Alive Again! Get Free Admission To SeaQuest Aquariums After $80 Discount!

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Update: Alive again via the new code below! Note that readers report delayed admission at peak times by hours.

Update: DEAD!

Get Free Admission To SeaQuest Aquariums!


Valid for up to 4 free adult tickets or 5 free kids tickets per transaction at any location nationwide.

Total for four tickets:

Locations in:

  • Woodbridge, New Jersey
  • Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Roseville, Minnesota
  • Folsom, California
  • Littleton, Colorado
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Layton, Utah

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Hat Tip username checks out

Ed Travel

Dan did it again, the website crash …


Went to the one in CT with the kids and it was a really awesome experience! Very hands on close encounters with animals. No need to buy the ‘extras’ of personal encounters.


Dead? Can’t get to the page to purchase tickets! Gateway Error on the page.


page takes a while to load. and to add tickets. you can adjust tickets if you click view cart.


Can we get confirmation that someone used their free tickets and it actually worked? Code has been around since late September already…


I used them today without any problem. They ask for your phone number to confirm the sale


Got 5 tickets and confirmation email


works. took a long time. but if your trying it and it says it exceeds the coupon limit. try another browser, incognito

Ed Travel

“Coupon usage limit has been reached.” 🙁


Still working. Got 5.


Dead 🙁 said it is invalid


Got “invalid code”


Got one order of 5; tried again for other grandchildren/family and now coupon limit reached – so now dead


Coupon usage limit has been reached


Told me coupon was removed and invalid. Tried again kept getting errors and then it did go through! Just keep trying! Thanks!


coupon applied successfully

Gateway time-out


From what age does a child need a ticket?




Under 2 is free


Do tickets need to be picked up ? How does this work?


Just checked out successfully.


Great DAN! find but i think they wont release the tickets since i didnt get an email and it says

Thank you. Your order has been received. but not anything about tickets.

also it says”

There has been a critical error on this website.


worked for me


Thanks Dan


Hope it will be honored when half of Lakewood shows up 😀


it worked and waiting for email confirmation now….


Worked for me. I got the email confirmation plus on checkout confirmation it stated “There has been a critical error on this website.”


Over an hour to get into the Woodbridge


If anyone goes let me know if this actually works. .

Dan Fan

Thank you, Dan!

Booked and went to CT location today. Had a wonderful time, very interactive and kid friendly!

The tokens for feeding (all animals can be fed) are the cost (myself $80 for a family with three kids).

Dan Fan

Oh, and by the way, we had a Minyan Mincha on premises as well.


Did it work?


The confirmation email acts as the tickets. I got mine at 235pm


How do we get the actual tickets? Only have email confirms


that is the ticket. print out the email


Do you actually get the tickets in a separate email? all i have received so far is that my order was sucessfully completed.


Just got 5 tickets after trying 2 browsers and incognito and I got it.

I called them they said from 2 and up need a ticket and currently there is about 15 min wait to go in and they’re open till 8


If anyone actually goes in with free tickets please update if it’s worth driving from lakewood. Do they tolerate coupons or are they actually ok with it?
I don’t want to make a chillul Hashem if they’re not ok with it.


We still here and it’s a hour and half wait


Apparently teachers are always free


Yes, this coupon ruined our empty chol hamoed venue!


Thanks got tickets


Hi, still works, is this specific to a date? Or can I decide after I purchase when I want to go?


No specific date. You can go at any time.

Cranky yanky

I got tickets using this promo and went today and they worked with no questions asked.


Looked like it was a DO there…


Thanks Dan Woodbridge nj had a million yidden


how long are tickets valid for ?


on the confirmation email they state “General admission tickets are valid any day, any time.”


With it packed and the lines was it still worth going ?


Yes, I was there in the evening thanks Dan.


BH Full of Yidden here today at Woodbridge.

2.5 hr Wait.
Yes you heard write, now Chol Hamoed afternoon – it’s a TWO AND HALF HOUR WAIT
But can use the tickets another time this year 2023

-Going back home

r duvid

I got a confirmation email immediately after placing my order, is this the tickets, or they should send another email with tickets?


