Roundup Of Money Making AMEX Express Checkout Deals: “SBS In July”

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Update: Tomorrow is the final day for this promotion!

20% off at Sabon ends tomorrow as well.

Originally posted on 07/16:

On 07/14 I reported that I had received a $10 credit for spending $0.01 via AMEX Express Checkout on several of my primary and secondary AMEX cards that are from the same AMEX online account.

Secondary cards with your SSN can be registered for their own account management under your primary AMEX account login or you can register them for their own online account login.

Just click on “my cards” and then “add another card” at the bottom:



This promotion runs through 09/07/15.  Consumer and business cards are eligible. Prepaid (Including Serve/Bluebird/REDcard) and corporate liable cards are not eligible.

It takes up to a week after the charge appears to receive the credit.

Each primary and secondary AMEX card can get a $10 credit to each store, up to a potential $110 in statement credits per AMEX card by using each of your cards at each of the 11 participating stores:

Of course the way to maximize those potential $110 in statement credits per card is by finding the least expensive item sold by each store.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve found so far.


The old NewEgg link no longer shows the inexpensive download items, so here are new links:

Digital Download Items, from low to high

-Items with free shipping, from low to high.

-Items without free shipping, from low to high.

The process is simple:

1. Add any inexpensive item to your cart.

2. Select AMEX Checkout in your cart:









3. Login to your AMEX account, verify your account, and checkout.

4. Repeat for your other cards.

5. Check back in 5-7 days for a credit.
The $0.01 software downloads I originally bought (and was credited for after 5 days) have been pulled from the site.

Unfortunately many items were from a seller called V-Top Trading and they forgot to include a shipping charge on their items. They have cancelled all of their orders and NewEgg provided a $5 code to affected customers as a gesture of goodwill.

Commenters confirm that the $10 credits are being reversed for cancelled orders.

For now, the least expensive items from NewEgg are $0.49, so you can make a $9.51 profit on each order.

Some downloadable items have a limit of 2 or 5 downloads per NewEgg account, so read the terms on the item’s page.

Downloadable items require a NewEgg login.  To avoid errors on downloadable items it’s best to login to NewEgg from your cart rather than clicking on AMEX Express Checkout right away.  After logging in to NewEgg and continuing to the payment screen you can then select AMEX Express Checkout and it should process without errors.

If it still doesn’t work try using a different browser.


Sabon Linky

Update, 09/04: 

You can save 20% off all orders from Sabon through 09/07 with code: LABORDAY

I originally wrote about Sabon in this post 2 days ago.

The cheapest item from Sabon is a $10 gift card.

Additionally you get $1 in loyalty points for each $10 gift card that you buy, so you effectively get $11 for every $10 that you spend. Plus of course you’ll get the $10 back via statement credit.

There’s no limit to how many gift cards you can use in an order.

Shipping is free on $100+ orders.

You can only use 1 promo code, but you can a code with use gift cards and loyalty points.

Shipping is free on $100+ orders, but even if you only have a few AMEX cards you can still get free stuff from Sabon.


Update, 08/10:

-Here is a link for a $4.55 ticket that is currently working with AMEX Checkout. Limit: 2/household.

Here is a link for a free ticket that allows you to make a $5 donation that is currently working with AMEX Checkout. Limit: 6/household.

Just login to TicketMaster, look for “other ways to pay” and select AMEX Express Checkout.

You need to be using the TicketMaster desktop site to use AMEX Express Checkout.

Post a comment if you find other options!


Yesterday DDF member “username” reported that he got a $10 credit for making a $1 donation via Ticketmaster and he shared links to several charities that accepted $1 donations.

That meant a $9 profit on each donation.

Those links are dead, but you can still:

1. Buy a ticket to this test event for $5.25 ($1 plus a $4.25 processing fee) leaving a $4.75 profit per card.

2. I’m not going to speak on the ethics of booking up a free ticket to a movie that you don’t intend to use, but you can add a $5 donation on the page after selecting a free ticket, leaving a $5 profit per card.



















LedBury had $1 gift cards in stock yesterday, but unfortunately only $50+ gift cards are currently in stock.

Find a good item to purchase with AMEX Express Checkout? Hit the comments!


Don’t want to miss out on AMEX Offers? Want to get ready for SBS 2015 with free spending at small businesses for each primary and secondary cardholder?

American Express is a advertiser.

Consumer cards include:

Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express

The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express

American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

Platinum Card® from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Business cards:

All business cards give automatic OPEN Savings rebates on top of points.

Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express 

The Enhanced Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN

Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card

SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express 

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express OPEN 


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Did you see the DOC HT DDF method?


For orders that were cancelled by V-Top, can we go ahead and place new orders on Newegg and receive the AMEX Credit? Or do we need to wait a few days then place a new order?


Something not in this post?

You can reorder now.


What do you recommend as the best value AMEX consumer card to get first? (Fees not a problem because of SBS).


you should remind ppl that on newegg, many of these cheap items have a limit, so you need to space out your purchases. yesterday i spent a long time buying on all cards, but many came back canceled bec i bought the limit and now have to figure out which cards got canceled etc


What about the other sites that have this offer? Nothing there cheaper than $10?


Does a card have to be registered to an online account at all to qualify?


Starwood, Everyday Preferred, and Premier Gold are all very solid.


If you find let me know 🙂

You won’t be able to checkout if it doesn’t have a login.


@martin: ?


@Motti: If your card isn’t registered to an online account, how exactly are you going to use Amex Express Checkout? 😉


looks like the one dollar gc yesterday from ledbury was a glitch and it wont be returning!!


I know this question is totally out of place but I’m not sure where to ask it: if I’m trying to find the cheapest flight possible (from NYC-Orlando) and there is no current DD offer on those locations, how do I find my next best option? I think it starts by using Google ITA software but then what? Was there ever a post on how to find cheapest available flights?


@Dan: Yes


Thanks for the roundup and for practically spoon-feeding us!


Anyone else noticing that you can’t checkout the .40 downloadable content?

After logging in and using AMEX Checkout, it puts you on a loop to keep resigning in with it not allowing you to sign in back to your newegg account.


If I have two cards attached to one online account, do both cards get a $10 credit?

The terms seem to indicate it’s per online account.



Read the end of the Newegg section of this post for the solution to that.

Yes, see screenshot,


Newegg canceled my orders so they sent me a $5 cupon. So it’s a win win


@Dan: Its all covered here, but sent it to you any way.


Perhaps I missed it somewhere…does using the Fidelity Amex trigger the credit?


How can AUs be registered under primary account management? Do AUs need their own login?

I only see the primary cards when I sign in to Amex Checkout…



@Dan: thanks for your response. So no ITA software necessary? Is there a post you once wrote about how to do this? Thanks 🙂


@Dan: Thanks.

All, to thank Dan for helping us get all this free cash and points, when applying for cards it would be nice to click through to your application form from Dan’s webpage so he can get a commission.


@Dan did what you said. didn’t work. Ended up fixing it. Use Internet Explorer and not Google Chrome, then it works.


good man dan. now i gotta re-do 3 hrs or work.
also my ticketmaster “donations” are still pending. think theres a chance theyll cancel it? and whats your working theory why ticketmaster would stop a huge influx of donations? at amex’s request? think they r trying to shut this down?


@Craig: No. You can only use Amex Checkout with cards that you manage in your online account.


btw the other day i ordered the $1 gc from ledbury and there was an error but for some reason the orders went through and i just got my gc’s emailed.


if I get redirected to does anyone know if that will still qualify as a ticketmaster purchase? I found something for $1.50 but won’t bother sharing it unless it actually works.. Anyone?


Dan, can secondary user card get their own log in if there already is one online log in for the account? how does one set that up?



There’s no way to use that card.

Just click add account to add to your existing login.
Or make a new login.

Google flights is ITA for the non-tech savvy.


Doubt it.

Just go to register on AMEX’s site.


I got the $10 gift certificate for Home Depot from Newegg.


Dan, many of us received the $5 credit from NewEgg for cancelled orders yesterday. One way to use it would be to buy a $10 Groupon gift card, since most of us will, at one time or another, use Groupon. That’s like getting a $10 Groupon for negative $5, with the AmexCheckout.


“They have cancelled all of their orders and NewEgg provided a $5 code to affected customers as a gesture of goodwill.
Where does that leave people that made those orders? We’ll know in a few days, but odds are that the pending AMEX Checkout charge won’t trigger a credit and that people will have to reorder items from NewEgg. ”

My canceled orders already posted on my card, so there’s a good chance I’ll get the credit.


Why don’t you just buy the .99 screan wipes and be done.


Also, I got twelve $10 GC’s at Sabon, and then coupled with the twelve $1 bonuses for each purchase, I had $132 in “store credit”, and then for $2 (yes, it pained me to pay real money out of pocket), I completed a $134 order for 3 totally overpriced gift packs of frilly soap and lotion and the like for my girls, who are away at summer camp and love receiving “CARE” packages. They will be the best smelling campers in a very smelly and sweaty bunk! On their behalf and my own, thank you for all you do to help us out.


