HOT! Get An HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-In-One Printer, Normally $250, Now FREE After Rebate, Gift Card, And Trade-In!

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Update: Update 3: Sold Out Again!

Update 2: Back in stock!

Originally posted on 10/11:

Update: Sold Out!

Step 1: Add the HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-In-One Printer to your cart.  The printer is normally $249.99, but is currently on sale for $149.99

Step 2: A $50 Gift Card will be automatically placed in your cart.  You need to click here to add an email address for the Gift Card to be sent to.

Step 3: Enter the following coupon in your cart for $25 off: SVMB39487
If that coupon doesn’t work for you try using this one: LHD25
You must follow step 2 to enter in an email address before using a coupon!

Your current total should be $124.99, plus you’ll be getting a $50 Gift Card, making the effective price $74.99.  The Gift Card is good for anything sold at the HP store and never expires!

Then there is a trade-in rebate. You can trade in any old printer, any brand, in any condition to HP.  HP will even give you a free shipping label so you won’t even have to pay the shipping costs to send in your old printer!

If you send in an HP printer you will get a $50 cash rebate.  If you send in a non-HP printer you will get a bonus $25 cash rebate on top of the $50 rebate, bringing the cost down to nothing!

HP Trade-In Rebate Linky

HP Trade In Claim Form Linky

Just use the HP claim form to see how the rebate works.  You can enter in your old printer info and the new printer info.  When you trade in an old HP it will tell you that you qualify for a $50 rebate.  When you trade in any other old printer it will tell you that you qualify for a $75 rebate!

There is no limit on the number of trade-ins that you can do.
You can only trade-in one printer per printer purchased, but you can do that as many times as you want!

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it seems on the bottom of the claim form that there is a list of qualifying trade in printers…


But unless you have a use for the $50 gift card its gonna cost you $50


Those are qualifying printers for purchase. The 8500 is on that list.
Any printer can be traded-in.

I’m sure there are some electronics out there that are worth using the GC on…it never expires so just hang onto it until you need it!

Or you can always flip the GC on ebay-they usually go for close to full value.


is this HP a laser printer or is the old inkhets that take an hour to print and cost lot more than the Laser? Please let me know asap as i need to leave my office


thanks man in for 1


“Printer cable sold separately”. I guess that’s where the $50 gift card will be spent…


printer is not coming up on sale for 149.99 and it is 249.99


you need to add it to your cart to get the $100 instant savings.


i did and the gift card is also not coming up as free


Just tried it again and it’s working just fine.
$149 and the $50 GC are in my cart.
$124 after the coupon.


Is it wireless? or is that only the more expensive wireless model?


i did it and it worked thanks


just wondering does the printer need to be in working condition?


I believe you can still network a printer to be wireless, even without it being called wireless.
Any techies out there care to chime in about that?


Nope, any condition qualifies!




Be careful at checkout. It bounced out the $25 coupon several times until finally it worked. Check the total before final payment. Finally worked after four attempts to pay.


HP just canceled my order !! An item in the order is “unavailable”. Could it be DEAD??


Looks to still be available.
Maybe try replacing the order? Or call to see whats up?


About wireless…

There was an article in the Times over the weekend explaining how to make a non-wireless printer wireless.


Dan…you are my leader!


Dan, you CAN network a printer even if it is not wireless. It just requires a little more effort (not much).


Did you enter your email address for the $50 gift card?
If you don’t enter it then it will kick out the coupon.


dan… its not letting me click the go bottom after i enter my email address for the $50 gift card………….


Called Cust Service- the $25 codes were exhausted. They honored the order anyway. Thanks Dan.


Which of the $25 codes are dead?


LHD 25
I tried the other code with no success
Even after the cust service entered a new order for me and confirmed that the printer was in stock, I later received another e-mail canceling my order. Called the rep a second time and they said it was a warehouse issue. Still awaiting resolution.


