What Happened Aboard Frontier Flight 2878 Last Night?

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Every airline has egg on their face when it comes to mask enforcement. While some flight attendants let things slide when it comes to kids and masks, others police it like a hawk.

That has led to major incidents on Southwest, JetBlue, United, American, Spirit, and Delta.

The videos from Frontier flight 2878 from Miami to LaGuardia last night are both disturbing and cringe-worthy.

The videos don’t show the actual incident, so it’s tough to judge on what set off the chain of events that led to the ejection of dozens of people off the flight.

Claims are made that it was due to an unmasked one year old, though I haven’t seen video evidence of any crew making that claim. It’s far more likely that there was a dispute over older kids taking off their masks to eat something, which is allowed, but is an area that has led to disputes in the past. That all comes down to flight attendant enforcement and has little to do with the airline.

However multiple eye-witnesses describe flight attendant’s high-fives and derogatory statements about Jews as the group was ejected, which is nothing short of vile and certainly worthy of investigation by the airline.


Frontier was quick to respond that adult members of the group repeatedly refused to wear a mask:


However as others pointed out, eyewitness reports from non-related parties say that the group was masked and video evidence also indicates that they were masked.


As DDF’s @Redbull3 notes on Twitter, it’s a pretty risky strategy to post that without even promising an investigation into what happened.


Personally, I avoid airlines like Frontier and Spirit, as when things go bad, they go spectacularly bad with little recourse available.

This is clearly untrue:


My motto is that friends don’t let friends fly Frontier or Spirit.



Rather than fly with a plane full of angry passengers, the crew decided it prudent to call the whole thing off and scrub the flight:


Were you onboard flight 2878? What do you make of the incident?

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Broken record

Only an ignorant fool fly’s with Frontier or Spirit. People who love to be abused fly with these low rent airlines. The $3.75 you “save” purchasing their tickets is not worth it. You gain nothing. Fly Delta or American (United, that still charges for carry-on’s from NY to Mia, is only a bideved shebidieved)

Jack out of the Box

As Dan pointed out, these types of incidents have been occurring on the “big boy” airlines too. It seems there is no special strategy to avoiding such a confrontation.

My wife is think about flying in a few weeks with our baby who will turn 2 mid-May. The plan is to be home before her birthday. It happens to be that she was born very premature. There is no way that on her 2nd birthday we can expect her to be capable of wearing a mask for more than 10 seconds. If plans change and she flies after her “legal” birthday (as apposed to her “corrected” birthday), will the airlines be understanding? I think it’s not about policy but about behavior of flight attendants. (BTW she has recovered from Covid.)


It always comes down to which crew you get. Every airline has bad apples. When it comes push to shove they’ll back their employees 99% of the time.

Andrew L

Her birthday is whatever you write it is.


Be careful though because I recently had with United when I prechecked with a lap child that it said I can’t get my boarding pass online and a representative at the airport will print it for me and the representative explained to me this new thing is because they want to make sure the lap child is under 2 and they wouldn’t give me the boarding pass until they saw the child. She was 5 months hold so they didn’t ask for proof but I wouldn’t be surprised if the child is 2 years old that they would want proof of the age.

B\'Ilum Shmo

As in pay an additional $1000 JFK-TLV for a baby? Why would you recommend that?


It’s always been like this. You need to check in at the counter with a lap child and provide the birth certificate.


Is that true though? I thought children don’t need ID

Jack out of the Box

It’s international so she’ll be required to have a passport.

Parker Kamis

Check with the airline policy. Many will let you do it with a face shield. Also depending on when in may her birthday is I believe Biden’s “100 day plan” is up like the 12 or something so it’s also possible that after that airlines will change their policy. My little sister got yelled at by a flight attendant on delta when it slipped under her nose briefly. Some flight attendants look the other way and others are powerstruck that they get to kick you off the plane.


Just say she’s 18 months old. Nobody will ever know

You said it

Only an ignorant fool “fly’s.”

ted onig

I wouldn’t fly Frontier or Spirit if you paid me. I like a bargain like the next guy, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Or in yiddish- “Billig is Tayer”. This story is just icing on the cake.