Data point – Amex clawed back my cancelled order from newegg.


On the Ticketmaster site, I try to purchase the donation, but there is no option for AMEX Express as a checkout option. What am I doing wrong?


Anyone else noticing that you can’t checkout the .40 downloadable content?
After logging in and using AMEX Checkout, it puts you on a loop to keep resigning in with it not allowing you to sign in back to your newegg account.

also how long does it take for sabon GC to get it in email?



i see dan wrote “You can get up to $110 in statement credits per AMEX card by using each of your cards at each of the 11 participating stores”

that means if i have 2 cards with 2 seperate login, then i cab get $220 Back by placing total of 22 orders, (one order per card on each website??)

is this correct?


And there’s no need for 2 separate logins.


Thank you.

So i see you gave a good link for newegg cheap items.

is there any Suggestion/Link for cheap items for the rest?


Try internet explorer and follow Dan’s instruction in this post regarding New egg. Worked for me this way. (not on Chrome)Good luck!



Can you point out where the “add account” option is to add AUs to your existing login?


As a data point for Sabon, a lot of the gift card codes they sent me were duds (showing $0 balance and “Invalid or Expired” if I try to add them at checkout). CS says they will reissue but in the meantime I can’t check out 🙁


So if they reversed the credit for Newegg, will they issue it a second time, or will their files show that you’ve used your credit already?


Based on other offers, they should issue it again.


Why are all the cheap downloads rated mature? The cheapest E rated game is so much more expensive and I just can’t bring myself to download something rated for mature content…


“Can you point out where the “add account” option is to add AUs to your existing login?”

Yeah, I was having trouble finding that too.


You don’t need to actually download it, you just need to purchase it.

Click on card accounts>Add another card.


@Dan, you say that secondary cards can be added under the main account. When I tried adding a card in my account that was a AUs, it would not allow it. After multiple tries it locked me out. I called Technical Support, and they explained that a secondary user can create their own account but cannot be added as a separate card.

Shall i employ the HUCA procedure to this?

Chana Z


Did you actually do this? It’s not letting me use the $5 credit towards any gift card.


If it’s under another SSN then you’ll need a new login.

Chana Z

I have 2 cards with the same email address on the login. I got one email to that address that my order was cancelled so I need to redo the one on that card, but is there any way to know which order was cancelled? Both cards have pending charges and there’s no order info in the email.


Is there any risk with AMEX shutting me down for this obvious manipulation?


Not seeing the amex checkout option on ticketmaster using Mobile.


Where on the product page of the game codes does it say if there is a 2 or 5 time buying limit?? I can’t find it..


@Chana Z: In the email it should say the name of the person on the card account which they are cancelling.


Does this work for Costco Amex cards?


Before the purchase of my 1 cent item posted on AMEX it was cancelled (was pending), does that mean I wont get the AMEX credit and have to do it again?


@Dan I purchased the $.40 downloadable game no problem on new eggs site, my question is do i have to make small purchases on all 11 of the other merchants sites in order to reach $110 or can i make another purchase on new egg for $.40 11 more times and that will generate $10 statements for each transaction? the other merchants sites don’t have purchases for a dollar or less. Also, when i log into Amex Checkout it only gives me the option to use my Blue Sky card but I also have serve which i would like to use to get statement credits on that as well. Please advise.


@Dan: It’s actually not under any SSN. I added them via phone.


No its every card once at every merchant =100
X the amount of cards you have
X the AU u have which goes __X99=__!!!!!!


I assume it’s one card overall right, not each card in each store?


Each card, each store. Hence up to $110 per card.


What About my Amex Serve, does that qualify as well?


Read the post.


the white sox charity is back, but not allowed to use amex checkout anymore


gift card option is completly down this moment


sabon removed gift cards– i was able to do a few of the $10 and then purchase with those more cards for $10.01 and only charge 0.01 on my amex…
hope it goes back up soon…


Font know what to buy at sabon now that I got 30 gift cards…


It seems like sabon could only sell a certain amount of gcs a day bec. Every day people can’t find at the end of the day but I got plenty this morning

Is it really worth it?

Really appreciate all the info, thank you Dan. But sometimes I think we need to ask ourselves if it’s worth it. How much time and effort are we willing to spend for $10, especially if those $10 are limited to spending on something we would have never otherwise bought ( anyone?)