I just ordered, received a confirmation email, and then a few minutes later I received an order cancelation email and a Paypal refund.




can u trade in more than one printer making it 150 in savings and use it for this printer? i have a few of those dell free printers from a few years back that came with computers…


It said out of stock please check back soon 🙁


The printers are sold out online, it says to check back soon.


shows “out of stock, check back soon” DD effect?


any more info on a non wireless to wireless – does this work for laser printers?


Anyone want to sell me their gift card? I can buy (obviously not at face value). Post here if you have any interest. Thanks


back in stock!


how do i apply my $50 giftcard to my printer? or that isnt possible and i just get a gift card for free with my order?


Dan please read here

that max combined savings for this model is 175 so my question is if the $25 coupon is included in the limit of 175? If yes max trade in rebate even for a non hp printer will be only $50!


Good offer for folks who aren’t going to use their GC!

You get the $50 GC with your order. You can use it for the next HP deal or for any other electronics that HP sells!

The $50 GC does not count towards the maximum rebate.
Only instant savings and the trade-in rebate count towards the maximum rebate.
The instant rebate is $100, so you can get the full $75 trade-in rebate for a non-HP printer or a $50 trade-in for an HP printer.


I just did this offer, seems like a great one! now what am I gonna do with that gift card? I can’t imagine buying products from them, they’re probably overpriced. I guess I could wait until another item comes up for rebate lol


if I find another printer to trade in, can I do this rebate again? I could use the gift card from my first purchase to pay for the next purchase….


Yes, there is no limit on the number of trade-ins that you can do.
You can only trade-in one printer per printer purchased, but you can do that as many times as you want!


scanner have feeder?


Dan there is a limit of 400 trade ins! So don’t try more than that…

I know the 50GC is not counted my question was if the $25 coupon code used to make it off a total of $125 if so only $50 is remaining


400 per claim allowed!

The $25 coupon isn’t part of the instant savings on the printer and shouldn’t cause any problems. It’s just a storewide HP coupon.


Any one want to buy my gift card ?


You can buy a cheap printer for 10 dollars on ebay (it does not have to be in working order to send to HP)


if i buy one and return it, do i still keep the gift GC? i can then use to buy another printer! and get another GC!


so it seems that you have to pay $125 but then u get a $50 gift card? and $75 rebate afterwards correct?


Selling my $50 GC for $45. Anyone interested?


I have my regular printer (non-wireless) connected to the desktop in my home serve as the printer for the whole house. Meaning i can print from my laptop while lying in bed.
Easy to do, just connect to desktop, and then set up a home network using the Network setup wizard on both the laptop and desktop, and share the printer over your wireless internet network.
Only difference is that printer will only work if desktop is on and running.


Out of stock again!


What form is this trade in rebate in(gift card, credit,check etc… )?


Out of stock again


@EZ: EZ ill take it for 40 let mw know


Looks like it will be a check.


Thank you very much DAN !


I will sell mine for 45 also


try to ask them for the inconvenience the wireless model for the low price


Did anyone have luck with asking for the wireless one for the better price?
if yes how?


can you let us know when its alive again?


Where do u see that all printers are accepted for trade on the submission form online it makes you choose the make and model of the printer you wish to “trade in” and it doesnt even list the printer that I have there. Anybody able to shed some light on how I can get my $75 trade-in rebate?



That’s what the rebate form says.
Which old printer model do you have?


@A: I’ll sell it to you for 40.


They are back in stock but coming up at 249.99
Is the sale over or am I doing something wrong.


@mr: sale is over! The trade in offer is still valid but no $50 gift card and no $100 instent discount


coupon codes dont work


@G F:
Worked just fine for me.
Did you not notice the price going down by $25 when you entered them?


It did work after trying it a few times. also the gift card coupon on the site is for a $50 GC to buy.
and thanks as always


Hey, I’m not sure if I have a printer to trade in, but I want to lock in the deal right now in case it dies, so:

A) Do I need to tell them which printer I’m trading in during checkout?
B) How long did it take for your orders to get processed- so I can figure out a safe cancellation window?

