with united and cancelled 2 one way award tickets on 23 Feb for a domestic flight taking off mid April . United charged me $50 each ($100 total) to get the 25K points back.

I just spoke with United and escalated to manager. they refunded me the $100.

Campbell Mary Pat

What about the mile reposit fees? Is Delta charging to red posit if trip was booked with miles?


My daughter has a ticker on Delta for March 29th. The Delta agent said we can rebook or she can get a credit to use up to a year of the booking date of the original ticket. If they cancel the flight then we get a refund. She wants the credit. Should I wait for the possible cancellation?


I have a ticket with aeroflot I a week and a half. Can someone post any info on that airline. Thanks


Aeroflot Update : https://www.aeroflot.ru/us-en/news/61703?_ga=2.58361706.1745112627.1583865721-2130651907.1583865721

10 March 2020, Moscow. – Aeroflot is allowing passengers holding tickets to/from Italy and Israel to change their departure dates, change their routes or cancel these tickets free of charge.

Passengers who booked tickets for travel to/from Italy and Israel between 10 March and 31 May 2020, inclusive, may:

– apply for an involuntary refund and receive a full refund for the tickets

Morah A

What if you want to go to Israel for pesach and keep your options open -until when will they allow you to opt for a refund?


I booked my ticket months ago with Aeroflot and it’s showing as non cancellable. Based on the above link seems like only tickets booked March 10 and on are eligible for refunds…


But is Aeroflot cancelling any of their Israel flights?


What information do you have for Ukraine international airlines flying out of/in to Israel?


TAP also indicates the following on their website:

Tickets issued until March 7 2020
No change fee for all routes to/from Italy, fare differential is charged if applicable;
Valid for tickets with journeys starting until May 31 2020;
New travel date must start until May 31 2020;
Change can be for dates and/or routes, in accordance to fare rules;
Valid only for flights operated by TAP.

Other TAP destinations:
No change fee for all routes to/from Italy, fare differential is charged if applicable;
Valid for tickets with journeys starting until May 31 2020;
New travel date must start until May 31 2020;
Change must be made at least 21 days before the date of the first flight on the original ticket;
Change can be for dates and/or routes, in accordance to fare rules;
Valid only for flights operated by TAP.

What I don’t understand is the “other TAP destinations”. Would this include my BOS-LIS-DUS flight in April that I booked in December? They still refer to Italy in the text. Does anyone know?


Anything about Sun Country?


Sun country is allowing free changes to all flights through april 15


Any word Azerbaijan Airlines [AZAL]? I have a flight for Pesach departing April 6 JFK->TLV


Is it a bad idea to book a flight on South African Airways? If they cancel the flight, I get a full refund, right?


No you won’t. They canceled my flight and are offering no refund.


What’s the deal with flights to Italy?
More specifically British airways


JetBlue just updated their policy


I booked a ticket (pre-3/2) using my United miles. How will this policy change impact me if I choose to cancel?


if i booked through travelgenio Aeroflot flight can i cancel or rebook through Aeroflot directly?


It looks like British canceled all the flights to Italy until April 4th is this true?


I just spoke with AC SE desk and they claim that no decision has yet been made on whether AC will cancel TLV flights through March 24, notwithstanding the waiver that they have already issued through that date for Israel.


List of cancelled Air Serbia flights:


3/12, 3/20 and 3/30 flights to and from tlv are on the list


Dan, at this point would you book summer travel to Miami with AA miles? Being that award travel is not covered by the waiver..

Kim Z

I have Norwegian and Transavia for Passover. I can’t go and be quarantined in Israel but they are not helping! I booked with chase sapphire. What should I do.

Morah A

Is there a deadline on Aeroflot for when you can cancel your ticket for a refund?


PSA: To anyone who is looking for flights from TLV to the USA, do NOT book on TAP (air Portugal). They are showing flights for sale, but they just canceled my son’s flight. The customer service rep told me that they have canceled flights to and from TLV until JUNE!


Turkish air has blocked their 800 number – you cannot get through to customer service to change the flight – 800-874-8875. Anyone know another number I can use ?


If I booked my ticket on Expedia for an American Airlines flight that I want to cancel do I call expedia or American???



Expedia if trip hasn’t begun.


I’ve tried calling El Al many times and I sit on hold for an hour with no answer. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks very much

shushan purim

happened to me too. needed to wait.