SBS was really valuable, as it helped pay outstanding Yeshiva tuition bills, or support one’s favorite cause (including one’s own family with grocery bills etc). so while there was time and effort to be spent for every $30, it was put to good use.

It seems like the best one can hope for here is about $9 per card earned at ticketmaster and a similar amount per card at Newegg.

How much time and effort is that worth?

I sometimes even question the value of using miles, as lots of time is often spent trying to find availability, etc.

Dan, do you post (and act on) every deal you see, or is there somewhere to draw a line and say it’s just not worth the time and effort?


thanks Dan!
i got a $10 gift card from sabon and purchased another gift card for $11. i paid for my second gift card with my first gift card leaving over $1 which my amex card covered. leaving me with a $9 gain after i receive my credits. i realized it could be i coud have bought my second gift card for $10.01…


Hi can I use a Macy’s Amex card ?


when trying to add my additional cards it says invalid zip code. i guess since i added em by sbs on the phone with no address… any ideas?? thanks


thank you as always Dan i got 2 cvs gc and used them.


Could you please provide more detail as to how to add an existing AU amex card to a primary account as I cannot find this option anywhere in my account. Is it under “ACCOUNT MANAGER” or “Add Someone to Your Card Account”…. Thanks.


sabon GC are back up.
so far was successful with the white sox donation, newegg 0.40 -0.99 items( had to do variety since they are limited 3-5 per account) and sabon worked too. i hope the other websites will have cheap items soon as well.


How come there doesn’t seem to be much mention of the GC options on Newegg? I’ve purchased $10 E-GCs to Gap, CVS, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Barnes & Noble. There is a limit of 1 each per 48 hour period. But, many ppl here have many AMEX cards and this promo is good to 9/7. Don’t bother creating new Newegg account w/ alternate e-mail address as orders have been cancelled with matching addresses.


@Jay: You can only get $10 one time from each of the eleven merchants.


i dont know if you meant the white sox was up again yeah it is up but on my end has no amex checkout something i sadly learned early today


I just had Newegg cancel an order for $10 e-gift card because a different family member with same home address but different email and different AX card had purchased same item within 48 hours. Here is Newegg’s language: Our records indicate that the above item(s) was either previously purchased under the same customer account, using the same credit account, or ship to the same address and, with that purchase, the quantity limit for the above item(s) has now been exceeded.


Someone mentioned that sabon- an Israeli Company- might be a problem in regards to shmita, is there any follow up to that?


i dont think that they sell you such fresh stuff…


cheapest item on ne now is $4.99 🙁

Joe S
Not true

@stb Thats not true. Search for online games and u will find games for .49 i just ordered. For some reason dans link is not taking u there 😀😜


this is not what god wants from us we should get a job!


Why do only 3 cards come up at checkout- Costco card didnt come up, I tried many times. Any solutions?


@sam how are we supposed to do anything if they dont teach anything in school!! this is not straight out stealing just loopholes !


Does taking advantage of promotions take away from having a job?

Did you scroll down?

Not even a loophole, it’s a promotion they want you to use.


There is no option on ticketmaster for AMEX Express Checkout under the “Other ways to pay category.”

Here is the screenshot:


When you say “Secondary cards with your SSN can be registered for their own account management under your primary AMEX account login or you can register them for their own online account login.” – does this mean AU cards in your own name, using your own SSN, on a primary account? So you essentially have multiple cards in your own name, all stemmed off of one primary card?


Updated the post with another option, though it may be YMMV…



@dan would it work with a Canadian amex card?


Not sure how you are searching, but here is a cheaper item with free shipping..99

Rosewill RCNC-12033 1 ft. Cat 6A Yellow Shielded Cat 6A Screened Shielded Twist Pairing (SSTP) Enhanced 550MHz Network Ethernet Cables


This is sad.

Try to justify it all you want, but every one of you doing this is taking advantage. You think it’s okay because it’s AmEx, because that helps you justify it.


As well as this. Bought a few, probably the only useful thing there at these prices.
3-in-1 Mini Alloy Screwdriver Key Ring Watch Glasses Repair Tool


Dan, any info about those AU’s with your own SSN? Wouldn’t Amex want to know why you need two cards in your own name on one account? What do you tell them? Or does it go through no questions asked? Is it better to do it from the website? How many of these Self-AU’s can you get? Can you do this for other people (i.e. not the primary card holder) as well? How likely is it to trigger an FR?


@Ari: You need to maximize the box an then scroll down, will only see 3 at first.


