T-Mobile Project 10 Million: Get 100GB Of Mobile Data/Year For 5 Years And A Free Mobile Hotspot For Eligible Families

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T-Mobile Project 10 Million: Get 100GB Of Mobile Data/Year For 5 Years And A Free Mobile Hotspot For Eligible Families 

Check eligibility via the link above.

To qualify for Project 10Million Direct to Parent/Guardian, you’ll need to provide:

  • Proof of enrollment in the National School Lunch Program dated within the last 12 months,
  • Your student’s school district and ID number, and
  • Basic contact information (name, address, etc.).

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100gb a year kills this.


It’s free!


Good for road trips when no internet in the car. Can use the hotspot for laptop, tablet internet access


I never received a letter that my child is enrolled in the National School Lunch program, how do I get one?


How do you get a child’s student ID number?


How good is T-Mobile services/coverage in the NYC area? I am considering to switch from google-fi. Do they drop calls a lot?


Which part of NYC?
I get close to 300 MPB with my 5G phone


Brooklyn (BP or Willy)


Good in those areas…not upstate though


How about for teachers also?

Trump Is King !

Please explain for us regular people !
Is this a cell phone ? A computer ?
Do we need to first buy a phone ?






What does it mean They give you a mobile hotspot?
Is that a device? How exactly does it work?


Yes it’s a small device that has WiFi build in, and then you could connect to it any device (ipad’s in the car for an example ..)


Does it include us Sprint customers?


A mobile hot spot is a device that emits wifi that can be logged into with a phone, laptop, etc.
An average of 8.3 GB each month is good for light use.


How get proof of eligibility for the National School Lunch Program? My kids get kiwikids but in IL due to Covid there is no in-school lunches


No school issues letter saying who did or did not qualified for school lunch program . They should get this from school if they have doubt.


Does the 100gb of data need to be used with the hotspot or can I use that data on my existing T-Mobile cellphone??


My kid is in a CEP school so they do not get individual approval for each child could I still qualify?


What they ask is bull! No school in America issues such letter regarding national lunch program even not by public schools. They should verify this info with the school and they can with the info you provide. T-Mobile is doing this to make them look good !


My school does- I just had to ask for it. Maybe you should try asking.


my ordered was processed and will be shipped.

I got all the info needed from my kids school, besides for proof that they are enrolled in lunch program, the school claims that the state stopped sending those letters and they have a new way of verifying it, but I found a form online that my school needs to fill out, here’s the direct link: http://www.cn.nysed.gov/common/cn/files/attiiicertofacceptpubandnonpub.pdf …i think this is enough for proof…but the school didn’t fill it out yet, but anyway I uploaded the blank sheet and then continued to finish the application.

only problem is…when signing the consent i had to agree to this “Eligibility. You have provided valid proof of eligibility to receive this rate plan and if the documentation is not valid, we will cancel your service and you will need to return the hotspot device we provided to you.”

so its still possible it wont go through.


follow up…
i got an email this morning with tracking that my item shipped…then got a second email that they were unable to verify the documents i uploaded, so i asked my kids school to type up a letter they my kids are qualified…hope its enough


How did you guys go past the field “school district” in step 4? It only lets you select from a drop down but there is none!


Dropdown will activate once you start typing. Dont see private schools on the list


Did this yesterday (NJ) and it worked fine. When you start typing Lakewood in the school district, it comes up. I asked my school for the letter and they sent it to me, and thats what I uploaded. Got notification this morning that my device has been shipped. Pretty cool! Thanks Dan!


So children learning in private schools can’t sign up for this promotion?


They absolutely can, just get the letter from your school. The person in charge of school lunch should be able to send to you if you send them the description from t-mobile of what they want. Teh school disrict is the same whether public schools or private.


cant find my school at school district


Thanks IW,
where can I find school district for my area (Satmer williamsburg) ? And student ID number is just ABCD-1234? Or it’s something official part of the lunch program certification letter??


I am not sure of your particular area, in mine theres only one in Lakewood so as soon as I started typing it came up, maybe if you start typing Williamsburg or ask your school?
I just put 613 as student ID#, there is none on the lunch certification letter, just the names.


I asked the school and they provided the student ID #. There needs to be an ID# for the lunch program, you just don’t know it 🙂


Make sure you all enter everything in correct because it isa pain trying to get help to correct shipping and any other issues.