American Diverted Tonight’s Tel Aviv To JFK Flight…Before It Even Left The Ground

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American Airlines’ flight 145 on Thursday from Tel Aviv to JFK is scheduled to depart shortly, at 12:45am IST/6:45pm EDT.

However, at 7:10pm IST/1:10pm EDT the airline scheduled a diversion to Boston. That was more than 5 hours in advance of the flight departure time.



American is showing that they expect to be on the ground in Boston for just 36 minutes before departing for JFK. Passengers won’t be allowed to exit in Boston, even if that’s their final destination.

The inbound plane from JFK landed on time as AA146 at 4:30pm IST/10:30am EDT.

I reached out to American for comment on the diversion multiple times, but the airline has not responded. I’ll update this post if they do respond.

DDF members and commenters filled in the gaps for the last AA145 diversion, does anyone have any theories for the cause of this diversion?

Crew availability and timing is likely the cause, though can they really only make it to Boston and not the extra 186 miles to JFK?

Are there any DansDeals readers on the plane that can clue us in?

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Probably strong headwinds, and concerns over enough fuel.


I was on an israair flight that needed to refuel at Boston as there is a higher requirement of minimum fuel needed to land at jfk
I doubt this is the case here


Does AA BOS get added to list of north American routes to Israel! 😉


Only for Kibbutz Galuyot flights.


Drop off Cargo


The check in counter people said “we were just told we have to stop to change flight attendants”


they always make fake excuses. need to ask flight attendants on flight


Old crew left and new crew came on


Basically one flight attendant called in sick so bec they were short they couldn’t work whole way to ny. They went off and went through customs and came back on as passengers


All things considered could be a lot worse.


crew never times out on flight and anyone flying would have had a long enough layover


ua84 just turned around midair


UA 84: We’re sorry for returning to Newark. Our maintenance team needs to service the lavatories on your original aircraft. To get you on your way, we assigned your flight a new aircraft departing from gate C125. Once our team prepares the cabin and your new crew members arrive, we’ll begin boarding. We appreciate your patience throughout this experience.


Toilets are stuffed…


ua doesnt fly arabs?

Lord Dima

Similar thing happened with Alaska flight a month ago from SAN to BOS. Before they even left SAN, it was showing diversion to OKC. There were no Alaska flights stuck in OKC so it wasn’t an AOG/parts issues. Still a mystery.


Just curious, the incoming flight UA 85 arrived at 4:27pm with no delays and UA 84 was scheduled for 3:45pm departure?


Maybe there’s an important governor official who needs to be dropped off in Boston.


Do you think this will effect the Friday fight AA145 ?


Do you track all israeli flights?


I am on this flight. I received no email update and was shocked to see we were diverted to Boston. This will affect my rental car and a doctor’s appointment I scheduled 🙁 Not to mention that I booked a nonstop flight and was not being downgraded to a stopover.

The check-in staff at the counters tried to pass it off as nothing, offering no apologies. They said it was for “operational” reasons and that we should be happy because this diversion was in place of canceling the flight altogether.


At least it’s not Iran


My husband was just on this flight AA145. The transitioning between crews went smoothly. He overheard the original crew saying that customs in boston doesn’t open till 7, so that’s why they had to wait that long. And the flight attendants had no patience, so does seem like they were short-staffed and overworking. B”H it wasn’t anything worse.
We did get an email at 8:45 pm alerting us to this change.
Is there any way to get compensation? They weren’t so forthcoming with any offers.

Rescue flights?

Perhaps it’s a practice run for more rescue flights? The ones they tested during Covid. Maybe they anticipate needing to do rescues from the Boston area as well. Kibbutz Galuyot on the horizon? Only God knows.