Roundup Of Money Making AMEX Express Checkout Deals: “SBS In July”

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Update: Tomorrow is the final day for this promotion!

20% off at Sabon ends tomorrow as well.

Originally posted on 07/16:

On 07/14 I reported that I had received a $10 credit for spending $0.01 via AMEX Express Checkout on several of my primary and secondary AMEX cards that are from the same AMEX online account.

Secondary cards with your SSN can be registered for their own account management under your primary AMEX account login or you can register them for their own online account login.

Just click on “my cards” and then “add another card” at the bottom:



This promotion runs through 09/07/15.  Consumer and business cards are eligible. Prepaid (Including Serve/Bluebird/REDcard) and corporate liable cards are not eligible.

It takes up to a week after the charge appears to receive the credit.

Each primary and secondary AMEX card can get a $10 credit to each store, up to a potential $110 in statement credits per AMEX card by using each of your cards at each of the 11 participating stores:

Of course the way to maximize those potential $110 in statement credits per card is by finding the least expensive item sold by each store.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve found so far.


The old NewEgg link no longer shows the inexpensive download items, so here are new links:

Digital Download Items, from low to high

-Items with free shipping, from low to high.

-Items without free shipping, from low to high.

The process is simple:

1. Add any inexpensive item to your cart.

2. Select AMEX Checkout in your cart:









3. Login to your AMEX account, verify your account, and checkout.

4. Repeat for your other cards.

5. Check back in 5-7 days for a credit.
The $0.01 software downloads I originally bought (and was credited for after 5 days) have been pulled from the site.

Unfortunately many items were from a seller called V-Top Trading and they forgot to include a shipping charge on their items. They have cancelled all of their orders and NewEgg provided a $5 code to affected customers as a gesture of goodwill.

Commenters confirm that the $10 credits are being reversed for cancelled orders.

For now, the least expensive items from NewEgg are $0.49, so you can make a $9.51 profit on each order.

Some downloadable items have a limit of 2 or 5 downloads per NewEgg account, so read the terms on the item’s page.

Downloadable items require a NewEgg login.  To avoid errors on downloadable items it’s best to login to NewEgg from your cart rather than clicking on AMEX Express Checkout right away.  After logging in to NewEgg and continuing to the payment screen you can then select AMEX Express Checkout and it should process without errors.

If it still doesn’t work try using a different browser.


Sabon Linky

Update, 09/04: 

You can save 20% off all orders from Sabon through 09/07 with code: LABORDAY

I originally wrote about Sabon in this post 2 days ago.

The cheapest item from Sabon is a $10 gift card.

Additionally you get $1 in loyalty points for each $10 gift card that you buy, so you effectively get $11 for every $10 that you spend. Plus of course you’ll get the $10 back via statement credit.

There’s no limit to how many gift cards you can use in an order.

Shipping is free on $100+ orders.

You can only use 1 promo code, but you can a code with use gift cards and loyalty points.

Shipping is free on $100+ orders, but even if you only have a few AMEX cards you can still get free stuff from Sabon.


Update, 08/10:

-Here is a link for a $4.55 ticket that is currently working with AMEX Checkout. Limit: 2/household.

Here is a link for a free ticket that allows you to make a $5 donation that is currently working with AMEX Checkout. Limit: 6/household.

Just login to TicketMaster, look for “other ways to pay” and select AMEX Express Checkout.

You need to be using the TicketMaster desktop site to use AMEX Express Checkout.

Post a comment if you find other options!


Yesterday DDF member “username” reported that he got a $10 credit for making a $1 donation via Ticketmaster and he shared links to several charities that accepted $1 donations.

That meant a $9 profit on each donation.

Those links are dead, but you can still:

1. Buy a ticket to this test event for $5.25 ($1 plus a $4.25 processing fee) leaving a $4.75 profit per card.

2. I’m not going to speak on the ethics of booking up a free ticket to a movie that you don’t intend to use, but you can add a $5 donation on the page after selecting a free ticket, leaving a $5 profit per card.



















LedBury had $1 gift cards in stock yesterday, but unfortunately only $50+ gift cards are currently in stock.

Find a good item to purchase with AMEX Express Checkout? Hit the comments!


Don’t want to miss out on AMEX Offers? Want to get ready for SBS 2015 with free spending at small businesses for each primary and secondary cardholder?

American Express is a advertiser.

Consumer cards include:

Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express

The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express

American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

Platinum Card® from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Business cards:

All business cards give automatic OPEN Savings rebates on top of points.

Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express 

The Enhanced Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN

Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card

SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express 

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express OPEN 


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Is there anyone who can suggest what’s the best way to add authorized users, by phone or online?


I called, and they said that they can only expedite when the status of approval is pending.
but because I was already approved,its already in their system , and they can’t expedite it.

AMEX for Sport


Thanks so much. Still had a small stack of cards hadn’t yet used on TM.


@Dan: how?they always need 4 digits on front


@chaim: you can tell them its lost need new card and ask to have it expedited urry cause they dont deliver on sun and mon is holiday


Use the same 4 as on the primary.


how can i find out if there is a minimum of 2 per a household on other tickets?


Does anybody know if you had a cancelled order and the $10 credit was reversed, can you purchase these tickets and get the $10 credit again.


Dan, thanks. does this make sense as an idea: use Amex everyday to get 1.5 per transaction then transfer those membership rewards points to Starwood points to then get the additional flexibility and 20-25k transfer on top of the 1.5 points you already got using everyday card. Would this work and would this maximize system?


just bought a .49 digital download through newegg. on my amex cards though it came up as 1.49 anyone else have this issue?


You can.

AMEX to Starwood transfer loses 67% of your points.

Normal, its a pending auth, falls off.


anyone if multiple purchases on 1 card will get more than 1 $10 credit?

Thanks dan for this post!!


If an event got canceled but it was just a donation that was charged will they refund that on ticketmaster?




@ dan u posted that a delta 100$ gift card will trigger a 100$ statment credit at the amex gold card, i purchesed one 3 weeks ago but so far no credit


I applied for the Starwoods personal credit card via your link. I have the identical card (different number) and I got approved. I am excited because of the signup bonus. Should I try to get approved for new cards that I already have? Is it normal to have more than one identical card (Citibank Advantage, Starwoods, Amex…)? And also, if I cancel one of them after the first year, does that do anything to my good standing with Amex? Thanks.


when is the deadline to use this? dose it have to post before monday? is doing so thru sunday for sure going to get the credit?


can you get 20% off giftcards too at sabon, or only when you order items? is it moneymaking, or just equal spending? please advise best way to use the sabon amex checkout.


whats best way to buy from sabon? any moneymaking options?

No credit yet

Any idea how long it takes for credit to post for newegg purchases?


I purchased 3 tickets for the Pompano Beach event, and none of them are showing up as pending. After booking there was a message that it’s a restricted event, but I figured they’ll cancel the ticket and leave the donation.
Anyone with similar experience?


Pompano Beach restricted to Florida residents. In case anyone has difficulty getting the Sabon LABORDAY code to work with multiple gift cards like I did (the 20% seemed to go away) What worked for me was going back to the cart and removing an item. Then I could see that the LABORDAY code needed to be reentered to take effect again. I went back in and re-added the removed item and I was back to the total before I added the gift cards.


If I already did the $2.10 Ticketmaster deal but had the $10 clawed back by Amex, can I still get another $10 from another ticketmaster deal?




@No credit yet:

Mine has shown on tube account within days of newegg processing payment. Beware of international items that may be cancelled if not shipped. Just use dans advice for the downloads or buy a Newegg plug for $0.99 AND SELECT FREE SHIPPING (it defaults to $4 shipping)


Do the charges need to post before tomorrow, or as long as they are pending it’s fine?


Will the sky blue amex card work with this deal. Also, if I place the orders now will it be late or will I make it in time?


@Dan the promo code for sabon doesn’t work.


Darn, already used all but one of my amex’s for items from int’l sellers. What Newegg item priced at $.99 ships for free?


I’ve been searching for ways to use the others (besides newegg, sabon, and ticketmaster) and there’s nothing. Too bad.


Does this offer Expire tonight before September 7?

or Monday 11:59pm

Love dans


why don’t u just get $0.49 game codes??


Dano, you are the bomb! Can’t wait for SBS!!


dan,i didnt get some of my cards in the mail however customer service was able to add them to my online account after i provided them with last 5
can i do amex checkout? what should i put in for the 4 digit code?


@Love dans: @yitzi: I was just about to ask the same question(why .49 download comes up on cc account as 1.49). maybe that’s the pending charges but it lowers eventually.


Has anybody rec’d the credit from the $4.55 ticketmaster charge yet? The charge comes through as tmindianapolis and looks a little different.