What about Turkish airlines in April? And will the quarantine call still apply?

dan r

why hasn’t British air cancelled flights to Israel when all arrivals have to be quarantined for 2 weeks?


I have a elal flight booked for march 29th. I want to cancel and have no idea if I will want another flight before 2/28/21. I booked it with a United Explorer. will that help me with trip cancellation benefits to get a full refund?

unknown source

thx for all. I have been unable to find the Turkish details as shown on your latest update.

Can you please provide a link or your source.

Specifically tha they will refund if purchased before Mar 5


What about Iberia?
I tried calling 20 times no one answers. on hold for hours..
I want a refund for 6 tickets that they canceled.


Dan- AA just refunded and redeposited mileage tickets- waived the fee.


Booked an award flight on United (directly on their website) yesterday to Turks and Caicos . Can this be canceled still? Until midnight? Ticket was issued yesterday. I thought it had to be canceled within 24 hours. If I don’t cancel, will their waiver policy work for award tickets or only paid tickets?


Hello there I have a ticket with KLM, and their 1800 number is not working they have FB Twitter Messenger what ‘s app and i don’t get answers from anybody. I understand that it is crazy but how can I change my trip on time.


I also hold two tickets with SAS to fly my 85-year-old mom from Sweden to California. At this time SAS is not allowing me to change anything unless I pay $300 per ticket. And it is only a one time change when they don’t charge. My concern is that we don’t know how long this will last.

Suzanne Ng

My flight to TLV is scheduled on March 14, from LAX to LHR by NZ2, then LHR to TLV by LY 316. The travel agent said Air New Zealand is still flying. But we will not be able to enter Israel! What can we do?

Michael Nicholas Hoff

Air New Zealand is not even recognizing the virus! My trips were forced to be canceled since I’m in WA state USA, and Air NZ basically laughed at me and said my tickets are forfeit!! Unbelievable, used to think they were fantastic.


contact info for Norwegian is


Thanks. Were you able to get refund or change flights without fee with Norwegian?


I tried to call KLM in Netherland and despite choosing the option for English they say waiting time is greater than 30 minutes, and they just hang up.


I have a United flight departing next week to London. I’m considering changing the dates to leave a few days later. If events change and I decide not to fly, will I be able to cancel it for a one year credit after I changed the date, or are you only allowed one change/cancel?

shushan purim

last month I booked 68,000 chase ultimate rewards points (@.015) for the new elal nonstop TLV-ORD-TLV for 4/2 – 4/27. then found out about corona. Called elal – they said they cant help me and that only chase could make the change, so I called chase and changed it to 3/22 – 4/27 and was charged $160 by elal. then found out yesterday via DD that Elal postponing nonstop ORD service till June. called chase and they said Elal wont cancel my itinerary (EVEN THOUGH THE FLIGHTS DONT EXIST ANYMORE!!!) and I MUST change the flights and pay for the change and fare difference. It was more worthwhile to cancel and start over. so I wound up canceling the whole trip altogether. for the cancellation, Chase charged me $250 worth of points so they only refunded me 51,000 points.

IN TOTAL – many many hours spent on hold, plus loss of $160, plus loss of 17,000 points.

Dan anything I can do to get my money and my points back?


On United, if still hope to travel (domestic) Can people change tickets to different time slots on the same days, without change fee, just to save money from the previous price paid? It seems tickets are much cheaper now, even for the same flights already booked, more than $200 chair per ticket


Had tickets booked via justfly.com and the Aeroflot waiver was “not showing in their system” when I called this morning. I explained that if you go to the Aeroflot main home page the waiver is right there on the top left corner. Even with that the agent claimed not showing in their system. They told me to call Aeroflot directly (which I already did previously) and was told I’d have to take it all up with justfly as I booked through them. I refused to hang up and politely requested to speak to a supervisor. After telling me the supervisor would just be telling me the same exact thing I didn’t let up and the waiver all of a sudden “showed up” on her system. Not sure if it was crazy coincidence or she was just giving me a hard time all along? After all this she was able to confirm cancelling my tickets with a full refund but the refund won’t show for 6-8 weeks which I find to be very strange. I asked when I would get a justfly confirmation that they actually cancelled and she said within 24 hours. It’s been about 4-5 hours so far and I haven’t received that confirmation, but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt for now…
Lesson learned – book directly through airlines or with highly reputable travel sites (orbitz, expedia, etc…).


