Signup For National Emerald Club Or Upgrade Your Existing Membership To Executive Elite Status For Free!

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Signup For National Emerald Club Or Upgrade Your Existing Membership To Executive Elite Status For Free!

Signup for National Emerald Club via the link above or login to your existing membership via the link above and you’ll automatically get Executive Elite status through 2/28/20.

Just click on the Executive Elite enrollment button and then click on the enroll now or sign in button.

  • Earn 1 rental credit for every qualified car rental. Free Rental Day = 5 credits.
  • With Executive Elite status the free rental day is valid on any car class with no blackout dates!
  • Choose any car (Fullsize and above) in the Executive Area and only pay the Midsize rate (in US and Canada). Plus get additional Executive Elite upgrades including luxury cars
  • Executive Elites can always reserve a car with 24 hours notice, even if the location is sold out.
  • In the US and Canada you’re always guaranteed a free upgrade when you reserve using the Midsize rate.

Officially this is targeted to AMEX cardholders, but I was able to enroll with my Sapphire Reserve card, which gives free primary car rental insurance. AMEX cards only provide secondary coverage on rental cars unless you call to enroll in a program that costs $20/rental to upgrade the secondary coverage to primary coverage.

If you pay for a rental by 1/31/19 with an AMEX you will earn 5 rental credits which can be redeemed for 1 free rental car day in any car class with no blackout dates!

The free rental day expires 12/31 of the calendar year following the year in which the credits were earned.


JJ reserved a midsize car in Maui over Sukkos and was upgraded from a reserved midsize to this 430i hardtop convertible (seen on top of Haleakala where he took this sunrise video) for free with his Executive Elite status:


Once you sign up for this status you can do a status match to various other car rental companies and also receive high level elite status.

Hertz: Email your current Hertz Gold number and a picture of your National status to

Enterprise: Apply for status here.

Sixt: You can apply for Platinum status via this link (You may or may not automatically receive Platinum status, no need to match for this.)

What other free statuses do you have?

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Doesn’t the sapphire reserve give you executive status?


How can i get executive status with chase sapphire reserve?


How do I get the status? Im already an emerald club member. Do i just click on the link and it will work automatically?


sign in through the link


“If you pay for a rental by 1/31/19 with an AMEX“ – how long does the rental need to be and does any Amex (Blue cash Preferred or SPG) Card work for this deal. Is it a one time use or receive a free rental on every time you use your Amex?
Thanks Dan


what does hertz match you to


presidents club


I did it and got matched to 5 star not presidents club


if you have a world elite MasterCard you can get presidents circle from it


Which cards are world elite?


I have the Barclay M&M and tried getting PC through your link. Browser just keeps turning and turning. I tried logging into the reg. Hertz site and adding the CDP #1795034 as site instructs and it shows up as “MASTERCARD WORLD ELITE” but it doesn’t stick to my account and I don’t see my status has changed. Any advice?


just sayin you have to use the mastercard at time of rental


how old must u be to rent by national


depends the size of car over 25 you can get everything


is there a way to get Avis status match?


worked for me to reach out to them at or you can try on twitter


The following addresses had permanent fatal errors


Avis will only upgrade you to Avis First


Avis matched me to presidents club


I heard avis stopped this whole status match thing


How do I status match to Enterprise?
I don’t see option to status match National



reader just upload Proof of Status from national and enterprise will match


Or just match to Hertz Presidents circle and then from Hertz to enterprise


Completed 2 car rentals with Amex since executive upgrade, and received only 1 credit. Do I need to reach out to them for the 5/6 credits?


what statues would hertz give you if you match?would they give you pc?


does israel honor statues and allow for earning and redeeming points?


Hey dan
I clicked the executive elite enrollment button and filled out the whole application and they only gave me the regular emerald club status. Do u know where I went wrong?
Thanx in advance


Hi dan,
Currently I’m an executive elite member which expires on December 31, will this work for me


Me too. Also you have to change to AmEx as your contract ID when you enroll, not sure how hard it would be to get my present incredible one back.


Very easy


Can you explain how? I used to use a good contract ID but I get a message that it doesn’t work online anymore. Though I’m not sure it would’ve worked if I didn’t update to Amex.


