It’s Back!!!! Open A Key Bank Account, Pay 2 Bills, And Get A Free Nuvi GPS!

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Update: Today is the last day to open an account and get the free GPS!

Originally posted on 07/30:

I successfully completed a similar offer in April when it was last offered. I opened the Key Business Money Market Account with $2,502 and paid off 2 of my credit cards with $1 each. I received the Nuvi 265WT exactly 60 days after completing my 2 bill payments.

Once again the Business Money Market Account qualifies for the superior GPS, earns interest, and has no fees as long as there is $2,500 in the account.

Business GPS Offer Linky

Consumer GPS Offer Linky

-You will get a Nuvi 1200 or Nuvi 1350 depending on the type of account opened.
-The account must be opened by 09/11.
-The requirements for the GPS must be completed by 11/13.
-Offer available to individuals or business entities without an existing checking account at KeyBank as of 7/24/09.
-To use your personal social security number to open a business account, just select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and that your business does not have a Federal Tax ID number.
-Offer not available to individuals and business entities who have opened a KeyBank checking account in the last 12 months.
– Closing the account within 180 days will result in a $25 fee.
-The GPS will come within 90 days of meeting the requirements.
-The value of the GPS will be reported on Form 1099-INT.
Offer is valid in “Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.”

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I checked it out for Batimore using the zipcode 21215 and they say
“Sorry, this account is not available in your area.”
do you know whats that all about?


DAN, are u going for round 2? To get another one


hey – wen u opened your account did you also have to mail them a check? it seems that the only way to fund it is to mail a check, or transfer funds from an existing key bank account (which I dont have)




there’s like 16 different accounts!
which 1 or 2 are the easiest (lowest minimum balance/fees) with the least/easiest hoops to jump through?
(NY area)


which one is better the 1200 or 1350


@shmuel: 1350 is more expensive and better


how does it work do you wait for them to tell you your application has been approved and then fund your account or do you right away send them a check to fund your account


i dont live in one of the qualifying states. Is there any way to get around it?


a few things:

1- is funding the acct via PayPal possible?

2- has anyone opened an acct used the debit card and made 2 online bill payments which lets say brings the bal of the acct to $0 , then once the GPS arrives either close the acct, where can they take the $25 from if you have a $0 bal or leave a $0 or $1 bal and then close the acct on the 181 st day

3- or must a person continue to make 2 bill payments every month till they close teh acct?


just found the terms and that either $5000 or $2500 have to remain in the acct after the 2nd month to avoid fees.

Now to find out by calling up which I signed up for and hopefully they will let me switch to the $2500 if I didnt go with that from get go


they claim that the bill pays have to be two bills each for a hundred bucks. u payed just a buck each time. care to clarify? thanx dan daman


I have recieved an email from KeyBank customer service confirming that you can earn two GPSs, one for the personal account and one for the buisiness account, even if the business acount was opened under you personal social security number. It’s also fairly clear from the FAQs that this is true.


do you need to be a new customer