Targeted: Verizon Up Rewards Members: Check Your Account For A $100 Postmates Delivery Credit And Free $3-$5 Amazon Or Other Store Gift Cards

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Update: Alive again for January, you get a free gift card of your choice every month plus there is currently a targeted offer for a $100 Postmates credit, credit applies to delivery fees only.

Update: DEAD!

1. Make sure you are signed up for Verizon Up Rewards. You can sign up in the My Verizon app, you can download it for iOS here or Android here.

2. Login to the My Verizon App. You can download it for iOS here or Android here.

3. Select the menu tab in the top left corner of the app and select the Verizon Up tab in the menu and find the offer under “Rewards Center

4. Scroll all the way down the page until you see all Gift Card offers that may include stores such as Amazon, Home Depot, CVS, and more. You can claim 1 credit for free per month.

Were you targeted for this giveaway?

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I also got $3 CVS but obviously $5 > $3 CVS


Got it, thank you!


This isn’t a bonus reward, this is one of the options for you to use as your monthly reward. It might still be a good choice but some people might prefer to use it on $10 device dollars


So you keep choosing device dollars and then how does that actually work though?


Just used myself. When you upgrade or buy a device through verizon, you are able to redeem your dollars which come straight off the price of the item. If you put your device on a payment plan, it applies the dollars first.


I have $150 in device dollars but can’t use them. In order to upgrade through verizon they want me to give up my old unlimited. I did much better upgrading through BestBuy ($750 for s20+)

Harold Brand

yes. Thank you.


Took more than $5 worth of my time to redeem this stupid thing.


How did you activate it? When i try to do it through my email is says the site is invalid. But doesn’t list a website to go to.




I’m with you man. It is a pain.


Yes I would just choose one of the other options. I am thankful that Verizon is trying to help small businesses but it requests too much information to justify $5 worth of a reward.


So it goes to a small business and not you?


Got it. Thanks!!


doesn’t work properly as I cannot enter my email address and hit continue. COntinue button is greyed out


Not a bonus reward


I got the code and a pin how do I use it?


So do I. Has anyone knows how to use it?


I got it as an offer but it keeps freezing up, it wont go thru


I saved it last month, how do I get to use it ? Can I use it online by adding it as a payment method on Amazon for example?


You can reload your Amazon account with a $5 balance from it.


I’ll try that thanks!


Thanks JJ, got it


I saved it last month but showed up again so I saved it again but now saying it has been used it already can I take advantage of the offer twice?


I grabbed it up last month but I had issues with trying to activate it: Saying “it appears to have already been used”. But then the next day I receive an email telling me that I have “to click here” to do blah blah blah ….
Yeah, I don’t think so! I’m not in the habit of “clicking” on ANYTHING within an unexpected email from who knows who!! I call Fraud Alert!!!


Wow. I see so many comments about struggling to get the reward. I use Verizon and have the app on my phone. Its worth keeping there. You get something every month.
Lately I’ve gotten $3 or $5 gift cards beside Visa
TJX Brands

Not bad for your phone, you’re gonna have it anyway.


I chose this last month and this month and received an email with a link to go to my prepaid card. But when I click on the link, it goes to a page by prepaid digital solutions that says it is taking the security of my card seriously and since I was redirected from another website, it wants to make sure it was reputable. It says if I know it is, then I can just actually type the website into my browser and go to it directly and enter my digital token number, but I don’t know what the actual website is, so I have not been able to access the either prepaid card. Lame!

Lacey R Hubka

Same thing is happening to me!!

Nicole Allee

This happened to me too! Did you ever figure it out?


No, but I just sent Verizon a message. Let’s see if they answer me and help me to access my two cards! I’ll let you know if they do!


I figured out the problem! After messaging Verizon who told me to call a Verizon # who then told me to call a Visa #, as I was following her instructions (to no avail), it dawned on me! There’s an issue with trying to access the link using Google Chrome as your browser! I used Internet Explorer and it worked fine! To do so: type into Explorer. Once on the page (My Digital Wallet), type the prepaid digital token # (found in the email sent to you when you chose the Verizon Up Reward). Then continue with the prompts (type in name, address, etc.). Once you enter all necessary info, you should get the virtual card (with #, exp. date, and CVV #). It worked for both cards I had chosen (April’s reward and May’s reward). If you try this, let me know if it worked out for you! Good luck!


Do u remember who the email was from that went to your email when u redeemed the GC? I’m having trouble locating the email when I had first claimed the reward but never used the gift card.

History Buff

This works for me every month, no issue. I use it for Amazon. You can load it on to a $5.00 Amazon gift card on the Amazon site which gets credited in a minute or two. When you buy something and checkout the 5.00 is deducted from the amount due. This is a 5.00 discount off my Verizon bill every month.




I don’t see any “Bonus Rewards” right now. Just the normal monthly rewards (in this case June), and Amazon is not among them.


I have $3 coffee


Amazon is one of them in the “choose your favorite”, but it is only $3


There’s also a nice offer to donate $5 for child hunger. Also I liked it better back when you’d get reward credits based on how much you pay Verizon.


I took a gig of bonus data… useful when traveling in the summer


Bonus data expires after 3 months. In my experience its 3 months from choosing reward even if you claim the actual data later it still will expire within the 3 months. i tried calling Verizon as the terms seem to say its 90 days from claiming, but I had no luck with them. The Verizon up department has no way to reissue rewards and can’t even view my rewards account!


Dan, the Verizon Up program no longer uses “credits” to claim the monthly reward. Each month, you simply claim the reward.


is Verizon up rewards available for Verizon business accounts?

Be happy

I really don’t understand why this keeps on getting posted as a “deal”. This is just Verizons reward program, “Verizon Up” in which you can claim a reward EVERY MONTH if enrolled. It’s been going on for years. Sometimes they offer a bonus credit (ex, a free $5 gift card) in addition to the monthly reward. When that happens, post it! Otherwise- it’s like posting “Hey guess what? You get points if you spend with your credit card that you can cash in for rewards!”


This month I got for the first time to get $0.25 off per gallon on gas stations


Anyone else get an error message 8N (Unable to process your request please try again later) when trying to select? Been getting the message since March….


I am getting the same error, frustrating.


Anyone to talk to? Paying so much money and not even reaping rewards. Frustrating indeed!


What issue are you having?


The same error message with error code 8N pops up whenever I’ve tried doing anything but pay a bill since March. Verizon tech said they’ve never seen the error code which is hard to believe.


10 for me +5 for monthly


I got $5 device dollars and $100 post mates.


I got the Postmates credit but it is credit for DELIVERY only…what a bummer…


That’s a bummer, I was quite excited that I got it


You mean only for delivery fees ?


correct- the credit is only applied towards delivery fees, not the food itself.

Dani W

Any way to sell this postmates credit? Is this something people would be interested in buying?


I got the $100 to postmates, thanx!! It’s a bonus reward which means you don’t use up your monthly credit by claiming. recently they have had some good super ticket rewards (can claim once every 6 months using monthly reward) JBL speaker, apple airpods and samsung buds, you have to keep checking app.


Regarding the $100 Postmates reward, do you need to use it in one order or can it be used over multiple orders?