Cancellations: If the customer decides to cancel the flight they booked between March 3 and March 31, 2020, they can retain the value of the ticket to be applied to a new ticket without fee for travel up to 12 months from the original ticket issue date.

Does anyone know if the new ticket has to be for the same person? British Air has a faq that says it does not have to be the same person. But United’s policy does not have much details.


What about Norwegian? My 19yr old daughter is suppose to fly to London 3/15 and I want her to cxl!

Amy Simmons

Booked flight to TLV on Turkish Airlines through Expedia travelling 3/16-3/29 from IAD. The only place I’m seeing Turkish will provide full refund is on your page, Turkish Airlines haven’t updated their page since 3/7/20, where do you get your updates? Do I need to process my flight cancellation/refund through Expedia or Turkish Airlines?


How to cancel flight Sanfrancisco to Tel aviv by El AL? Expedia and El Al is not answering phones.


I got through to Elal but they said that if you booked through a third party site, you have to contact them directly for any changes. Elal couldn’t help me


I have an El Al flight to Israel on Monday, March 16. If I cancel/change/freeze my reservation based on the current published policies and El Al subsequently cancels the flight, can I still get my money back? What’s the difference between cancel/change/freeze? Thank you.

Irene Turnercrombie

What about Alitalia


Is the Alaska change/cancel allowance either/or? Or could I change it once and still cancel afterwards?


Nothing from EasyJet? Due to fly to Northern Italy in a month!


my british flight from tel aviv to newark which was booked through orbitz was canceled, How can i get refunded? should i dispute the charge?


my british flight from tlv to nwk which was booked through orbitz was canceled, how do i get refunded? should i dispute the charge?


does this include if you purchased tkt though cheapoair ?


i was booked tlv to jfk on elal through expedia from thursday 3/13 -3/18. I changed it on expedia and they charged me via El Al 160 dollars per ticket plus fare difference. Anyone know why and how i get money back?


How can I apply to reschedule my Aeroflot flight?


I have 5 tickets booked with Spirit for $160 per ticket. Same ticket is $59 with United now. Is there a chance that Spirit will cancel my flight for a full refund, not just a credit to be used within 60 days?


Spirit is not answering the phone at all. All circuits are busy. Will my CC company refund me if I tell them that I want to cancel with the new policy but not able to since nobody answers the phone?


Air Serbia changed their fee waiver policy to read as follows:

“Air Serbia passengers who already hold a ticket for any destination in the airline’s network, issued on/before 27 February, with travel date from 28 February until 31 March, and need to cancel their trip due to Coronavirus situation, will be able to make date change or choose other destination without any rebooking fee*. New journey will have to be carried out until 24 October 2020.

*One change per ticket is permitted without rebooking fee. Booking change is allowed in this period without charge, subject to payment of any difference in price if the originally charged fare is not available on the new selected dates. All changes should be carried out via nearest Air Serbia sales office or Contact Centre.”

They are charging the fare difference.

Obviously, other dates are more expensive than the recent deal.
But the wording implies cancellations that passenger initiates – “and need to cancel their trip due to Coronavirus situation”

I wonder what policy is if THEY cancel the trip.
Anybody have March flight to TLV that was cancelled?
Did they refund, or allow changes without paying fare differential?


On March 9 Air Serbia posted this policy about their cancellations to Italy (no announcement about TLV or other destinations, since cancelled)
It indicates that one option is a full refund, and also no mention of fare differential if making change.
I hope this applies to TLV:
“Air Serbia, from today (Monday, 9 March), will temporarily suspend its operations until the end of March on two routes to the Republic of Italy on which it operates from Constantine the Great Airport – between Niš and Bologna and between Niš and Rome. The decision was made with the consent of the relevant authorities, and passengers who have purchased tickets for these two routes will be offered a free ticket change for the same destinations in the later term by the end of the summer season, free ticket change for other destinations to which Air Serbia operates from Niš or from Belgrade, or to be refunded. The Air Serbia Contact Centre will contact all passengers who have purchased tickets between Niš and Bologna and between Niš and Rome for flights during March to help them find the best solutions.”


Norwegian has this posted on their website:
Rebook options
We are waiving the change fee for customers who booked flights to or from Italy, the United States and Austria before 6 March 2020 with an original travel date up to 22 March 2020 . Customers can get in touch with our Customer Care team to change to a new departure date up to and including 31 August 2020.


