SIZZLING!!! Get A Free 8×11 Hardcover Classic Photo Book And 50 Free Prints From Snapfish!

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Update 2: DEAD!

Update: This deal is still alive!

Originally posted on 01/06:

Snapfish Promo Linky

Just open an account with the link above, upload pictures, and your first 50 free pictures will be free.

You are able to share already uploaded albums and pictures between different snapfish accounts easily!

You can also get a free hardcover 8×11 classic 20 page photo book (limit 1 per account), here’s how:
-Step 1: Open a Snapfish account with the link above.
-Step 2: Upload at least 1 picture to activate the offer.
-Step 3: Click on this link to take you directly to the classic photo books.
-Step 4: Select any design and then select the $24.99 option and continue. (other options may be possible with a $24.99 discount)
-Step 5: Create the photo book and add it to your cart.
-Step 6: Check out. On the page when you enter your billing info will be a post for a coupon code. Use the following code: YAYFREEBOOK
-Step 7: The book will price out as free on the next page and shipping is just $6.99!

This offer may end at any time, so make one now if you want it!

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Thanks for this one! Been waiting a year and a half for my son and daughter-in law to pass on their wedding pics so that I can pick out my album! Now I will have my album thanks to this free deal and all the scanned photos I have!


I love making photo books, I make one for every vacation I take!


is the photobook only free if you open up a new account?


@Dan: wow. Good thing u pick em up for free 😉


when is this good till


can l do the book for free if am not opening a new account?
and untill when is this offer?


Thanx Dan! I ordered 2 separate photobooks from different accounts…not even new accounts and the code worked! All i had to pay is $7.61 for shipping…yay!


Do I have to open a new account or can I use my existing one?

Lora S

Does the offer for a free hardcover 8×11 classic 20 page photo book work if you have already joined


can I just do the 50 free prints and get free shipping?


First, I don’t understand because when I click on the link it says that particular photobok starts at 34.99 not 24.99. Second, I went ahead and did one anyway and went to apply the coupon and it did NOT work but gave no reason why? It did show the coupon was a real snapfish coupon though, and is valid from 7/2010 to 3/31/11. So I suppose it should work, but it doesn’t for me (I am not a new customer, so maybe that is why? Don’t know..)


You need to choose the $24.99 cover for this code.
The other Snapfish deal should work on the $34.99 book.

how do i....

how can i share pictures from a previously opened account to a new account taht i got to get my free book?


exp. 3-31-2011 according the their reps.

is it still workin

was wondering if ths gr8 deal is still on


@is it still workin:
It should be.


I just ordered my free book! thank you!


just ordered one on an old account and it worked!!!! Thanks Dan


just ordered on old account and it worked too… thanks dan is right


You had an old code for supposedly all photo books… but it doesnt seem to be working anymore 🙁 after i worked really hard on a 12×12 album 🙁 🙁 🙁 any tips Dan?! 🙁


Try calling them?

just wondering

Which code do u need to use in order to get The other Snapfish deal which u replied to laura that should work on the $34.99 book.


@just wondering:
It’s dead.


Dan, Just wondering if you got the email from spg for a free photo book from them (plantinum members)?


any deals on 8×8 photo books??


Thanks Dan! just ordered on an old account


is this deal still working? I tried and it didn’t seem to


It should be.
It only works for the $24.99 8×11 book option though.

got 2!

i ordered one from an old acount, then shared it to a differetn account and ordered a scond copy!! amazing !! 7.61 each!
to how do i – you have to create and save the project in one snapfish account and thenshare the projeect with an email address that is attached to a different snapfish account. then go into the mail and view the album – make sure you have signed out of the first snapfish account and you now sign back in to the second one. once in the second accoutn, click on view friends projects – it wont come up i you jsut click on view projects! you have to click on view frineds (either photos or album – whichever you want…
it should work! it took me a while to do but was worth it in the end!

not working

The code is not working I created a book and now it says the code is not valid is there another code to use or did this expire??


Doesn’t work anymore.


Is this still working, anyone know?


This coupon code is account specific and only valid for certain users who received an exclusive email from one of our partners.” It is applicable for the Flickr cobrand users only, I suggest you to use the coupon MY2010BOOK to get 25% off + free standard shipping on photo book order.