Thanks Dan!


Still working just did it 10:30 pm


still working 11:25pm


Dead . Coupon limit has been reached


How long are these tickets valid?


Looks like some locations it won’t work for – example Lynchburg, VA but still working for others.

Ken Adams

Coupon usage exceeded now 8:48 am cst

Deal Guy

Can anyone describe what there is to do there? Thanks

David Staum

It’s basically an indoors mini zoo and aquarium inside a mall (or the Connecticut one is inside a mall, I’m not sure about the other.locations). Great for little kids!


If you work in a school you can receive a free family membership for the year. All you need to do is bring your school ID or a paystub. We did this last pesach. Best part is that you can skip the long line at the entrance and enter in the members line! Don’t forget to ask for your free tokens along with your membership!


For pesach the buying the food can be problematic, most of them are chometz.


Report on Google maps claim they refuse to honer it, with people driving more then an hour and finding out they don’t accept it anymore

Mo Wo

I just went there. They didn’t honor the tickets. They have a sign that says that they won’t honor it but they are willing to give a discount on season passes. Very frustrating.


Which location?


Woodbridge, New Jersey didn’t honor last time




How do you choose a general admission ticket that’s not for a specific date?

Matthew Schwed

What’s the discount code?


Can you just put in any date and show up or does it have to be the exact date you are going?


Now you have to choose a date when buying


Yu have to choose a date???


I got this deal few months ago. i then went to Woodbridge NJ location recently to use my free tickets, and they have a sing by admissions that the free ticket deal is invalid (was some employee discount code). they offered me instead $20/person annual admission.. instead of regular $40. which was a decent deal (being that 1 visit was $15!) so having waited online to get in (dont go on sundays!) we took the deal. been back 3 times already.. so well worth it..


check out groupon has good deals

Hey d

If you rely on Groupon be sure to buy 24 hours in advance. When we wanted to buy Groupon at the door, the staff warned us that it may take up to 24 hours to be validated in their system. It didn’t really make sense, but we didn’t want to risk it, so we asked for the same discount and thankfully they obliged 🙂


I st8ll have mine from last time can I still use?


No.Those from 2022 expired Dec 31st.


Did anyone else ever have an issue using these tickets? I only saw 1 comment below from Heather saying they would not accept them.

Me me

Looks like the coupon is dead


If anyone can post whether they had problems using the tickets from now 2023, I would appreciate it. I booked for October and don’t want to make the hour trip if they won’t honor these tickets.




When selecting a date, click read more:
“Promotional/Discounted tickets expire 12/31/2023.”


Worked for me. Thank you.


I made 5 bookings, after which I started feeling it was perhaps חזירות


Just tried to go. Place was a zoo, line wrapping back and forth easily hundreds of people long. Manager screaming they’re done for the day and trying to put up a rope, people trying to push through. Left before the riot. Don’t bother.

Dave G.

Reports from Woodbridge: there was about a 3 hour line around 12pm.. by 3 they weren’t letting anyone in anymore (that weren’t on the line).


it works!


I got 4 for new Jersey for Monday. Thanks Dan. Will they actually accept it? Many people saying they don’t take this?


Just tried the code for NJ – code did not work.
2 adults and 1 child under 80$ tried over as well. Said code not valid


Try code GOGREENFREE that code worked for me

Mo K

Thank you, Dan!
You just planned one Chol Hamoed day for the entire Lakewood!


So what you’re saying is, this is going to be even more packed on Chol HaMoed than usual?


Please enter valid discount code


Code not valid

Don\'t have a business

Try all caps


Was anyone successful in actually using these tickets in woodbridge?


I’m wondering the same, I booked for tomorrow but I only want to go if anyone used it today and they let in for free.


There were swarms of people waiting around outside of Seaquest yesterday but they were making everyone join a virtual waitlist and only letting in people who upgraded their tickets. I am sure a few people were successful but the majority were not. It was disappointing to say the least




In Woodbridge now. It’s a 2-3 hour wait unless you upgrade for $12/person


Its a scam they don’t let you in unless you upgrade to annual pass.