In this case though, very similar things have happened on all the major airlines- Dan has posted multiple similar stories related to kids and masks that have happened on United, Delta, American, JetBlue, and Southwest. I don’t think Frontier and Spirit are worse than the rest with regards to this issue- it just depends on the particular flight attendant.


There is no doubt that Fontier should have had some kind of better reponse (even if it was an empty promise). The way they answered, just shows a lack sensitivity to all people in that flight that got canceled.

Regardless, this mask police needs to stop. These are the most rotten people.


“this mask police needs to stop”

And the whole seat belt police thing is also out of control.


Also the “no standing during takeoff” police. The worst is the “no sitting in business class when you have a basic economy ticket” police. We should all be free to do whatever we please. Rules Shmuels.

Not hating but really?

I literally love it when the headline says one thing and in the video they always ‘admit’ that there was more. One of the chasidic woman said “we were all sitting in the back and all the kids took off their masks cause they wanted something to eat…” I mean you can’t make this up!

I’m not hating I’m just pointing a fact in the video…. Based on these videos the 15 month old child excuse is not the real problem. Also in the video one woman is NOT wearing a mask and one man has it over his mouth and not nose. Idk the exact facts beyond what I see in this video but both of those are offenses that can get your thrown off a plane nowadays.

If you just come on the plane and sit down and keep your masks over your mouth and nose then you wouldn’t get into these situations… guaranteed…


Love the passive aggressive post. Why is it that these stories don’t happen with non visibly looking Jews? Have you flown recently? I’ve flown a dozen times since March. People are snacking and drinking the entire flight without a peep from the FA’s. In fact I flew yesterday with my DS who is over 2 YO w/o a mask and nothing but smiles from the entire crew.


Indeed. On our last flight from FLL-EWR, the guy next to me was with his mask not covering his nose. Even after we told the flight attendant, nothing changed.


Don’t you know that you can 100% remove your mask when eating? This is the rule for everyone.


My husband was eating on a flight they had served food and he was told to put his mask back on he didn’t argue just did it.


I recently flew delta and the person across the aisle was watching a movie and eating popcorn the entire flight with his mask on his chin and nobody said a word. The attendants absolutely saw him and didn’t care. One attendant also had a mask that repeatedly fell off his nose every few minutes. In fact, he took it off completely during the preflight safety announcements while demonstrating how to use the oxygen mask…

Not Just Frontier

Unfortunately this sort of antisemitism happens on every airline.

I recently witnessed a Jet Blue flight attendant warn a very young (2-3) child’s parents (who were visibly Jewish) that the kid needs to wear a mask, the flight attendant didn’t even bother to notice that the kid was eating. All the while, there was a group of non Jewish adults in the row in font of this family who were snacking the entire flight, not wearing a mask, and the flight attendant said nothing to them.


I was recently on a JetBlue flight from pbi and they were very anti Semitic to the hussids near me, wouldnt let them put their carryons on top, they took my carry on and found space and refused to let the hussids put theirs. Not shocking.


I flew on spirit many times and had no issues. You have to adjust to the get for what you paid for model. I flew on at least 30 round trip itinerary with them for ~$50. You can’t find those fares on any regular airline. I know that the day will come when I will have to make alternate plans, but the savings are wasdefinitely there for me. Ps being such. Small airline they don’t have loose aircraft laying around so they also are less prone to canceled flights because they would have to fly the plane empty to the next destination to do their next flight.


Jet Blue, Delta, American, & United out of the tri state airports to Mia are all charging $48 one way on Priceline.com. Spirit and Frontier nickel & dime you for everything. If a person has a low self esteem, they will enjoy Spirit & Frontier.


The crux of the issue is that if a FA doesn’t like you, he or she can just tell the pilot you did A, B, or C and have you booted. No evidence necessary. The pilot will back up his crewmember, even if multiple passengers tell him the FA is lying. The police will then come on, again not asking or verifying anything. I think it’s time every plane has a camera running the whole time. Until then, let’s all fly wearing live Gopros!


In the audio you can hear an off-video third party passenger say it was due to a one year old baby passenger.


