Price Mistake? Target Up & Up Diaper Packs For Just $0.58 For Two Packs After $10 Gift Card Discount!

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This is an in-store only deal at Target. Many stores will be sold out of these diapers, so be aware of that if you plan on going in-store.

Up & Up diapers are offering a $10 gift card when you purchase 2 packs. Normally these promotions only work on the expensive packs of diapers, but right now it is working on all packs.

You will want to get the packs listed for $4.99-$5.29.

Then go to self-checkout and purchase your first 2 packs with a $10 gift card. The gift card will be free.

Checkout with another 2 packs and a $10 gift card, while redeeming the one you just earned on this purchase. The total will be free-$0.58.

Repeat these steps for however many diapers you have.

You can watch a reel explaining this deal on Instagram or TikTok here.

This deal can end at any time, may not work in your location, or the store can be sold out, comment below if this works for you!

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Atlantic mall

Tried an hr ago in store they said supply of gcs ran out


Lol. Stores carry hundreds of GC.


No way any Target with in 50 miles from Lakewood still have diapers left.




I wish these diapers worked


Where do you get the gift card? Don’t want to ask an employee


Every self checkput has a stack of gift cards nearby or fine one in the store or 10 of them and bring them with you to self checkout.


Does shipt work?


No in store only.


Target on cedar road in Cleveland sold out, but there isn’t even a tag there regarding gift cards


Of the 6 stores I went to. None had for them $5.29 diapers.


Not at my local one, you have to go to customer service for it.

~King Lake~

This deal will be live until we have someone checkout at the register

Boro boy

Am I supposed to take a gift card or I get it automatically?


You’ll need to take one and activate it yourself at self check out.


Not working 18×64 in Boro park


How do you add a $10 gc to your cart?


Only works in store. If it works it will automatically prompt you to scan a GC which will be loaded for $10.


How do you add gc to self checkout? Also if price is 6.49, live in expensive city 🙂 will it work?


They have empty GCs at self checkout that you fill up with the promotional value

jj jr

Not working there is no advertising for $10 and tried it and didnt work


No gc or diapers avail at midwood


Worked in Jacksonville, FL. I got the last 2 packs.


Good to hear it works.


Which store?


Deal looks dead online for order pickup


Worked for us. Went to two different Targets and got 14 packs in a few different sizes.


Where you guys located?


I don’t understand how the first set of 2 could be 58 cents. Don’t you need to buy the first set of 2 at cost in order to get the first gift card?


Went to one target no diapers. Went to another which had the diapers for 6.49 and no gift card. Doesn’t work in this store


It’s officially dead. The stores have them back in stock, but they “fixed” the glitch.


Which location?


I tried in a bunch of store and it’s not working I guess it’s dead does anyone know if that’s true


It expired tonight, but was able to buy 10 in New Jersey thanks to this