Breeze Airways Announces Transcontinental Expansion From Westchester County, NY!

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David Neeleman’s Breeze Airways will be growing rapidly in the coming years. The JetBlue founder started with E-190 jets and will have a fleet of 15 A220s by the end of this year. That will grow to 80 A220s over 6 years. His goal is to connect cities and routes that other airlines have overlooked while offering industry leading customer service and friendliness in the skies.

You can download the Breeze app for iOS or Android, signup for an account, and instantly get 500 BreezePoints, worth $5 for airfare.

Breeze flights can be cancelled up to 15 minutes before departure at no charge, with the funds valid for 2 years.

The A220s will include 36 premium cabin seats, called “Nicest” seating, in a two-by-two configuration at the front of the plane. It will also have 10 “Nicer” extra legroom seats and 80 “nice” seats in a two-by-three seat configuration. First class seats will feature a whopping 39″ of seat pitch and 20.5″ wide seats and a footrest.

Breeze first class “Nicest” seat:


The A220s have in-seat AC and USB power, but unfortunately won’t have WiFi this summer. Speedy Viasat Ka-band WiFi will be installed on the A220s starting in October.

Last month I wrote about Breeze adding 10 new cities this summer.

And now Breeze is selling flights from Westchester County/HPN to:

  • Charleston, starting June 28 (Nice from $79, Nicer from $129)
  • Jacksonville, starting June 30 (Nice from $79, Nicer from $129)
  • Las Vegas, starting September 8 (Nice from $149, Nicer from $314, Nicest from $324)
  • Los Angeles, starting September 7 (Nice from $149, Nicer from $294, Nicest from $304)
  • Norfolk, starting June 30 (Nice from $49, Nicer from $99)
  • San Francisco, starting November 2 (Nice from $149, Nicer from $294, Nicest from $304)
  • Savannah, starting September 9 (Nice from $79, Nicer from $129)

The transcontinental flights to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are operated on the A220.

Here is the newly expanded Breeze route map, this will be rapidly expanding over the next 6 years, as the airline will get a new A220 delivered every month!


Here’s what included in Nice, Nicer, and Nicest fares:


Nicest books into first class, Nicer books into extra legroom, and Nice books into standard seating:

Will you book any travel on Breeze?

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are the above prices one way or return ?


Is the Las Vegas prices correct??? Seems very high!


Fuel Prices are very high. HPN has always been somewhat of a premium market. jetblue always has charged more to Florida than they do from JFK and LGA


That’s amazing I thought HPN was an expensive airport to operate from


Great for monsey folk


If you have a morning flight, leave early. Traffic going across the Cuomo (Tappan Zee) bridge from Rockland to westchester can be brutal.


I wonder if jetblue will respond. Maybe launch a few flights per week to lax, sfo, and LAS. Perhaps, if their mint planes are available they might even launch some flights with mint to the west coast from HPN


Get over it, Jetblue is ancient history. They are becoming the equivalent to Spirit and Frontier.


This airline looks outstanding. Hope they thrive. Thank Hashem for David Neeleman.

Robert Cook

We flew on Breeze in December from PVD to CHS . Everything was great !!! Very nice planes and plenty of legroom. Got the flights for $39 each way. Will definitely fly with them again…


Incredible news for Westchester/Rockland/Fairfield county folks.


A220 Standard seating has on the left side 2 Rows and on the right side 3, wouldn’t that be an issue for balancing?


Consider that 25 years ago almost all intra-Europe flights were on DC-9 or MD-80 series aircraft. These were preferred because at least one door became its own stair gangway to board. great for airports without gates.


Jetblue has sunk down to just about the same as Spirit. Breeze is the bright future and what Jetblue used to be like once upon a time

~King Lake~

I’ll for sure buy there stock…
(If they’re public LOL)

L. Kovner

Any future thinking of adding flights to San Diego?


Will they fly Akron to Westchester?

Yossi from Flatbush

Hmmm, the cost of a cab from Brooklyn to Westchester airport is approx $130, more than the cost of a one way ticket. I think I’ll stick with JFK.


Off site parking close to HPN is $5/day. Let me know when JFK has that.


where can I park for $5/day?


I’ve gotten it on uncovered spots (but it may depend on time of year).


I know it’s hard to believe, but I think it might be possible that people from Brooklyn are NOT the target market for these flight routes

Admor mKrakow

For a round-trip you can often get cheaper tickets overall

reb yid

Seems like a good price for the product, unless IFE isn’t available, in which case many people will find it undesirable. Also factor in one flight a day in many cases, and lack of interline agreement in case of cancellations.


Hope he can get pilots


As someone who lives within 10 min of the airport, I am loving more competition. I used to fly out of HPN a lot when there were 3-4 airlines flying HPN – MIA/FLL/PBI, now there is only Jetblue. Sadly, I don’t think my options to MIA/FLL/PBI will get better.