All I have to say is that the frum people better have worn their masks on the plane otherwise this would be a MASSIVE chilul hashem


I flew frontier a couple years ago with 3 kids for pesach very positive experience. When I booked it wasn’t cheap but it was the only affordable option.
I’ve also flown spirit one way and United on the return to phl-las last year spirit was much nicer and friendlier


Let’s just say that the guys screaming “Jew Hater”, and “this is an Anti-Semitic act” created more problems than just being quite and complying. Best thing to do in life, is try to behave like the rest of society, and try to not be so different. You can look different, but you don’t need to behave differently.


Why? He is letting be aware of the anti Semitic actions that were happening. Just because you may be the type to let it slide doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.


I’m so sorry, but no. The people who made a scene were the people getting kicked off the plane. Nobody was gassing anybody, but instead they were being asked to leave the plane. Now because of the scene they made, if I was the airline, I would seriously consider banning them. They created havoc, and it was too far. They were asked to leave the plane, if this was correct or not, did not need to have it blow up into this. Should have gotten off, settled the matter, and gotten on the next flight. A small scene, I can understand, but shouting about Nazi Germany, and gassing Jews, I mean this is well beyond too far.

Shlomo Rabinowitz

no not at all. stand up for ur people


“the rest of society”

What society allows themselves to be vilified and bullied?

I recall some societies actually making some pretty big deals about it this past summer… And they were applauded by the media…

No one else will stand up for the Jew, may as well do it ourselves.


Going off a plane in response to an anti-Semitic FA’s whim is already acting very different than the rest of society, because non-Jews will never be targeted like that (I’m referring specifically to incidents where there were anti-Semitic comments made or there was some other evidence of anti-Semitic intent).


What do the airlines do if a passenger removes their mask AFTER the flight is already in the air?


The airlines reference to a bunch of unrelated Jews as “Members of a large group” is antisemitic itself. Regardless of the veracity or lack thereof, imagine if it involved a bunch of unrelated black people, the airline would never jointly refer to them all as members of a large group.


This is 100% true, couldn’t agree more.

Do we know for sure that the people in question weren’t actually travelling together as part of a large group? Can’t really tell either way from the video.


Youre ridiculous. What do you want them to say? “Those Jews”?


You seem to have missed the point. The people in the video are not all related to each other, so to assume they are solely on their physical appearance is antisemitic.


Ok, and if they call some African Americans who are targeted because of their race and then stick up for each other “members of a large group” -well what do you want them to say? “those Blacks”?


I understand they referred to the specific family-group on the plane, not they’re ethnic group

Shlomo Rabinowitz

kol yisroel areivim!! We are supposed to be proud that we are a large group, and always know you will be judged that way. I dont think its unreasonable or antisemetic to do that.

Yes, i think the whole story was very antisemetic, but not this point your bringing up


As a chasid i have flown in the past with no issue. I try my best to comply with the rules and never have i felt being picked at or harassed because of my appearance.
As Dan points out, it is very hard to judge since there’s no footage of what sparked the chain of events.

Having said that, I never thought of booking a flight with frontier or spirit thanks to Dan’s advise to which I agree that it’s just not worth it.


According to the video there aren’t alot of children, just 1 baby (or possibly 2) visible.

Hate United

I called the airline. They didn’t want to share the reason of deplaning the passengers. They just said that every passenger got a $100 voucher and were booked on a AM flight.


I feel that it’s important to point out, that we all know that masks aren’t very sufficient against the virus the main purpose of the mask is to avoid droplets (spitting etc.).

The simple fact that they allow you to take off your mask when it’s very inconvenient like when eating or drinking even on a short flight shows that we all agree that it’s not a solid protection otherwise they shouldn’t allow any unmasking even for eating or drinking.

The simple fact that it’s convenient (or an enjoyment) for FA to throw off people from the plane is disturbing, otherwise they could have ignored it the same way they ignore people unmasking when eating.


Even if what you said is accurate, it’s off topic. Rules are in place, and tickets are sold with those rules clearly outlined. People buy tickets knowing others will be masked, and that makes them feel safer. People buy tickets and know they have to wear a mask. You have to acknowledge that rule in order to finalize your purchase. Even if you believe all medicine is nonsense, you need to follow the rules of the ticket. It’s called integrity.


