8 Things You Need To Know Before Watching The Eclipse Today!

"Diamond ring" as the moon covers the sun in Boonville, MO, August 2017
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1. Be sure to be on the path of totality; it’s 100% or bust when it comes to eclipse viewing.

2. Don’t be afraid of clouds. You can drive to a better forecast area, but some scientists report that during totality, we often see clouds disappear, and that is because there is no more sunshine enhancing them.

3. You MUST have solar eclipse glasses to look at the eclipse before and after totality. You won’t feel burning in your eyes like normal, but if you stare at a partial eclipse, you can do permanent damage to your retina within seconds!

4. If you zoom in on the eclipse with your phone to take a picture or, more importantly, a video, you must put eclipse glasses over your lens, or you may damage your camera sensor!

5. Bring a red and green shirt or anything red and green to experience the Purkinje effect. During the eclipse your perception of those colors will change, and it’s really cool to see it happening!

6. Make a pinhole camera! If you poke some pinholes in a piece of aluminum foil, you can hold it over a piece of paper and watch as the circle shadow changes shape with the eclipse. Or simply bring a colander with you!

7. Look for the scalloping effect as light filters through the leaves on trees that will produce overlapping eclipse images throughout the event.

8. Put down your camera! At the moment of totality, a lot will change: birds will stop singing, and crickets will come out, as the animals on Earth believe it is now nighttime. The temperature will also drop, so be sure to take in the moment and simply marvel at this incredible work G-d has made for us.

Also, be sure to Google “Solar Eclipse” today to see a fun animation.

One great explanation about why the eclipse is so special is that the moon is just the exact size and covers the sun perfectly, which leaves the heliosphere exposed, which is an atmosphere of supercharged gases. With the sun’s bright light blocked perfectly, we get to see a sky show of colors and flares that are always there but never visible. Technology can’t come even close to capturing this as we lack the ability to record and display the nuances and shades of color. The human eye, of course, can see this color display, which is visible about once in a lifetime.

Will you be watching the eclipse today?

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On my way in MO. Aiming for Jackson. Came in from California. Clouds hopefully will be gone! Flights were so booked, possibly bumped for credit tonight???


At least you mentioned G-d once.

One great lesson is that the sun is just a creation. So is technology. So is everything. It fades to dust. Grab Torah and Mitzvos while you can.


it’s not 100% or bust you can see in less than 100% path!




is it ok to be outside driving without glasses during the partial


Yes, just don’t look at the sun.


Must-watch lesson about solar eclipse:


Where’s a good place to see the eclipse in UH/Beachwood area?


IY”H from anywhere!


Anywhere in NY has glasses to purchase (or giving away) and still have eclipse glasses?
Are polarized sunglasses good?




Check Walmart?


I’m in Syracuse, but it’s quite cloudy, what’s closest and is not so cloudy?


see sukka daf 29 reference eclipse


How was the eclipse in Cleveland?
Went to VT trying to avoid clouds but the wisps of clouds caught up with us.
Made it a black and white eclipse, rather than color. Really amazing to see the sun get canceled like that. Causes me to think of a precise operation the Israeli army sometimes does…


Went to VT too! Completely clear sky. INSANE! How long did it take you to get back?


Saw it in Vermont too, and you naked eye you could see red at about 7 o-clock, in a
small telescope it was a nice prominence.