American Airlines Cancels Flights To Milan After US Warns Against Travel To Northern Italy Due To Coronavirus

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The US has raised the travel warning to level 4, the highest threat level, to the Milan and Venice regions of northern Italy.

In response, American announced that they would suspend all flights to Milan through 4/24. Other airlines are likely to do the same.

As the novel coronavirus spreads, these types of travel warnings and flight cancellations are certain to become more common.

Are you changing your travel plans due to coronavirus?


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Will they be refunding?




Passenger yields on US East Coast-Europe flights tend to be low at this time of the year. Add in Corona virus issues and the super issue of a USA warning and cancelling is a no trainer way to save money.


Can you fly to Prague?


Yes, they have an airport!


I know!
I’m asking about COVID-19


AA suspending flights to Milan through March 15th not April for now


I purchased a miles ticket to go to Paris in a few weeks. Getting worried to travel and be on a plane. 1 way is American the return in United. Would the airlines allow a refund without a travel ban from the US? I took out an insurance policy on the trip but I dnt think that being worried of catching something is good enough excuse for a claim. If have a dr note advising not to go, maybe that would work, I don’t know? Any ideas?


I have a friend that called his travel insurance, he is worried to fly on a plane and get sick sitting with so many people, not knowing where they have been, who they have come in contact with. They approved a reimbursement for his ticket within 24hrs after he made the claim. It is a valid reason not to fly. An airplane is a confined area with recycled air. The best place to spread germs.


Dan. Have flight to Israel- what’s your take on traveling?

Devorah Helfgott

My son has a flight with a stopover in Rome from israel. Group flight yeshiva bochurim. March 24. Do you think there will be a problem. After April 26 has one back through Rome to israel.


Stay far away


Alitalia canceled my ticket with stop to Israel


israel is not letting them in


Dan-scheduled return flight to Israel the middle of this month. American Airlines: USA to MAD-then MAD to TLV on El Al. Whole ticket purchased through American Airlines. I’m a US citizen and hold A5 Israeli Visa and Teudat Zehut-(married live in Israel). Just read El Al is allowing No Change fees for travel from/to Europe locations-which may be precedent for the immediate future flightpaths. Should Israel continue to close the boarders-how would one return home and any idea what would happen should the Israeli border close while I’m in flight from US-MAD? AA is unable to offer information at this time. Just want to get some thoughts. BH for Chabad!

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

If Alitalia was struggling before…

Pesach Moses

what should i do if my daughter has a flight with al italia thru milan to come for pesach? do i book a new ticket/ will ilitalia refund? could they switch me to another flight without going thru italy?