What about Harden forcing a trade???


Best line of this string

Shlomo Rabinowitz

its also a policy that children under 2 dont need to be masdked. people buy there tickets knowing this.


Maybe we get extra scrutiny because unfortunately there is photos circulating of Yarmurka wearing Jews not masking in large numbers? I myself don’t mask as often as I should hence when I am in public like a airplane type of situation I am extra careful since we do have extra eyeballs on us. And as Dan so smartly says we can’t judge there is no non biased factual evidence from A-Z of the incident.


Why does it matter? Is there any evidence of a correlation between yarmulkas and not masking? I wear a yarmulka and mask religiously (no pun intended). I would hate to be judged as a non-compliant rule flouter if my mask slipped off my nose or if I was eating something or had a kid who was having trouble complying. That’s sort of the definition of prejudice.


Finally an intelligent response!


What about the super bowl?? Did you see it?? So also non-Jews don’t wear masks.. interesting.

Isaac Klein

When you say it has to do with the flight attendants and not the airline clearly you don’t understand culpability liability of employees to employers


My two cents:
Frontier is trying to be Flattery to Anthony Fauci so he wont restrict more US air travel, but at the same time killing the travel for leisure industry.


Just want to point something out here. To all the people saying that it’s so embarrassing when frum people won’t wear a mask, or that they are right for telling/kicking people off and it isn’t anti-Semitic… it could be true, but it’s not exactly the point. The point is that there is a sinister confirmation bias at play here.

When a white Christian kid takes off his mask, they are more likely to be told nicely to put their mask back on, with the feeling that “it’s just one kid, one isolated incident”. Whereas when a visibly Jewish person does it, it seems that the feeling coming from the crew is “these Jewish people won’t wear their masks”. They are more quick to get angry, more quick to react. Does it make a chillul Hashem? Sure. But the fact that they have this idea in their head that Jews don’t follow the rules and aren’t concerned with the health of others, and even worse—by the fact that they judge one Jew by the actions of other Jews (“Jews don’t wear masks”) is a big problem. To do so regarding any other race would cause a huge ruckus, but it’s somehow excused when it comes to Jews.


What I have seen personally on multiple occasions is frum people having to be asked REPEATEDLY to put their masks on, and eventually the people asking get frustrated and may get upset. Frum people (and any people) who are not used to wearing masks in their communities might even think they’re being so careful in public, but because they have little to no frame of reference for what’s actually appropriate, and because they’re so unused to following the rules, they’re actually doing a poor job when they think they’re doing “above and beyond.”


That may be true, but again it’s the lumping-in and “confirmation bias” that gets me. If black people were being targeted for not wearing masks because there had been a few incidents of it happening, there would be a huge outrage that they were being unfairly discriminated against. If there was even a whiff of a flight attendant saying “a job well done to those blacks”, there would be a massive investigation launched, immediate suspensions, media outrage…


True, there’s a greater chance if the people were Black there would be a bigger uproar. But I’d rather not have to come on to playing my victim card at all. I’d rather be in a group that’s perceived as usually doing the right thing from the outset. Unfortunately based on behavior I see from many of my co-religionists, that is not the case.


Yes, I agree. But it’s unfortunate that people are called out for playing the victim card when it may be perfectly valid. I just don’t like the double standards.


greater degree of non-compliance amongst frum people has been too painfully obvious during this pandemic – at least in Brooklyn. Just far in greater number of occurrences, blatant and persistent disregard for mask wearing and social distancing rules, etc. Is it unfortunately leading to more generalization of all frum or jews in general – sure. Antis-Semitism? I think not. Will this behavior lead to greater anti-Semitism – 100%.


There was no greater non-compliance among Brooklyn Jews, aside from when Andrew Cuomo made his unconstitutional targeted bans on religion and then asked scientists to find retroactive scientific justification for them. Remember that there was never a city-wide mask mandate for NYC streets, and as much as I appreciate the guy who has his mask snugly in place while riding his bike on an empty street at one 1AM, we can’t expect everyone to be as mindlessly “compliant” about it like he was. Of course in a crowd, in a place where it’s officially required, or in a neighborhood where the vast majority wears a mask, everyone should put on their mask regardless of immunity status or beliefs, because otherwise you will stand out and people will be upset.

