Open A Key Bank Account, Pay 2 Bills, And Get A Free Nuvi GPS!

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Update 4: Just got my 265WT via Fedex this afternoon! Post a comment if you got yours already as well!

Update 3: DEAD!

Update 2: Extended until 05/15!

Update: You must open your account by 05/01 in order to qualify for this promo!

I have already confirmed that I am getting my free Nuvi 265WT by having already opened a Key Business Money Market Checking Account with $2,502, accessing my account online, and then paying off 2 of my credit cards with $1 each.

Originally posted on 04/01:

Consumer Offer Linky

Business Offer Linky

You will get a Nuvi 205W or a 265WT depending on the type of account.  The 205W does not have text-to-speech.  The 265WT has text-to-speech and lifetime traffic as well.

The cheapest account that qualifies for the 265WT appears to be the “Key Business Money Market Checking” which has no fees with a $2,500 balance.

The GPS will come within 90 days of meeting the requirements. Closing the account within 180 days will result in a $25 fee.

Offer is valid in “Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.”

“-For the 205W, $166.00 will be reported on a Form 1099-INT.”
“-For the 265WT, $240.00 will be reported on a Form 1099-INT.”

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So why not open one to get the 265WT. Deposit some coins from the US mint….and then pay your starwood card from that account. You can even close it early and only pay $25 for the 265WT. Is there any way to do this if you dont live in one of those states?


it says in the terms and conditions taht you need 25,000 not 2,500…


You’re looking at the wrong account.
Look at the Key Business Money Market Checking account which only has a $2,500 requirement.


is there any reason why anyone shouldn’t do it?? it seems so simple. dan , will you do it?


They are reporting the value as interest income, which means that you will be paying taxes on the amount in the 1099-INT. It may cost more to get it “Free” than to purchase it online at a discount retailer.


I already signed up!

Amazon actually charges $240 for the 265WT so the 1099-INT valuation is extremely fair, even if you’ll wind up owing some $50-$80 on it depending on your marginal rate.

Besides that if you were to buy it from Amazon for $240 you’d be using post-tax dollars anyway…


I wonder what the GPS will cost when we actually receive it (I.e. 90+ days). You are right that we are using after-tax dollars anyway, but my point was really for people who wouldn’t go out to buy the gps for $100 – $200, but think they are getting it for free or $25 (if you cancel before 180 days). The actual cost is probably closer to $100+ depending on your tax bracket.


is the “Key Business Money Market Checking” offer available for a person without a business name?


anybody willing to offer their addresses living in those states for people not living in the eligible states


Sell stuff on ebay? You’ve got a business.
Just choose “sole-proprietorship”


Here’s the catch. You must make 2 direct deposits or “automatic payments”. BillPay payment or Paypal payments are not included – see fine print. So if you do not Direct Deposit your payroll check, you must have a third party vendor automatically bill you for at least $100 two times. Then you will have to remember to stop that automatic drafting of your account. All somewhat of a pain.


For the business account (which I recommended in the post) only 2 billpay payments are required.


am i able to somehow make a direct deposit i am someone who doesn’t work? can you please explain how


does an ingdirect deposit count as a direct deposit? chase bank did count it as direct deposit for a similar promotion.


I signed up the say it came out. Did anyone get their account info yet At this rate the six months will be up before I even find out my account number!!!!!

Shmuel Z

Dan, I did the money market business checking. Can you please advise which bill payment will qualify. Will my brother sending me from his Capitol One bank account work. How about from my personal account? Paypal?
Thank you for the advice

daniel Z

seems to me, you ought to go for the bussiness reward checking which waives the fee for 2 months and 15 dollars thereafter. you close the account on 7/3/09 and pay a $25 early termination fee. max $40 for the 265. or do the bussiness free checking and get the 205 for free, no minimum balance, no need to close early 🙂


is there any way to get it without depositing 2500 dollars?


@Shmuel Z

Billpay is not the same as Direct Deposit, you are confusin the two.

To do two Billpays you have to log into your Key Bank Online Account and then have key send two bill payments to whomever you choose preferably a real bill like a credit card, etc. but it is possible that a check to yourself would work too but it is probably not worth the gamble. From the terms and conditions there seems to be no minimum on the value of the bill pay amount so two $1 bill payment should suffice.