Thanks! 🙂


You don’t have to tell them which printer you’re trading in at checkout.


how come shipping is not showing as free this time?





Standard shipping is showing free for me.


now it does for me too. Thanks

Anyone that wants to sell an hp gift card for cash? See forum post below and pm me. Thanks;message=42020

Deal Guy

Just to be sure, can I make 2 separate purchases on my name and same email address and get the gift card for both orders as well as trade in for both?
Can I trade in a printer with each?


thanks Dan! Just did it!

Deal Guy

Does it make sense that there is 8-10 tax to NY or NJ?


dan, i see that there is a “care pack” which can give me $15 more on top of the &75 rebate, but not sure what that is. can that work?!


@Deal Guy:
Yes, you can get rebates on up to 400 printers, even if they’re on the same order!

I’m not familiar with that, but I think $75 is the max rebate.

@Deal Guy:
Makes sense to me.


do i have to put in my old printer info and fill out the rebate form when i make the purchase or could i fill out the rebate form at a later date?


You can fill that out later.


After I place the order is says “unable to accept your order

Thank you for your recent order with HP Home & Home Office Store. We regret that we are unable to accept this order” why wont it go??


@Abe: Just called them up and they had to manually approve it.


@Abe: abe;i got the same mess. just spoke to them, they said smtg got flagged in my order/info and they’ll send it 4 review and get back to me 24-48 hrs

Deal Guy

I got the order confirmation 3 hours ago. When does the gift card arrive?


Why can’t you use it to buy ink later for the printer


You definitely can!


Got one – tnx


Did anybody already actually used this model?

It does NOT have the best reviews, so i’m wandering how it really is?


i have it, its worked great so far and i even got it set up to print wirelessly from my netbook


@chaim: how did u set it up wirelessly?


out of stock


Its showing out of stock. how will this work witht he rebate and trade in


Anyone want to buy my gift card for 45?

Ez Does

For the $25 off coupon you can also use the code “billmelater”

It was on the Bill Me later website as a coupon from $25 off $100, and it worked for me, its good for any order on the HP website.

Although, it might be that it only works if you will use bill me later as the payment method, but i think it works anyhow with whatever payment method used.


got it!


Can you return it? What will happen to the gift card will they deduct it fronm the refund? Help!


@d: i would like to sell my hP $50.00 Gift card.
How much do you offer?


@Abe: They finally approved it but the item was out of stock they told me that when its back in stock they will honor it at the same price…after a week of waiting still nothing doin I just called them and she said that she will give me the 8500 wireless or 8500A for the same price since the 8500A is not eligible for the rebate I took the wireless! Thanks again Dan




back in stock but now $250. is the deal officialy over this time, Dan?


selling my $50 coupon for $40.


Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that you do NOT have to ship them the old printer. I copied the below from the email that I got from them.

“You are not required to ship the eligible existing product in order to receive your cash back check. However, if you would like to remove the product, HP will help arrange to take away and pay for your shipping and recycling costs. Please send an email message to to receive shipping instructions and shipping placard for HP’s freight company electronically. You must contact HP’s freight company to schedule pick-up.”


@Dan/Ctownbochur: Just spoke to a rep. again asked if I can have another one since I love the wireless printer and after transfering me to some other dept. the indian came in handy and honored it for 133.74 Now that is NICE!!
Side point, he wanted to place the order on the phone, since you r the man and I wanted to support DDs I asked if I can place the order online and then a refund credit he said no problem!


Hey Dan – I just used this link to purchase a new HP Printer. I didn’t buy the 8550 but a Photosmart Premium Touchsmart Web. $25 coupon still works (or is working again).

What’s strange is that the link for the FREE $50 GC worked but it didn’t reflect in the price. Even on my receipt it says “FREE” but they charged me for it. I went ahead anyway figuring if I’m really billed I can always return it.

Sending back an old 882C for $65 refund, woo hoo!

I have to really thank one of my customers who passed your link on to me. Thanks Levi, you know who you are!


Anyone want to buy my $50 HP gift Card?