Shlomo Rabinowitz

antisemitism? ofc not. its bc the chassidim arent following policy. there 1 yr old wasnt masked

a yid

הלכה בידיע עשו שונא ליעקב


Absolutely! Might even strike another summer 2020….massess of improperly or completly unmasked mobs causing utter chaos.


I fly all the time with my kids and as soon as Biden signed it into federal law my experience has been that the flight attendants are much more strict about it. Honestly, if you don’t NEED to fly with young children at this point it is probably not worth it.

Ed Travel

If you have high status with another airline. Frontier is the way to go. When they do status match to their higher tier they will give you free seat selection, free carry on, free check in. It is the way to go. For what you bring one person in another airline you pay for the whole family. Sure no drinks but you can find solution for that. I think this issue was an exception and not the way the airline operates.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

You deserve a penny and a half change for that inanity


Bh I have flown a few times (with and without kids) since the pandemics hit without any issues. However I do know of some people -(nicest, law-abiding and respectful individuals) who were banned solely because they look Jewish. No need to vent or go into details but it def is sad

dans fan

I also know someone who after a flight with no interaction about masks got a e,ail they are banned for non compliance only because they look jewish


I flew spirit end Jan then the flight got canceled 2hours before they didn’t even rebook me
I was flying fll-ewr I found an open flight tues night fll-lga and they said it wasn’t the same airport so they can’t do it I called again and the person on the phone did it
I Upgraded to big front seat (big mistake in the face of flight attendants row 2 is a little better was sitting in row 1) they went up to the people behind me and asked for their boarding pass and scanned it then I asked they didn’t even know what it was about they did the same to me after a few mins I asked y did they do that they said they asked me to wear my mask on twice already meanwhile my mask was on my nose but not fully on my nose my friend was sleeping and the same story I want to different flight attendant and explained the situation and he said he will speak to her but they were not nice last week I flew delta and aa and they were not so particular about the masks although my freind was on the flight before on delta and they told him mask between bites


Masks on a plane is a Federal law signed by the Biden Administration. Therefore, you don’t wear it then yes, you are breaking the law and airlines have a right to kick you off regardless if you are a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist…

Simple rule. Follow the law and you will be OK.


When did flight attendants get so much power? Are their unions that powerful? Its like they have this massive powerchip on their shoulders now, and for some reason the airlines are ok with them being Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Absurd.


Any why do airport police allow this??? Didn’t they see the unmasked person was a baby?? Don’t they know that the CDC does not recommend babies being masked??

Shlomo Rabinowitz

no. they are untrained uneducated people in uniform


Agree if the crew made antisemitic remarks it’s terrible. But also based on what I’ve seen in many places, it wouldn’t surprise me if the frum people involved didn’t bring it on themselves. So many frum people don’t adhere to any of the rules and are just so unused to following them, that when thrust suddenly into a setting outside of their bubble they don’t know how to behave appropriately. I have unfortunately witnessed this personally in several different public settings, not just airline flights.


Frum people have a different culture which inevitably leads to unique challenges in many different areas. Of course we need to try our best to be compliant and not be an undue burden on those around us if at all possible, but lets not get involved with that ‘bubble’ nonsense. That is the argument used by those who constantly try to dictate to us how to educate our kids because we aren’t exactly like them. That argument has been made before: Vedosaihem Shonos Mikol Am, V’es Dosey Hamelech Aynom Osim….


Sorry, we do live in a bubble, (at least the more chareidi population) and when we leave it we have be extra sure that we are not antagonizing those around us.

Shlomo Rabinowitz

of coure. we live in an unacceptable culture with 1 yr olds not wearing masks


Thanks for trying to be clear and fair Dan. What I think is interesting is that they don’t go clear out the entire Walmart every time someone’s mask dips below their nose! And They didn’t empty out the football stadium when half the players and half the audience removed their masks by the Super Bowl…. The concept of driving everyone crazy on a plane because of a few stupid incidents has got to stop it is bordering on insanity!!