United charged me $225 for cancel the flight to Frankfurt. They simply make money on this situation. No matter of your status. Will avoid this airlines in the future for sure.


what about royal jordanian?


how do i go about getting refund for turkish ?? where do i call [they dont answer phones!!! for hrs on wait!!!] or email i have flight leaving israel this sun!!! PLEASE ADVISE THANX !!


What about Ukrainian airlines

David Rosenfeld

Dan: Any word on La Compagnie airlines? I am flying EWR to ORY on April 22nd for a week. They are not returning calls or emails.


TAP has updated, waiving change fees for tickets purchase prior to March 7:


Cathay still enforcing fees on flight changes. And still adhering to their ridiculous policy of charging the entirety of the taxes of the new booking and quoting a refund time of 4-6 weeks for the original taxes.


My daughter is booked on Royal Jordanian Airlines NewYork – Tel Aviv via Amman on March 29 with the return on April 19 is there any chance to get a refund if I cancel ?


When is AA going to allow refunds to award tickets!


does anybody know what the policy is from air serbia if you booked through trip.com? when i spoke to them they said that those tickets are not their responiibity and cannot be changed through them, and when i called trip.com they said they cannot do anything for me unless the trip is officially cancelled by air serbia which has not yet happened for my march 31 flight…


WASHINGTON: VP Pence announced the US coronavirus travel ban on Europe will be extended to the UK and Ireland at midnight on Monday.


Why is El Al not allowing free cancellations and giving credit ? The government is banning people from coming and they want me to use the ticket next year ?
That ill
They are the Israeli national airline and should reconsider this matter and ask the government for bailout money that they are losing from cancellations


they charged me a change fee and i am not sure how to get it back? they are crooks. never fly el al!!!!


For cancelling any international British Airways flight booked with Avios, isn’t it always full refund less small cancellation fee?


what about azerbaijan airlines


Any information on Qantas Air?


my in laws have a flight on spirit and they checked in already can they still cancel and receive a credit?


What about Ukrainian airlines ?
Supposed to fly 4/1 want to get there earlier


wow Dan 300 comments! How many other posts racked up so many comments?


Can air canada refund credit be used for another passenger?


I have AA award ticket to canada booked months ago.
Are award tickets refunded on AA?

Return flight on Air Canada.
Hoping Air Canada will update policy to refund


Southwest has waived the fare difference if changing to flight in same geographic area within a certain time frame.


if we use ana miles to book united flight which airline waiver policy applies?

I dont even see ANA policy listed?


Dan, I tried changing my flight on United.com and it gives me this error message “We are unable to process your request. Please see the message below for details.
Ticketed/Original number of passenger classes does not match current number”…Do you know what that’s all about?


I am getting this message as well. Frustrating. Waiting for the callback now and will update if I find anything out.


Public service announcement: I tried changing the dates for my United flight on United.com and it just gave me an error message. I tried 10 times. I decided to cancel and rebook using the credit they offered toward any flight for the next year. That brought up another error saying that I need to call customer service. I called and it’s a 2 hour hold time, so buyer beware.


About United not allowing me to change dates of reservation online. I got through by phone, was only a little more than an hour hold time. The rep told me that the reason why I wasn’t able to adjust online was because I had a lap child booked on my reservation and that doesn’t allow me to rebook online. Otherwise, changes should be able to be booked online.


I am trying to cancel an international trip Mar 25th – Apr 8th via United. The website is showing a cancellation fee of $300 inspite of the waivers. Anyone else facing this?

Art Z

No. I cancelled a short United flight and they issued me a credit. Three days later, the credit was changed to a refund, without my asking.

Sarah Milz

Hey guys! Just to let you know. I changed my flight with Avianca this morning. Originally, I was going on the 05th of may from Cartagena to London. I changed it now to the 22nd of March. The guys at the airport were very helpful. Though, they charged me a penalty fee for changing my flight. And they did not let me change the flight if I didn’t pay the penalty fee. I know Avianca is promoting he Corona Virus waiver for free changing of you itinerary. Not true!!!

KS Kumar

Dear Sir
we have booked tickets from Almaty to Delhi via Moscow in Aeroflot(SU 1947) by 23/03/2020, but Indian government announced temporary shutting all the international landing from 22/03/2020 on wards, in this regard we are going to cancel our flight tickets could you please let us know will i get full refund?, looking forward to listen from your kind reply.