Please explain. In searching FAQs you can no longer do it on-line. Tks.


if the reservation is done through chase travel rewards do you get the elite benefits?


Just call chase and they will refund you for free reservations


I never really managed to have luck with National. They have been several hundred dollars higher or up to double the cost of the other rental companies offered.


thanks, i am now EE.
– how and were i see the expiration on my profile ?
– if i rent with Costco do i will still receive the upgrade ? or i need to reserve with National directly ? (i general i am asking)



Somehow I am still not seeing the status as being upgraded! Any idea why not?


same here

Dave Bower

When booking through “amex ee contract” booking is about $50 more for same car/Emerald Aisle. Is that normal?


That’s what I’m seeing, too. Not really better if the rate is higher!


Yes , same when booking with Chase sapphire reserve “infinite” code, You gotta unclick all those contract codes which only gives you higher rates/taxes. Broken system.


I just did the upgrade. Little lost though. It said your profile has been updated to amex ee does that mean I have to rent w amex from now on?
I have president circle /club w hertz, should I just do status match w that?

Thanks in advance


I’ve got EE with hertz pc with status match on nationals official match page


What do I have to show Hertz and enterprise to get the status match. The email confirmation? The signup screenshot?


I just did it. But it says “You need 25 rentals Or 85 Rental days this year to maintain EC Executive Elite Status.


Go to the new national car rental site


Where’s the best place to rent a car from JFK airport?


Does Chabad still have have a discount code for National in Hawaii? I tried inputting online and it did not work…


“Chabad of Hawaii has passed on a corporate rate for rentals at Enterprise or National in Hawaii that provides better rates, waives underage fees, and waives different location drop-off fees.
The company name is Hawaii Kosher Weddings. The contract number is XZ36016 and the pin is HAW”


Earn free rental days with National, you earn a Free Rental Day for every 7 rental credits OR you can earn miles/points with your chosen frequent traveler program on every National Car Rental.
I thought it should be 5?


dan or anyone, if booking a mid-size thru autoslash instead of directly with national, do you think i would have access to the emerald aisle? Thx


Will Enterprise match this status without first having to get Hertz match? Looks like there is no National choice when you open the scrolldown menu. Are National and Enterprise not the same company anyway?


what do i upload on enterprise do i have to wait for something in the mail

what about hertz


if i reserve a car with with national through chase points can i use my EE status??


Thanks Dan!


no drivers license can I still join the club?


What’s the point of joining if you cont rent?


status match


Can’t join without drivers license as far as i know.


id like to match my status to Hertz but I never got a welcome letter email from National. anyone have an option for me?


Log into your account, go to profile and screenshot

Best one?

What benefits do the various elite levels of car rental companies offer? And which is the most valuable to match to?


Does the AMEX upgrade to primary coverage cover liability or only collision?


On the new website, it says membership does not expire.


Did he @jj1000 put schach on that convertible to convert it to a Sukkah Mobile?


use CV code 022q9225 for $50 off your rental with hertz


Is there an under age fee waiver promo on national car rental


Westjet CDP waives underage


What is the Westjet CDP? Tried finding it online but no luck.
Is it for Westjet customers or Westjet staff?

The Mel

When they say they change your profile they change your account or contract to Amex which may have different rates. They replaced my corporate account with Amex and although I now can get exec aisle for 52/day that’s pretty close to what I paid for luxury car on corporate contract.

So I’ll use this to get stays upgrade at hertz and then if I can transfer account back without losing EE status.

Then again I usually rent silver at when I do rent, thanks to Dan. And I generally don’t rent a car since I almost always uber, again thanks to Dan!


how long does hertz take to match

thank you

i did sign up , however i do not see that my account was upgraded to the executive status

please advise, otherwise i dont see this to be usefull


how long does hertz take to match?


how long does hertz take to status match?


How long does it take for them to match?


did they stop the whole thing (because when i click it said the website is not found) or its just a glitch




does anyone have any good corporate codes or something


r’ dan cud u put new link it dont work nomore


is this offer still available?




Is there anyway i can Earn back my expired executive elite status ?