Does amex gain if you buy a $20 item over a .99 item? The money goes to the store, not Amex. They are giving $ for you to use and get used to using Amex Express checkout.


@Doug – have you ever thought that maybe Amex takes the money they would have spent promoting this new service and instead offers it back to card members as a way of getting the word out?


Sabin now ships free over $69


The “odd looking $1” at ticket master is sold out now. FYI

Joe S

Ticketmaster $1 tickets in Alaska now dead


the ztm prod resale tix on ticketmaster just sold out 🙁


Anyone having problems with Sabon gift cards. I got 4 bad ones. They replaced three on their own. The 4th doesn’t work. Dont know which three they replaced. Cant get them on the phone.


Sabon gift cards down at the moment


OSS on egift cards ???


sabon no longer offering gift cards – only option under gift cards is to check balance 🙁


Sabon gift card seems dead – doesn’t show on site


@Perplexed: did you make sure you copied and pasted correctly (i.e. no spaces before putting in the code)?


sabon has removed the $10 gift card!!


Minimum on Sabon back at $50


sabon just updated their site – lowest denomination gift card is $50 🙁


ten dollar gift card no longer available.


@loveit: Yes. It shows zero balance. If you put wrong number in it says to enter number.


$10 gift cards are back


@yosef: But you can no longer choose your own amount…


Any actual confirmations that credits from more than one retailer were received for the same card? I have seen questions asking that, but no actual confirms yet.


Dan, how fo I register for new log in for an au
My ss currently on my log in?
Link is appreciated
Clear instructions
Will it work?


Foesny add another card add it under same log in?


So far I have only received one credit per card. I have 4 cards and a secondary user on each card so I made 3 purchases per card. One at Newegg, sabon, and ticketmaster. Just wondering if someone has any idea how long it takes to post? So far only one Newegg credit per card came in for the secondary card. Maybe because it’s the weekend they don’t process credits.


Yups me too. I got only one credit per account even though i made purchases at 3 of the 11 stores. Weird.


i just used my sabon gift cards to order more gift cards and the soap which is free with 69 dollar purchase so i just added a $100 gift card to my order and the soap and paid nothing! lets see if it goes through.


And you could use soap coupon twice per account so u cud reuse your $100 gift cards and add the free soap till sunday night

Moses W

With my 6 Amex cards (5 Everyday – four as AUs; an spg) bought 6 newegg game expansion downloads, or something like it, for less than 50 cents each on wed. and saw the credits on my cards motzash.


Thanks for the update about adding AU to main online account.

Now that I’ve done that, will they start being like their own cards, with their own balances, that I need to pay off individually, or will it all be included with the primary card, as it was before I added them to my account?


same here. only 1 credit per card so far


me 2 only 1 credit per card


I got $1,850.00 in credits so far…..


Still to come…


@asd: how long do you have to wait between purchases once you’ve reached the limit (and I’m assuming if the limit’s 5 I can buy 1 five times w/ 5 separate cards)?


Certain game makers are getting a surprise bonanza of orders. LOL
I wonder if they’ll ever figure out the reason.


My delta log in does not have my cards
Add a card
Suggestions for creating new au?


Looks like intentionally disabled AmEx Express Checkout on all sales.


sabon’s welcome10 coupon ($10 off $100) is falling off when I’m paying by gift cards. Anybody else having trouble with this?


Thank you very much Dan!
I received a credit for every order from Newegg and Ticketmaster that posted.


Strange – my primary account is showing only 3 cards, instead of 4 – it’s leaving out my personal Starwood card.

Any ideas as to why?


On newegg i only have option for amexexpress when i use my mobile device not on my desktop

Eli Weiss

The ticketmaster link expired @dan. Any other way to get the ticketmaster promo?


@Sam: Are you talking about when you’re checking out? If so, then expand the Express Checkout window or scroll down.


I was just thinking, what if people actually want to go to the kentucky state fair and we buy up all the tickets??


Sabon has a $1 wooden spoon, but shipping is 12 something.


It’s valid over an 11 day period.
Doubt they have a cap.

How is that more useful than a free $10 gift card?


Dan, Thanks today $20 per card was added today from the Newegg and White Sox deals.


Dan, I bought the cheapest item via the link you posted from newegg . Was 49 cents . How ever I see they charged me 1.49 on each card instead of .49 . Any idea why ?



The extra $1 is a pending charge, not a real charge.


$1 donations on Ticketmaster is live but no option for AMEX checkout…I’m using desktop site and tried on multiple browsers…


@IYM: …meaning that it’s dead, as it says in the post.