What Business id should I provide if signing up for the business account?


Sure, but you’ll either have to pay fees for the monthly maintenance of the account or the closure of the account if you decide to close early.

Just select “sole proprietorship” as the business type. Then all you will need to give is your social security number as the Tax ID number.


My description of the deal says that automated payments must be of 100 dollars or more each.


Look at the business account deal.

lakewood macher

do i have to make the paybill 2 times every month, or only the first month?

lakewood macher

the account is not available for lakewood


I know of a friend who signed up at Key Bank for an account that promised him an iPod. He did everything necessary for the requirements to get it, and never got it. He spent HOURS on the phone with them, and went into the bank many times and still never got it. I would say to you guys…Good Luck. If you don’t get the GPS, and after one call to them it’s not resolved, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.

I had a similar thing with TD Bank that I was supposed to get a shuffle after 2 Direct Deposits. The DD’s happened and I never received anything. Bank keeps telling me to wait 6-8 weeks.


I”m a bochur with no job, so i dont even pay taxes. Could i open a “Key Business Free Checking” account (so as to, not have to pay bills of 200 dollars)? And if yes, what do i write by ALL those question (not just business type)?


Yes you can.


Also, does “by 05/01” mean including or not?


So what do i write by say: Nature of Business, or What is your average monthly sales?
Also, is the whole opening process done solely over the internet?


It includes 05/01.
Have you ever sold an item on ebay? That’s your business.
You can open it all online and then they will send you some forms to sign for the account.


Thanks a million!

BTW, what are the odds of what Eli is saying, being right?


I know of dozens of people that got the ipod from Key, if I had to guess its probably because his friend missed a step, otherwise there are other courses of action to take to resolve the problem.


I just called them and the offer has been extended through May 17th.


I opened 4 buisness accounts online, I got the account info in the mail followed by a letter from the fraud dept. that the accounts were closed. I went to the branch in Manhatten, and they tried to reach the fraud dept. No one pickes up the phone. I called the next day and they gave me a direct number for the fraud dept. I left a message, and am waiting for a call back. It doesn’t look like they want to part with those gps’s. Good luck everyone.


Just got a letter that according to the patriot act you must verify your identity, and go down to a branch… can you just mail them a copy of your license>?


finally got thru to the fraud dept. they can’t understand why someone from Brooklyn would want to open accounts if there is no branch in brooklyn. I said for a free gps, I’ll open an account anywhere. He will have to talk to a manager and get back to me.


I was able to call the branch to get verified.

Opening 4 accounts would probably set off a red flag at any bank…


4 different buisenesses with 4 different tax id’s
same address.

Need Your Help

They do not offer any of the business or most of the personal products in Florida, do you know what I can do? I’d love to get the Nuvi……What about using my old NY address? can I do that with a Florida mailing address?


did anyone recieve a conformation that they were receiving the gps? how long after you compleated the offer? did you receive the gps?


It says it will come within 90 days of completing the requirements.


dan each payment has to be $100 min. not $2


Not for the business offer, which is by far the better offer.


just got it with fedex, thanks.
the only thing is; they didn’t deposit my check till there was no money to back it.
what do you advise me to do now?
can they bill me in any way?
there is under ten$ in account now.

thanks a gut shabbos


Just got mine as well via FedEx this afternoon


got it today thanks




got mine friday….nice!!!!!!


got it friday
now we can close the account
if i have 2500 in the account can i write out a check for the full amount? , they said they will charge $25 for closing acct early? how do i go about it


Aso me. So hoppy


FREE Expires 6/30/09

I bought 6 six flags great america, IL tickets. I thought they were for six flags great adventure, NJ. If you want them post an email address.


also me Friday. got the GPS delivered.


missed FedEx on Friday And Shabbos .I assume I also got it as well. we’ll see for sure tomm.


also got 265wt fri


Got mine on friday. Thanks dan!


Got mine, anybody with any suggestions on GPS cases, always have been happy with Case Logic’s products but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

dan c

got mine…thanks ctown!