Obviously after schlepping my whole family here I did but don’t fall for the trap!


They tell you wait is 1.5 hours, it’s really a lot longer due to all the people upgrading $16 a person to get in. Unless you are here really be prepared to wait a few hours or pay

look on the good side

its a scam, we did dave and busters instead, witch was a lot of fun, its on the second floor


Had no problem getting in right away this morning.


We got there (Woodbridge) at about 11:40 AM this morning and were let in about 12:10 PM.
Was nice.
Keep in mind that you need to purchase tokens for the feedings etc.


Just letting everyone know we went yesterday. And it’s a really nice place for the kids.
Everyone had the same idea. When we got there at 12:45, which is on the early side for CH, they told us at the front that it is already a one hour waiting queue. We had to scan a QR code, and they sent you a text when it was your turn. By the time people came half hour later, they had a 1 1/2 or two hour waiting time. Then they told us unless we upgraded to a yearly pass which cost $12 per person and then we could go right in. My kids were not going to wait for the hour, even though it’s in a mall so you can walk around, so I did upgrade for $12 per person and we went right in. The place is free then but the whole fun there is feeding all the animals and going in to interact with them and those cost tokens. Tokens are about two dollars each. So I did spend money on tokens also. so the free trip wasn’t so free after all. But the kids did have a good time and it wasn’t one of the crazy expensive trips, just a regular priced one, but now we all have a free yearly pass. We can go anytime for free for the next year. Just giving a heads up that if you’re looking for totally free trip, either it’s going to cost you money or you might have a very very very long waiting time. But it was fun.


Worst experience ever. Went to the location in Woodbridge NJ to be told that there is a waitlist and the only way to get in would be to upgrade our tickets. We waited around 2 hours after being told there was a wait of 1.5 hours. We never got in, we got the text notifying us of our turn 5 hours later. Well gee. From those that did manage to get in (by paying more money) we were told that the place is a nightmare. The place smells. The animals are clearly being abused and not taken care of and the fish were practically invisible through the thick murky water. Their google reviews are a scam just like they are. Written by bots. If you read just the 1 star review you will notice that all of the comments are identical. Do not waste your time or money. It is not worth it even for free.


FYI – they won’t honor last year unused ones and this year they can’t be used the day you order them.


We went yesterday to the Woodbridge location. Arrived around 12pm. Signed in to the virtual waiting queue using the QR code. Left the mall, went to Supercharged in Edison. We were there for a couple of hours. Then went to eat at Jerusalem Pizza in Highland Park. Got notification that we can enter Seaquest around 5pm. Returned to find the place literally empty.

Most animals seemed to have had enough to eat, lol. We bought just 20 tokens, was more than plenty. Some exhibits began closing while we were there. Place closes at 8pm. All in all, Baruch Hashem we had a great time. Thank you.




Got to Woodbridge at 11am (when they open). Was a charm….no wait and right in (for free).
Many other activities in the mall as well!


Did Woodbridge today. Got there at 1 PM and found out about the upgrade or wait option. We had a party of over 20, our hour wait was over by the time we got our act together. The other attractions in the mall are pretty expensive for a group like that. Carousel – 5 per ticket. Riding animals – 10 for 10 minutes. Bungee trampoline – 12 for 5 minutes. The aquarium was nice, the kids had a good time. Animal feeders are unnecessary, but fun. The kids figured out that you can use tokens in the vending machines.


Teachers can go free with their families always.


Is that verified? Do you need some kind of proof that you’re a teacher in order to get my family in?


What proof do they ask for? and how many people do they allow in?


Please enter valid discount code


As the coupon is not working


how long do you have to use the tickets?


Don’t fall for this SCAM!! We went there (Woodbridge, NJ) this past Chol HaMoed Sukkas with tickets purchased using this promo code, upon arrival we were told that there is a 2-3 hour wait to get in, because they are full to capacity. But if we pay membership, another $60 we can walk right in… With no choice we paid, suddenly they had room… It was not even so full… I guess this trick works…


I assume this is dead now? I tried the code and it didn’t seem to work