Thanks Dan!
i think we all love to open our Amex Login and see alot of green


How do I use my serve card? I can’t seem to log in using my serve login since we are logging into Amex?


@Chuck: Read the post! Dan explicitly states: “Prepaid (Including Serve/Bluebird/REDcard) and corporate liable cards are not eligible.”
In other words – will not work with Serve.


I saw ticketmaster has a way to sell tickets. I was wondering if anyone tried selling the $5.20 tickets for less we would have cheaper options for tickets?

Best no annual fee AMEX?

Looking to get my first AMEX, but don’t want one with an annual fee… Which one should I get?
I’ve already got the Chase Trifecta and now looking to jump into the AMEX waters. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Tizku L’Mitzvot.




It’s going to work with the newegg gift cards also?
For example I wanted to buy printer. So I’m going to purchase $10 gift card with each card and after just used all of them to buy printer!


Dan, don’t you think we should wait for ticketmaster till there will be a cheaper ticket available?


sabon having problems w some gift cards where they are showing as invalid. Called them and they dont know when it will be corrected.
Got 17 but 7 were invalid. Have 3 replacement codes so far.

Thank you

Thank you Dan for the detailed breakdown and the updates!


@jm I don’t understand ticketmaster says they are free with that link. Where’s the 3.90?


@ kerrbro

You need to follow thru with the purchase & you’ll see the 3.90 convenience fee before purchasing.


@Kerrbro the $3.90 is the processing fee


Jax and Kentucky are down?


You were right again got more than one credit pet card.


Hello, I don’t know why it sounds so complicated.

If i have 10 additional cards do i need to create a new account online for each of the additional !!!???


Used Newegg and Ticketmaster. Any luck with the other sites?


The everyday card is not showing up – only my other 3?

Can anyone confirm that there everyday card showed up?


You need to scroll down.


what is up with the needing to get an access code each time?


any report on getting more than one $10 credit per card?

which site?


will doing all these offers cause me to get fr


I think the 3.9$ link died of amex checkout after i did it for a bunch of cards.. came back after a meeting now for remaining and its gone (lol) sucks


Thanks Dan! 8 credit cards and $240 richer. Easy peasy. I did the Sabon purchase a gift card with a gift card and it worked perfect. But I received no Loyalty points. Any ideas if that is because they don’t give them on gift card purchases? just wondering. But i still have one credit card left and a gift worth $10.06. That guy above is right saying the wooden spoon is $1 plus $12 shipping. Its not the point of getting a gift card if we won’t use it. I just wanted $10 for a .01 purchase. Now i have a $10.06 gift card and that wooden spoon is the cheapest item just to get to use the gift card without spending too much more.


just tried checking out with newegg. the amex express option does not show up if total is under 10.00. I added something for over 10.00 to my cart and then that option appeared. Did the site stop offering amex express checkout for purchases under 10? how about the other stores?


Just placed another Order for 0.99 !!!
So far so good…


Did anyone find out if theres shmittah problems with the stuff from sabon? Its probably not from this year but how would you know


any new ticketmaster links?
$3.90 is dead and the $5.20 seems so steep…


i asked a few rabonnim and they all said it can be a problem (it depends which types of plants/ fruits/ oils etc which includes mint- something most of their products have)
i plan on calling a proficient Rov in this area with an exact list (vanilla, lavender, rose etc) to find out.
WE HAVE TO REMEMBER: JUST LIKE YOU WOULD NOT TAKE $1000 TO TURN ON THE LIGHT ON SHABBOS (even if its only a drabonon) and i hope you wouldnt even take a million dollars either,
THIS IS THE SAME THING: I THEREFORE SUGGEST DONT BUY!! until finding out from a Rov if its okay (and yes just buying it can be an issur already)


Dan how do you search on newegg for free shipping (I only see options for over $25 or $50, you have the link so I am assuming there is a simple way.


what to buy on sabon, after all that work, not sure im even interested in anything.


did you receive the $10 credit for this “3-in-1 Mini Alloy Screwdriver Key Ring Watch Glasses Repair Tool”


it ships from china and per the terms & conditions the offer is only for orders shipped within the U.S.


Cheapest gift card on Sabon is now $20.


Yup, but if you have a $10 code you can use it to buy a $20 gc.


@Dan: @Dan: Where Do I Find the $10 code?


