Get Free Lyft Or Uber Rides To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine

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Lyft and Uber are offering free rides to get a COVID-19 vaccine from now through 7/4.

Uber is offering 4 one-way rides up to $25 each so that you can go back and forth to get both shots. After you open the Uber app, click on vaccine to get your free ride between 6am-8pm daily. You can select a ride to any vaccine provider.

Lyft is offering 2 round-trip rides up to $15 each via a code you can get by clicking on the vaccine popup in the app.

With 57% of its population fully vaccinated, Israel has a 7 day average of just 3 daily COVID-19 deaths. The US is at 39% fully vaccinated and has a 7 day average of 563 daily COVID-19 deaths, but hopefully the US will be able to bring that rate down to Israel’s level in the near future!

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I’m getting promotion not applied and used one of the listed vaccine centers that popped up. Anyone else having the same issue? This is for Uber


well i think bnei brak is still better by offering chulint!!

Free Country

Who cares, nobody will go out and get it because uber is giving them a free ride come on

1960s Macro Economist

Yes, because human beings are rational decision makers and if they choose not to vaccinate a free ride won’t sway them.


It has swayed and will sway people to get vaccinated or vaccinated sooner than later. It reduces the cost (in time and/or money) of getting vaccinated for those who would otherwise have to pay (in time and/or money) to get to and from the vaccination sites. Not everyone is you or I.


If you read much on this topic, you’ll see that there’s a significant number of people who have no objection to getting vaccinated but it’s inconvenient. Too far, too expensive to get to by taxi, takes too much time or complicated by bus, they don’t want to bother family asking for a ride. This isn’t offering a prize to get a vaccine, but like offering them in drugstores train stations and other local places, it takes away the final hurdle for some people..
I’m happy to see this offered .


Yashrus aside, anyone can technically use this to get anywhere in the vicinity of a vaccine location x4 (then walk or take cheaper Uber the final stretch).


Don’t be that person, and don’t tempt others lifnei iver…


Can you claim a religious exemption and get free rides like united? 😉


I can actually take a free ride to the vaccine center and just walk away 4 free rides

False statement

Israel is 57% vaccinated and less deaths per day then America at 37% Vaccinated is also because Israel is a fraction of the size so there aren’t as many people there


This guy is what happens when our schools daily.


To get the Uber promotion, you can only go to or from one of their listed vaccine sites. Chemed is the largest vaccination site in Lakewood, but Uber only has Chemed’s main address (on Madison Ave) listed as a vaccine site, but not Chemed’s actual vaccine site (on New Hampshire Ave).
I can’t find a way to contact Uber about this. (And from a past experience, Uber has just about the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered.) Any ideas how to fix this?