Shhhh, common sense is not allowed during a pandemic.


Just remember that canceling a flight and, if it is true as reported, giving each passenger a $100 voucher, means that Frontier lost a lot of money on this flight. Did they really cancel the flight for no substantive reason?

Follow the dotted line

It was because of the baby. Had it been because of the large group they would’ve asked them all to deplane. They only asked the couple with the baby to leave. The rest followed later of free will. They asked the couple with the baby to leave because of the baby even after they offered to mask the baby (!). Additionally after all left they refused to rebook the guy who took the video because took a video – have something to hide, frontier?


Yup, no video of the baby. I think it would be a slamdunk case in a lawsuit if it truly was because of the baby not having a mask- as Frontier would have violated government policy.

Shlomo Rabinowitz

The truth is, it is NOT because of the baby. it is due to their antisemitism. i can assure you that if they didnt find a one yr old maskless, they wouldve found another reason.


and this is why i am not going away for pesach this year.


As the joke goes, I’m not going away to Hawaii this year due to Covid. The other years I didn’t go away because I couldn’t afford it.


Not sure what prices are like, but this year, you may actually be able to afford it.


An amazing opportunity to do whatever evil is on their wish list, ready with a pre-printed due-to-covid excuse.


Kinda nervous now…flying American from Newark to Miami next week with my 15 month old…can anyone reassure me??


Wear your mask the whole time. Have a copy (or photo on your phone) of your child’s birth certificate in the event that they ask for his/her age or for masking up. Have at reach the written policy about younger than 2 not requiring a mask. Be respectful, clear, and concise about the protocol. You’ll be fine.


And wear a GoPro.


Also really depends on the crew. Some just have a chip on their shoulder and love the power trip. They will be very disappointed when this pandemic is allowed to be over.

Avram z

Enough is enough! If we let ourselves be pushed around, we will be pushed around. It’s time to organise protests against businesses and individuals who show their true anti-Semitic colors. We should be showing up with our voices loud at places like NBC & Frontier Airlines. Where are our community leaders? We should be at La Guardia airport TODAY! And thank you for the courage to the more modern orthodox looking folks for standing up for their bretherin. We are too small of a nation for the modern orthodox to be siding with the anti semites more often than not. Enough is Enough! The Jew hatred must end !


Maybe you ought to consider your goals and whether or not the aggressive actions you advocate will accomplish the goals you purport to pursue. Consider yatza scharo behefseido. As an Adom Godol recently pointed out the 3 shevuos which include to not rebel against Umois haoilam do apply outside of Eretz Yisroel (they are not just for Tziyonim). So maybe pursue your goals in an intelligent, well thought out manner rather than being reactive. Don’t make snide comments about the “modern orthodox” which displays the same stereotyping that you decry when applied to Yidden in general.


The 4 shevous as understood by Chabad and Rav kook are not to be taken literally and are referring to the neshama of eretz Yisroel it the physical guf of the land. The Satmar rebbe clearly stated that he lost the link in the Torah of the Baal shem tov .. it appears this was misunderstood as well. He was a big tzaddik tho


*Typo 3 shevous

The 4 shevous as understood by Chabad and Rav kook are not to be taken literally and are referring to the neshama of eretz Yisroel it the physical guf of the land. The Satmar rebbe clearly stated that he lost the link in the Torah of the Baal shem tov .. it appears this was misunderstood as well. He was a big tzaddik tho


With all due respect… This has probably nothing to do with a two-year-old. Even in the video posted, you can see a lady clearly taking her mask off…AND That’s with the camera RUNNING. Who knows what happened before, but that doesn’t bode well for the belief “masks were properly worn the whole time”

Shlomo Rabinowitz

yes, but the family who was asked to remove the two year old was double masked! and also, the video shows others werent wearing their masks, and with a group of chassidim im sure they werent all wearing one, but eyewinesses can testify that they were asked to leave due to a 1 yr old. it was clear to passengers jewish and goyish that it was antisemetic.


we actually flew with frontier to miami a couple of weeks ago. We were not questioned once about my daughter who is small for her age but was almost three at the time, about her refusing to wear a mask. my five year olds mask kept on slipping and noone said a peep. they were actually extremely friendly and put our entire family together despite not paying for any seats. they did remove a black woman with police for refusing to wear a mask. we would fly with frontier 29 dollar tickets again, given the opportunity.


