Incredible! Urgent Eye Care In Queens Is Offering Free Glasses And Eye Care To All Hatzalah, Shmira, And Shomrim Members!

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I saw a Tweet last night filming a guy named Avi who owns Urgent Eye Care Center in Queens expressig his appreciation for Hatzalah, Shomrim, and Shmira.

He offered any member to come to his store with an ID and get a free pair of glasses and eye exam.

I talked to Avi this morning and he confirmed that the offer is sincere and real!

He requested to come to his Queens location at: 98106 Queens Boulevard Queens, NY 11374

Phone number: 718-897-3878

Website here, they are open until 5pm today.

He told me it’s an open offer. I am not sure if Avi knows how many members there are, but kol hakavod to him.

I’d assume this offer might have to be limited at some point, but for now Avi is there and ready to help whoever comes in!

The unity and amount of Chessed I have witnessed in the past three weeks, is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is truly inspiring.

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Kol akavod

Kat man

Mi Kiamcha Yisroel

Than you sir

This is awesome. The rest of the community (that pays), should rally behind this business.




Imagine if this was a competitor, trying to put him out of business.
That would be an evil way to either give your competition really negative PR (not honoring a public offer), or put them out of business (from overspending on honoring the offer).


What about Chavarim 🙂 ?


Beautiful, these are unpaid volunteers so it is nice that they are doing this for them.
There is someone in Lakewood that does the same thing for Police officers
I question the motivation of that gesture


Beautiful when people recognize and appreciate what people in our community do.

My grandmother owned a men’s clothing store in Brooklyn and once tried giving a Hatzolah member a steep discount due to his being a Hatzolah member. He adamantly refused to pay less just because he has the privilege to help other Jews on a regular basis.
Blew me away…