I ordered last week a bunch of gcs from sabon and the tenth one i bought i used 9 loyalty points and one dollar on my amex card and that order is still processing and the other orders went through. But interestingly enough that i still got an email that i received that gc and i even used it already but the charge for one dollar doesnt even show up on my amex account as pending. Did anyone else have this isue? Maybe i cud use my card again…


To David
the charge of 1.49 is only when its pending


I’m trying to purchase on newegg. I selected which card I want to use, it tells me that it will send me an access code to my email account. I type in the access code and when I go back to complete the purchase on newegg, it goes back to the “Disclaimer” page where you have to click “I agree.” – meaning, my entire purchase didn’t go through. I tried a few times and this keeps happening. Anyone having this problem?


I take that back! I followed these instructions from Dan and it went through (though my first purchase went through OK without this.)
“To avoid errors on downloadable items it’s best to login to NewEgg from your cart rather than clicking on AMEX Express Checkout right away. After logging in to NewEgg and continuing to the payment screen you can then select AMEX Express Checkout and it should process without errors.”


@david: can this still be done



steep? its free money


Is this verified that the item has to be shipped from us? how do I know which items is from us or not?


Hey dan, newegg doesn’t let through only 2 purchases, they say its over the limit… how can i override it?



I believe most stuff from $0.99 comes from China, is it any problem if its being shipped from China?


Thanks. got credit $10 for every credit card what i spend 0.49 by NEWEGG after 3 days.


Ticketmaster no longer accepting Amex checkout!


anyone confirmed already if a new egg item shipped from china qualify for the the $10 ?


Sure, got over $2,000.00 in credits!


@Yingerman: did you confirmed your credits from the items shipped from china ?


$10 gift cards are back at Sabon, but when I go to to checkout I get a “Merchant Override” error…




Just placed an order at Sabon for the $10.00 gift card with no problems.


I got the credits for Newegg and Ticketmaster but none for Sabon even though I did Amex express checkout? what should I do?


Got already $3,280.00 in credits!!!!!!!!
More to come……….


I could also confirm that I received the credits on items shipped from china.


ticketmaster dead


TM isn’t dead, just limping. Your kids can’t go to the fair, but you can park. It’s a dollar more.

Shimmy A

TM does not have amex checkout as an option anymore…


@Dan: Dan, Amex express checkout is gone from Ticketmaster!


R there really no tzedakas interested in making a $5 donation option on ticket master? Maybe speak to chazanow from TBI and do it for their sefer torah campaign


Hi Dan,

Will this work on cards that I got approved for last week?


New links added.




will i get more then one credit from newegg by repeating purchases


@Dan: just to let you know that if you have $100 at sabon you could buy $75 and $30 gift cards with that $100 one and then youll only be left with $5 to spend on your amex card! simple math


cant find links to ticketmaster with amex checkout


@Dan: or any combination with the 75 dollar gc(seven 10 dollar gcs and 5 on your amex)


By “Other ways to pay” on TicketMaster, only Visa Checkout is an option. AmexCheckout is no longer there.

Dan, any comments?


cant buy gcs with gcs at sabon anymore


does anyone know if Amex might revoke the credits if I ask for a check refund for the negative balance on my account?



May I ask how many Amex cards you have?


Can you do this with authorized user cards as well or will you only get the $10 back on the primary and secondary? How do you request secondary cards?


hi, can you give an idea how to make a couple of login .
for each additional card and to remember the user name and password??


I did the free lawn movie ticket with $5 donation on the 24th but have yet to see the credit post. Slightly concerned because my newegg credit posted 2 days after making the transaction.


With different cards, sure.

Read the post.

Are you on a desktop?

They will not.


“It takes up to a week after the charge appears to receive the credit.”


Ticketmaster doesn’t show AMEX checkout, just Visa checkout. Tried the free lawn ticket with $5.00 donation.


Updated the link to a new event that takes AMEX Checkout.
Grab it while you can!


possible to create a login for AU if SS not handy? how?
my amex screen does not look like yours since I have only one card
any reason to pay DL AF?
would simply cash be similar to ink? would issuer dislike GCs?


only visa checkout is available and I am on a desktop.


dan you should make sure everyone only selects 1 seat for these events bec it comes up as 2 automatically and it will get done faster…

a gast

ticket master test event blocked AMEX CHECKOUT


But maybe he will not answer…


Sabon does not allow checkout with a gift card if a gift card is in the cart.

Sabon does not give $1 credits anymore for buying the $10 gift cards.


does anyone know how to activate additional cards without ssn & dob
when i applied didnt have to give but to activate they asked for it any idea?


newegg has $0.49 again


no. you have to give a dob but can be any date. if they ask for ssn tell them you’ll call back when you have it.