And the bigger issue is that if your daughter “who is almost 3” refuses to wear a mask, you probably shouldn’t be taking her on a plane.

Because while you got a “nice” flight attendant, you easily could have gotten one that “wasn’t nice” and you’d be in this same situation.

Never mind the fact that others around you had to endure someone who was required to wear a mask not wearing one. That’s a separate issue all together…but don’t think people who maybe didn’t say anything to you didn’t get off the plane thinking “look at those people not wearing masks.” And this is where the problems begin.


Oh no the the tragedy of having to endure someone not wearing a mask!
Take a chill pill, it can prevent covid.


i forgot to add, that we are noticeably chassidish


Personal experiences so far is that it is totally dependent on the crew. I have had flights which were totally chilled and some that were insane Karona vigilantes. Anecdotally it seems that the female crews are worse.

Still cant wrap my head around the fact that planes are safe when packed like sardines but the rest of the planet is shut down. And you can take off your mask to eat but it’ll kill everyone else on the plane the second you stop eating. Maybe 1 day I’ll understand.


Must agree here about the female fa’s being more likely to power trip (and yes, the male fa’s will support them in a heartbeat) . To be clear, my perception is not born out of gender bias, but solely out of personal, statistical experience. 9/10 of unpleasant experiences with fa’s or other airline agents were female, for me. And I flew plenty, on a variety of airlines and routes/regions.


It may be dangerous to blame instances where we don’t agree with or simply dislike the consequences of our decisions and actions on anti-Semitism. It is probably disrespectful to history of anti-Semitism – true form of it that our ancestors, even parents and even some of us had to endure. Don’t know the full story but before we blame things on anti-Semitism worth taking a look at our own actions. When you start calling everything you dislike as anti-Semitism, nobody will listen or care when it really happens.

Shlomo Rabinowitz

are u saying that it isnt antisemetic to kick a 1 yr old off and that we are incorrect to suggest that?

Shlomo Rabinowitz

Also, besides for us, goyim on the plain were also very upset that it was antisemetic, and for you to suggest that it wasnt actually antisemetic is horrifying


My wife flew spirit a few months ago. Mia-Ewr. When she was boarding the plane she was asked by stewardess if her mask was 3 ply. (She was wearing one of the commonly worn blue 3 ply masks) She replied that she was. Well I see your lipstick threw the mask was the stewardess reply.


This whole thing is a bit absurd…I don’t know what happened, but in the 2nd video at the 1:00 mark you clearly see one of the women being ejected NOT wearing her mask properly (using it as a chin guard).

If that’s how she behaved as she was leaving the plane and everyone was staring at her and video taping, I have doubt about how in compliance she was in her seat in the back of the plane.


Be a mensch and you will be light to the you know who.
Be a thoughtless jerk and you are a hillul HaShem.

Shlomo Rabinowitz

Yes, ywn posted an article and frontier contacted them and told them that the issue was not about a 1 yr old rather it was about many people not complying.

Although there isn’t proof, it is clear from many eyewitnesses, Jewish and goyish, black and white, that it was an antisemetic act and that they were kicking out a 1 yr old. And eyewitnesses also say that frontier airlines flight attendants high fived each other and said “Job well done to those jews”. multiple witnesses saw this and reported it.

But, frontier correctly said that the isssue did not stem from an unmasked 1 yr old, because the issue stemmed from antisemetic discrimination.

“Earlier this evening, while flight 2878 from Miami to New York-La Guardia was preparing for takeoff, a large group of passengers repeatedly refused to comply with the U.S. government’s federal mask mandate. Multiple people, including several adults, were asked repeatedly to wear their masks and refused to do so. Based on the continued refusal to comply with the federal mask mandate, refusal to disembark the aircraft and aggression towards the flight crew, local law enforcement was engaged. The flight was ultimately canceled. Frontier Airlines and U.S. government policy mandate that all passengers over the age of two, other than those with a recognized ADA disability that prevents them from wearing a mask, must wear a mask while onboard an aircraft. To be clear, the issue did not stem from a child under the age of two.