@Yossi: its over $7 total


Yes, received the credit. Wish it wouldn’t have had the limit…

love dans


yes it allways shows as $1.49 as pending and then posts as $0.49

love dans


@Heather showed as tmindianapolis on 9/3 got the $10 credit 9/6


Do you buy the kids ticket?


I purchased free tickets from ticket master with a donation of 5$ they cancelled the event & refunded me only 3.95 so the deal got better


@a: no because its asking me for more then $7


@Anonymous: @Moshe:
For me if i take the kids ticket the total is:US $5.14

last minute guy

if the pending charge on newegg lasts till tomorrow(end of sbs) will I get credited??? dan, what do you know?


@last minute guy:
For SBS you can still be first(not last minute guy)!


@ja: got off w the amex rep. said pending charges count:)


if i have multiple cars in one amex online account, can i use this off on all cards


does it have to post to my amex account before the offer expires or will it be enough if i place the order today?


if i have multiple cars in one amex online account, can i use this off on all cards

dan follower

do i have to use express checkout or can i just enter my amex cc number manually?


@dan follower: Are you serious??? Of course!! That’s the whole point

shalom aleichem

@question: did you read the post 2 posts befor yours? I posted that pending charges count.


I’m in NY, can I do this until midnight California time or is the cutoff midnight EST


Guys, what do you use other than new egg and ticket master? what else is there to buy? wont waste time on soap. what else?


Anything left to do if I misplaced my physical cards, (and am also waiting for some new cards) and they’re requesting the 4 digit pin?

Ben P.

Dan – any idea if this works after midnight on the east coast (I recall that SBS went until 12:00 Pacific Time, which was 3:00 Eastern Time)?


Do you think I will now be the last comment?

Mordechai Braun

@Samy: NO! there will be many more comments on how much money each of us got in total out of this great promotion.


It worked until 11:00 pm NY time. I called amex and they told me that orders placed after 11:00pm will not get the amex refund offer of $10.

Mordechai Braun

@shush: As if that representative knew what’s flying… ask another rep and she will tell you that it is still going on… they can’t tell you anything. they don’t have access to this.

love dans


no way
and BTW i think this is by far the post with most comments!!

Love dans

just got this:funny thing is in the email the email it was sent to is not showing so its IMPOSSIBLE to know which account they are talking about..(so many accounts so little time) so i just hope B”H its the only cancelation i’ll get)
I don’t understand what terms i violated but i’m not even going to try and write them as i don’t know what account/email to write from and i might just make things worse

Attention Ticket Buyer,

You have violated our terms of use policy.

This has resulted in all or a portion of your tickets being cancelled for the below event:

Free Summer Flicks: Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Pompano Beach Amphitheatre
Friday, September 18th, 2015, 8:00PM

If you have already received your tickets, please be advised every ticket has a unique barcode and the barcode on the cancelled ticket(s) are now void and will not gain you access into the event.

To see which of your tickets were cancelled, please visit, sign into your account, an


@Love dans: Do you live in Florida? If not then that might be the cause for the cancellation.

TM Sucks!!

You have violated our terms of use policy.

This has resulted in all (28 in my case 🙁 )or a portion of your tickets being cancelled for the below event:

ACC Hall of Champions
GSO- Greensboro Coliseum Complex
Friday, September 18th, 2015 at 10:00 am

If you have already received your tickets, please be advised every ticket has a unique barcode and the barcode on the cancelled ticket(s) are now void and will not gain you access into the event.

To see which of your tickets were cancelled, please visit, sign into your account, and review your order details.

For our purchase policy, please visit


@TM Sucks!!: Oh, wow!! This event didn’t even have a warning like the Pompano Beach, Fl one. I actually purchased 6 of these.
One consolation, as per comment #634 above, I searched for the same event earliest possible date, and found those same tickets for TODAY! Thurs, Sept 10. I hope that means I’m safe and they can’t cancel it anymore…
But I wish I would’ve had 28 cards. I had only 9. Did all 28 get canceled indeed?


I didn’t get the last few credits


@C: Out of the 13 charges I made on Sept 7, only 4 were credited.

Mordechai Braun

Out of lots of transactions in the dates Sep. 5, 6, 7, only a few got credits.


Credits are here!


@C: Same here. B”H


I seem to be missing a few Newegg credits. I was buying the 49 cent downloads. Some of my last purchases a couple weeks ago did not receive credits.

It would seem a bit awkward to complain to AMEX, no?

Mordechai Braun

@iahphx: Better be awkward and get your money…