Get A Free Artscroll Siddur From “Hashem Loves You”

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Update: The current stock is now fully committed, but you can still request a siddur, or even better, sponsor one for someone to receive!

Get A Free Artscroll Siddur From “Hashem Loves You”

You can request a free Artscroll siddur, or sponsor siddurim for others, via the link above. Offer valid while supplies last.

“Our initiative to give people a better understanding of the meaning of the words of prayer. Together with our sponsors, we’re giving out thousands of Siddurim, with line by line translation for anyone who’s willing to begin davening intently.”

HT: Aaron S. Evenchik, Esq.

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Why do I need a top of the line graphics card to render that web page?


Is it safe to follow the link and fill out the doc?


What nisach is the Yiddish edition?


Did anyone receive theirs that filled out the form ?


I did not


I’ve received the Siddur as they had this Hashem love you program in the past.


Yes took a a look time but eventually showed up


I filled out the form about 3 weeks ago but didn’t receive a confirmation. When should I expect the siddur to arrive?


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the unexpected response, at this time, we are unable to guarantee more siddurs. Please fill out our form so that we can be in contact with you when we reopen this offer.


ONE MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: This does not mean that Hashem does not love you. Just that they can’t guarantee the Siddurim.