@Dan: Credit just posted today!


@Jim K:
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!


“Please Note: This is a demo event – you should not purchase this.”
“Test with Nancy”


Not seeing amex checkout option


not working unable to process


Hey bumped up to 12min wait time…


It’s still there, are you on a desktop?




i was able to purchase the 2.10 ticket through ticketmaster with Amex Checkout. I’ll report back if it works, since the site said to not purchase tickets


worked fine for me…assuming they don’t cancel


I made a few purchases of “test with nancy” but did not get any email from Amex welcoming me to Amex Checkout, also didn’t get any notification about a charge made without the card..


hopefully they dont return our purchase


@Dan: now I am,thanks


no pending charge showing up…


I did get the TM email confirming sale though…


The latest link you posted is a test event. There is a good chance TM will cancel these tickets. The site says the tickets shouldn’t be booked.


I’ve booked several test events already and they went through for me just fine.


Thanks Dan! Amex express checkout is no longer available for ticketmaster… at least not in mobile site.


Read the post.


Pending Charges are temporary and subject to change.
Only Posted Transactions can be disputed.
You have a pending charge on Jul 29 from TICKETMASTER by xxxx xxxxxxx for dollar 2.10
JUL 29


Hi Dan,

I actually have 4 cc’s on amex online, but online 3 show up with amex checkout. None are corporate cards. Would you have any idea why that would be?

Super fans always RSVP

Thanks Dan! Was about to run out and grab lunch when I got the tweet. 24 orders later (average of 2 minutes per order)Im starving!


Scroll down.


Thanks so much for new TM link. My question is would a downgraded card be eligible for the $10 credit again?


I successfully accessed the Amex Checkout Portal on Google Chrome for iOS, on my iPhone, by ‘requesting desktop site’.


I wonder how Nancy is reacting to the sudden popularity of her fake, test-event!!


Dead? I keep getting these now.

There are problems with your submission
Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase with Amex Express Checkout right now. Please choose another way to pay.

I was able to place 2 orders using the same TM account.
This happens on the 3rd one.


Still working for me…….


Help!! When I click on the AMEX Checkout button I am taken to the choices of eithr of my 3 primary AMEX cards. I have 5 “employee cards” under my AMEX Simply Cash card, I can see them on the amex website as a subset under “My Cards”, BUT—ChAmex Checkout does not give me the option to choose the secondary cards? what gives?


Did you scroll down?


CCP testing = Credit Card Processing testing

My guess is they know what they’re doing.




We were unable to process your request.
Try again later.
keeps giving this error


so can we do it?


So should we spend time making this tickets or its a waste of our time?


5:34 EST – Ticketmaster is DEAD!


91 tickets bought on this last round 🙂
$809.9 profit!

thank you Dan! Amazing!


Its over

Sorry, no tickets from venue currently…
Tons of fans are shopping and some may have let their tickets go. You can try again or change quantity or ticket type.


just did 3, went thru. tried to do more received “sorry no tickets from venue etc.”






How do you search and find cheap stuff on ticketmaster


if I did already once a purchase from ticketmaster can I do again using same card and get $10 credit again?


You need to use another primary or secondary card.


I did about 2 weeks ago at ticket master for $1 and I got $9 credit how many times could I do that I only have 1 card


Read the post.


Doh! I took advantage of the $5 deal yesterday, no way to cancel free lawn tickets and a charitable donation is there…?


Anything available for $10 or less at any of the stores other than TicketMaster and Newegg? Already used those. Not seeing anything at the other stores.


The new tm link sounds heimish….


There is no Amex checkout



Yes there is, on desktop.


When you click on the link, it says cannot verify the identity of the website


I got a $1.50 pending charge on my cc. Is that standard?


Not doing that for me.

Yes, it drops off.


Thanks Dan!


If I saw a pending charge for the 2.10 this morning but I don’t see it now does it mean it didn’t go through?


@ Dan,

When I tried to buy the new Ticketmaster $0.50 deal with my Amex Checkout using Amex PRG Business card, it always gave me error message and cannot complete the transaction, why is that? Then I used my other 3 Amex cards (Hilton, SPG personal and biz) with Amex Checkout and all went through without problem.


Using mobile browser. Don’t have an option for Amex express at checkout only visa checkout

Dan's the Man

Can you get multiple $10 credits per card for the same merchant? Any1 try this?


@Dan’s the Man:

I remember reading it won’t work on same user card more than once per merchant


This is a ticketmaster demo event. Maybe it won’t be charged in the end if it isn’t a real event?