PS: my self KS Kumar am here on behalf of my co-brother’s daughter’s who is actually planned to travel in this flight


What about ANA?


Anyone know ANAs redund/change (redeposit miles) policy for booking award travel on United? Their website is hard to understand….anyone with experience?


How can we reach aeroflot to cancel? Their phone line is continuously “busy”…


Lufthansa policy seems to apply to awards.
Great way to extend my expiring miles.


Delta just sent out an email about flexibility for domestic flights until end of May FYI


AA waiver looks like it’s only for flights until 5/31


I correct that. Tickets purchased now are eligible if travel is by 1/31/21. Do you know if they allow rerouting, or has to be same itinerary?

Shane Vowels

ANA or Qantas?


DELTA redeposited my miles for four Houston-Lima roundtrip tickets with no fee. They also refunded the $74 fee for each ticket.

Sam k

Does it make sense to book on United now and use their free 12 month change deal? Will prices stay same through out this crisis?


Qantas has updated their T&C for cancelling and refunding awards to allow them to be fee free if they meet the conditions:
Cancellation of Classic Flight Reward Bookings will incur a fee of 6,000 points per passenger. The 6,000 points fee will not be applied to Classic Flight Reward bookings cancelled up until 31 March 2020, and where your original travel date was prior to and including 31 May 2020
I was now able to cancel my Elal awards online for full miles redeposit. I will still have to pay a higher award price when rebooking (90k instead of 78k) but at least I didn’t lose an additional 6k for canceling.


Is the info for SAS for cancelled flights as well, or only for operating flights?


there are some airlines which have some unpublished free cancellation on award tickets. i had 2 delta tickets on points i cancelled [the flight wasnt cancelled], and the points redeposited into the account for no fee [the webpage comes up with a message that it is unable to be cancelled, but they both cancelled and redeposited the miles and taxes].

on united i also cancelled, the website officially says you can cancel for future use, however only gives option to redeposit, it first says they will charge however on final page it doesnt show the fee. i have been able to check the cc yet if it was charged.


I had a aeroflot TLV – NYC 3/18 to 4/21 chose not to fly, called airline they said the refund policy is only for customers who had flights to tlv with less than 14 days in tlv due to quarantine (even though now its a ban on foreigners not a quarintine). Was told I need to submit a claim online and they will decide in 30 days since my flight was to NY not to TLV.

Whats the source for this policy? Can you post a link


(thx to dd for helpful info) I don’t understand “difference in fare will still apply.” does that mean, a passenger has to pay additional fare for a ticket price that has gone up but would receive a credit for a ticket price that had gone down?


Any idea if Marriott will be extending their certificates? Is there a post on this?




I am scheduled to fly on AeroMexico to Mexico City this Tuesday 3/24. I received an email that my flight was changed to an earlier flight that day. I did not receive any notification about the return flight also Aeromexico. Needless to say I want a refund, not a Credit. I bought the ticket on my Chase United Explorer Card through a 3rd party that had a better price than the airline. What should I do to get a refund? Thank you.


Any Information on Norwegian airlines I cant get through to them


@Dan SAA cancelled all flights until May, but they aren’t issuing refunds, only free changes until Feb 2021 – but you have to pay the difference in airfare. I got in on the $650 sale for tickets for Pesach (bought through flight hub). How do you recommend going about getting a refund? I’m thinking to dispute CC charges. What explanation is most likely to be accepted by the CC (Amex)?


I bought delta tickets with miles. The flight was canceled and here’s what they write:
“There has been a change affecting your trip. Please click ‘Accept’ to acknowledge this change and view your updated itinerary. After you accept, you may be eligible to change your flight(s) at no extra cost”
I don’t want to change, just want to get a refund. What di do you suggest I do?


Hi Dan,
Any experience on how Chase is handling this situation? I booked my tickets using Ultimate Reward points + cash through Chase. Travelling British Airways JFK-AMS-EWR in November. I did not board my outbound flight on March 13, the flight probably went ahead as scheduled. But my return flight was cancelled anyways.
I reached out to BA and they asked me to contact Chase since this is considered a 3rd party booking. Chase on the other hand keep saying this was a non-refundable fare and we cannot help you.


Booked Delta flight on miles on 2/9 to flight on 5/29 to a wedding, which now cancelled.
If I cancel my flight on Delta site would I get full refund. It’s unclear when I go it’s ask for refund option when I select it takes me to my trip details screen. Any recommendations?
Thank you


air serbia i have a flight leaving on 4/20 t isreal i can cancel now with no issues?


