[Deal Dead, But Thank You For The Check Received For $18,518 Of Tefillin!] Signup For A $50 Charity Gift Card For Free! Give The Gift Of Tefillin!

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Update 3/24: While this deal was only alive for a couple of hours after we shared it, thanks to your signups, our tefillin Charity has just received a check for $18,518!

Ending Tonight, DansDeals will double any donation made for tefillin here!

If your charity signed up, be on the lookout for a check coming soon.

Want to donate tefillin directly? Donate to civilians here or to soldiers here!

Update: DEAD! Don’t miss it if this becomes alive again. Sign up for deal notification alerts here!

While this is no longer available for new signups, if you already signed up, you can still assign your gift card to charity!

Originally posted 12/16/23.

HURRY! Signup For A $50 Charity Gift Card For Free!

Signup via the link above and you’ll get a $50 gift card that you can then donate to a charity of your choice! You can search from a database of charities to choose from.

It will take about 15 minutes for the gift card to arrive.

Available for the first 20,000 requests.

If you assign the $50 to go to EIN 34-1327148 (City Of Refuge Incorporated), 100% of the donation will go towards purchasing tefillin for people who have committed to putting them on daily! You can also write a note if you prefer the tefillin go to an IDF soldier or a civilian. We have already distributed more than 1,100 pairs of tefillin this year!

Want to donate tefillin directly? Donate to civilians here or to soldiers here!

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If I got these gift cards a previous year can I get them again? I know the last round I couldn’t..


Do you have to forward the gift card yourself?
Or they send it?


No place to click for the gift card on the website.

Abie Levi

Second time I’ve asked. Please respond.. I know someone in Jamaica who needs Tefilin. Can I request Tefilin to go to Jamaica?


You can also fundraise for them yourself.
It is often easier to raise the full amount needed when is is someone you know personally.




can you do +1 +2?


No, got the same code when I used the …..


Sent charity! Thanks Dan!




What do I put into wear? I put in EIN?


in typically dans deals fashion I signed up many times!


Tizka limitzvas


Thank you for including us in this and letting us know about this!


Done. 15 to Oorah, 35 to Tefillin!




Done, thank you. Easiest tzdaka ever!!!


just keeps loading nothing happens


Game over

Moses steinmetz

Done thanks for giving us this opportunity


Done – thanks


I Donated it to ‘Donors Fund’ DAF
So from there It can get to any charity whenever I want and there is no fee at all if you do a online transfer


Curious if you’re able to get it track to your account. I figure you’ll have to contact customer service, but let us know if it works.


Thank you!! I got to do it!


Done – Easy Mitzvah


getting stuck when im trying to spend it

Nothing happens by chance

Done. Sent $50


Done! Donated to tefillin as my way of saying thanks to Dan.


trying to “spend” my gift card but after putting in my info it just loads and loads and nothing happens?


Did this at 7:34 pm (as soon as you posted but nothing ever arrived)…

nachum l katlowitz

done thank you for the oppurtunity


Done, thanks dan for giving me this amazing opportunity! & Thanks for everything!

Vicky M

As soon as Dandeals posted this, I signed up. I received no email


Same here


I signed up, got gift card and donated to a charity

Just curious how long till the charity see the donation?
And does the donation come from the name I put or from the company giving out the gift cards.
Anyone with details, I’d appreciate it


it says on the check only TisBest Philanthropy, no other names.
It is issued 3 times a year (quarterly though 2 quarters are merged) and they bundle all the payments into one check for the quarter). No names are on the check.
Charities can look up who contributed to each check by using the username and password written on the check. But they would have to make that effort to look it up and most wouldn’t bother I suspect.


Why is it not a multiple of $50?


You can choose to split your donation amongst a few charities.

ben ish chai

Dan! your family name is Elef (in Hebrew אלף a thousand) but you’re worth a million!!!