Jennifer de la Cruz
Spokesperson – Frontier Airlines”


If other adults in this group weren’t wearing masks, why was the mother of the one year old told to go off? This is big time lie and cover up. According to the FCC a child under two SHOULD NOT wear a mask. I want to know why the police even told the lady to get off the plane. They clearly saw the child was under two, and the should be sued as should the airline. If both will suffer the consequences this madness will stop. I go shopping with my one year old in shoprite all the time. No one ever asked me to have a mask on my baby. No one tells me anything when my three year olds nose isn’t perfectly covered because she pulled it down. This behavior has got to stop and the airlines and airport police both have got to pay the price for this


Why did they make everyone deplane and cancel the flight? Another tip, fly at night and when its dark on the plane, your can take off your mask, if no one else is sitting in your row.

Shlomo Rabinowitz

because all the passengers were upset at the flight attendants for being antisemetic, and the flight attendents prob didnt feel safe traveling with angry passengers

a frum yid

A New Travel Option For Frum Hidden

Heimeshë Airways

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LAX-EWR 11:50PM Motzei Shabbos

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◦ Shomer Shabbos flight attendants

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◦ No television or entertainment onboard.

◦ (2) baby feeding rooms on all aircraft.

◦ Optional mask and seatbelt wearing policies.

Food & Beverage Options:

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◦ Reisman’s Baked goods available for preflight purchase at boarding area and onboard.

◦ Pareve Chulent and Kugel available for purchase on all Thursday night flights.


I would fly this!




As a family of 8, we fly Frontier and/or Spirit twice a year without any problems. Even during Covid. This is the only affordable way to fly for a family of 8, especially if you book the tickets at the airport. The difference in price between these airlines booked at the airport and any other airline, is day and night. We never had any issues with them. let’s try to stay objective and realize that flight attendants are the same, no matter which airline you fly.


Here’s some contact info to make them crazy 😉

Primary Contact
Trista Miller
Director of Customer Care
4545 Airport Way
Denver, CO 80239

Secondary Contact
Daniel Shurz
Senior Vice President, Commercial,
4545 Airport Way
Denver, CO 80239

Chief Executive
Barry Biffle
4545 Airport Way
Denver, CO 80239
(720) 374-4200


The number was “changed”


I flew with Frontier to Orlando with my family for mid winter this year. Both directions the flight attendants were NASTY. (We felt like this was a requirement to work for them). They constantly announce to wear a mask over the loud speaker when they see Jewish people eating. When people came to the front of the plane to use the bathroom they announced only until row 10 can use the front bathroom. However when a person of color came to the front NO announcement was made. They were so LOW they announced over the LOUD SPEAKER will the people of row 19 & 20 pick up your garbage from the floor. To top things off they don’t offer drinks for free, however you can purchase them. So they announced we have a limited amount of bottled water to purchase. A whole TEN bottles – we were “180” passengers. I will NOT fly them again.


I flew jet blue the other week and had my mask OFF the ENTIRE flight and no-one said boo!!
You get what you pay for on Fly frontier


Does Frontier charge for Priority Deplaning?


I live in Israel and have never flown Frontier but when I needed to book a flight for after Pesach from Orlando to New York [which whole trip the wicked Prisoners of Zion Israeli Government has now forced me to cancel] I remembered reading Dan’s advice and booked with another airline. I have heard from friends in NY how Frontier’s Florida to New York area flights are known as the “Jew Bus”. One reminded me how several Europe to Tel Aviv routes are called the “punishment” routes. Let’s face it, we Haredim live in our own bubble world. B”H we do not behave like goyim. Most people though do not like it when faced with others who think they are superior, the “asher bachar banu” complex. It is because we are the chosen people that others hate us. Why complain? I would prefer to have goyim hate me than lose my relationship with the Eibishte.


I flew frontier because i saved 80%, didnt have an issue.
When i flew delta, i had a better experience when i had a cap witg no white shirt, no titzes sticking out.