I also have flight on April 20 did you cancel or change date



air Canada said they won’t refund me to israel and only credit. What can I do ?
Please help


Hi Dan,
My son is booked on a return flight from Israel to Toronto March 26, which we had changed from the 19th before the outbreak. Due to coronavirus, he is staying in Israel. Do I have any recourse to get El Al to honor the return ticket if he flies back for Sukkos?


For Azerbaijan Airlines: https://www.azal.az/en/offer/545

– due to the closure of air borders of Ukraine, passengers who have purchased tickets for Buta Airways flights to Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa will be able to return or exchange tickets free of charge regardless of the fare;
– government officials, medical personnel and students may return or exchange tickets for all AZAL and Buta Airways flights free of charge upon submitting a document confirming their status;
– all passengers who have purchased tickets for AZAL and Buta Airways’ flights, regardless application date, can change departure/arrival dates free of charge and without paying difference between fares. For this purpose, the ticket should be presented (printout or scan);
– each ticket can be exchanged without penalty only once.


Anything on Alitalia?

Juan Montero

Have you any information on Arkia Airlines? I can’t find any policies regarding coronavirus cancellations or changes.


Dan-I have a flight with Air France from JFK to TLV via CDG this Saturday night and it’s officially cancelled.Can i get full refund or the only choice is voucher for a year?


My flight to the UK from the US leaves on April 22nd. Can I stay till then or must I leave before?


Aeroplane has extended the free cancelation to April 30


What about WestJet? Their site does t respond


Still waiting for American Airlines to permit redepositing AAdvantage miles without charge, and Norwegian Airlines to permit cash refunds for paid tickets.


Has anyone had success getting refunded from Orbitz for flights booked NYC-TLV that were cancelled by Ukranian International Airlines?


Having trouble getting a refund on my suite class tickets from ANA and Singapore both touching usa soil.


Dan if u can pls make a post with credit companies waiving interest and extensions to signup bonus etc. thanks dan for everything u do


I just got a FULL Refund for Jetblue after 5 tries!!! this morning it worked… my flight was cancelled for the way there and initially gave me a travel credit and the way home was changed by 1.5 hours so on friday they told me no but I tried again this morning without any problems and they said it will go back to my cc in 7-10days..

Mendy from Lakewood

If I book a united ticket now for a trip in august using united miles, will I be able to cancel anytime and get my miles redeposited?


If booking a united flight for November, would you recommend points or spend given cancellation policies? Thanks!


Southwest just canceled a flight of mine and issued a refund right away


Uniteds new policy allows for this certificate for anyone to use but is it only on flights with same or lower pricing what if its same route but higher mileage requirement?


United said it will refund the return portion of my ticket back to TLV. They said there would be no penalty, but the agent said she doesn’t know how much will be refunded. I see that the outbound was in T class, the return portion was in W class – so I presume I should get more than 50% refunded since W is a higher fare class than T? My question is, what happens to the “International Surcharge” of $296 – do I get back half of it?

Jeff Remz

American Airlines continues being greedy about this. We had a flight on Tuesday from Boston to Harrisburg, Pa (Excellent Ortho congregation by the way!) to visit family for Pesach. Not going for obvious reasons. Just asked AA via Tweet direct message about reinstating the miles:
“We’ve looked over this booking, and it looks like the flights are still scheduled to operate. If you’d like to cancel and reinstate the miles there’s a $150 charge for the first ticket, and $25 for additional travelers in the same booking. Your total for the reinstatement is $175.” Considering taxes and miles and how AA is bad anyway regarding miles, not worth it.
My response:
VERY DISAPPOINTING that American is taking advantage of people during a crisis and ignoring health and safety guidelines.


Just a data point from TAP Portugal.
I had a flight that was canceled. I asked for a refund but they instead gave me eCredit (3 weeks later) in the name of the passenger that expires 1 year from the date the eCredit was issued.

Maurice Traiman

Does anyone know if Ukraine International Airlines is refunding airfare for flights cancelled? And if so how do I reach them without having to dial an international phone number. I tried the travel agency without any success.

Jeremy Danzer

United cancelled my flight today and offered to put me on a flight 1.5hrs earlier. I refused and asked for a refund. They so far have refused stating their policy is that if they give you an alternative that is less than 6 hours delayed, they don’t have to give a refund.
I am trying to fight this and get a refund. Any advice how to go about it?


This morning (April 6th), I got a REFUND for 6 domestic tickets from Jetblue. They changed my flight to 10 hours earlier from JFK to TPA. I was on hold for about 25 minutes, and asked for a supervisor when the rep refused the refund. She came back on 5 minutes later and told me she was now authorized to refund all 6 tickets.


I had a flight booked through trip.com with air Serbia to Israel on April 20th. I got an email that my flight was canceled. Do I have to accept the refund or is there a way to reschedule my ticket for a later date? Anyone else in the same boat?


Got my refund from delta and American Airlines. The trick is you need to wait for them to cancel your trip then call them and they will give you your money back right away. I got my money right away!!!


Was the delta flight domestic, if so was it cancelled or just changed?


I assume that the Israel Aviation Law compensation will not apply to cancelled COVID related flights? One of Dans original postings had a link to the United policy but they are refusing due to the extenuating circumstances.


What are the chances our April 20th return flight jfk to Tlv will be rescheduled before Shavuot? Dan- your opinion is welcome!!


Forgot to specify:
Elal flight jfk to Tlv before shavuot
What are the chances


Jetblue award bookings made in April for November travel dates is fully refundable back into TrueBlue acct?

Edward Parver

My children have tickets on Spirit for Sunday April 12 to Florida. I just want to make sure that they can cancel on Saturday night April 11 and still get credit even though it would be less than 24 hours before the flight.


How about Award tickets with Avianca that are cancelled? By email Avianca told me I need to pay $200 and $25 to get my miles back and refund on fees/taxes.


Thanks Dan for everything! Hope you’re staying safe! Anyone have any idea regarding Lag Baomer in Miron if there’s any talk of it being open or no chance…..? Will ElAl allow cancelation in May?


In in response to my question yesterday: Posted by Yeshiva World News today:

It’s important for us to continue the tradition of hundreds of years of hadlakos being carried out at the tzion of the Rashbi in Meron,” said Minister of Religious Services Yitzchak Vaknin.”

“The hadlakos will be carried out in four areas – Boyan, Gandi, Mearas Hillel and Toldos Aharon. The Rav or Admor and ten additional participants will participate in each hadlaka and each hadlaka will last for about an hour. An effort will be made to set the time of hadlaka to the time that it’s usually carried out every year.”

“The amount of participants will be limited and entrance and access to Har Meron will be allowed only to those who hold a license,” Vaknin continued. “No tents will be allowed to be set up this year by Meron.


what’s with wizzes air?


American is waiving mileage redeposit (i.e. cancellation) and change fees for award tickets booked by May 31, for travel through September30, 2020.

I had a ticket booked this July. I called to cancel as I will no longer be able to travel even if the flight operates; the agent first told me that I’m better off waiting to see if AA cancels the flight since there is a redeposit fee. I mentioned that they had recently updated the policy per the website, and asked him if he could please check for me. He put me on hold, came back a couple minutes later confirming that the fligths could be cancelled and I would get full mileage credit and taxes/fees refunded.


Hi I have a reservation for October 21 on United to fly from Was to Tel Aviv with stop in Zurich the flight to Zurich is United and the all reservation is via United do you thing It safe to change the flight to Tel Aviv to Newark and Tel Aviv with United and not rely on the SWiss from Zurich


I am booked on the May 27 United flight 90 to Tel Aviv. Apparently the flight is not cancelled. BUT, I am not an Israeli citizen and Israel is not allowing entry into the country of non-citizens. Can I qualify somehow for a ticket refund rather than simply a credit? What if I board the plane, what happens to me when it lands in Tel Aviv?


AC extended until June 30

David Rogers

How to apply for refund or voucher for future flight on q United / ANA Flight purchased via ASAP travel in Feb 2020 because of 14 day COVID quarantine situation imposed on international travel (should request go to United / ANA directly or be issued via ASAP)? I contacted ASAP and they first said non-refundable but told me to reschedule for a later date – which I did but the quarantine situation is still problem because COVID Pandemic has not been resolved

Jay Jones

Can we convert the United Electronic Travel Certificates we got last March to cash instead?

That is, no more trips to fly on United in the future.


Is a Delta eCredit from 10/15/2019 also extended for longer?


United claims that they stopped Electronic Travel Certificate April 1